Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Korbin @ 7 months and my LASIK experience

Korbin is 7 months old..well I am a little behind, but you get the idea! Our cute little boy is the highlight of our lives, he has such a cute personality and he makes me smile everytime I see him. He has a big smile and isn't scared of smiling at strangers. He is Mr. Chatterbox still and I imagine he will continue to talk a lot. This month he started saying "dadda"'s cute! He also started saying "Dad"..of course he isnt intentionally saying it, but it sounds just like it. He loves to play with toys and seems to have a long attention span for cartoons (I know, 7 month olds shouldnt be watching tv!). He also learned how to drink from a straw and seems to do really well with it. He loves remote controls or anything electronic, surprise surprise! He still needs a bib all the time which is a little annoying, but thats okay! He is such a good little boy, the past week or so I had to run around like crazy, going to SLC and back, riding in the car a lot, and going to "strange" places and he was such a good boy..he didn't make a peep which made it easier for us. He is a good little boy at restaurants also, he just loves to look around and eat his puff treats. Anyway.. he is our perfect boy and we just love him to pieces! Here are some 7 month pictures. Enjoy!

Korbin and Mommy

Happy Boy!

His favorite buddy Jimmy.

Who is that?!

Silly cousins.. Korb and Makayla

Soo cute!! Leah (Korb's cousin) and Korb

Go Bills! Yes he is standing on his own, but he has some assistance with the couch!

He LOVES this ball! He is also fitting in 12 month clothes now.

I got Lasik done last thursday (almost a week ago) and it has been one of the best things I have ever done.  I had wanted to get it done for probably about 10 yrs but there were so many stipulations that I didnt get it done.  Then when I married Steven I told myself that I would treat myself to getting LASIK done when I graduate..kind of a present to myself. Anyway, I graduated last April and couldn't get it done because I was pregnant, then I couldnt get it done because I was breastfeeding..anyway, my sister got it done at the end of last year and really made me want to get it done. So Feb rolled around and I decided it was time! I went in on Feb. 2nd to see if I could get it done ( I tried not to get my hopes up because it was something I really really wanted to get done)..anyway it went well and they told me that I probably couldnt get LASIK because my eye sight was soo bad, but I could get PRK. PRK is the kind where they don't use a laser to cut the eye they use solution and just rub each layer off.  PRK takes longer to be able to see, but you dont have to worry about the flap wrinkling up like you do with LASIK. But, I was just happy to do whatever.  I got a call the next day and they told me the good news that I could get LASIK done. So we made the appt for Feb 17th!  The week before the surgery I had to wear glasses the whole time..ugh that was one LONG week.  My glasses are seriously 12 years old and I could not see anything! 
The surgery day was a long day and a lot of waiting. After a few more tests and waiting it was finally my turn.  I went in and they numbed my eyes (weird feeling). I layed on the table thingy and they went for it.  I felt like they were pressing my eyes clear back in my head which was weird and very uncomfortable. They took the flap off and I couldnt see anything, it went black. After all the loud clicking and a lot of staring at the blinking dot (that I couldnt see half the time!) it was finally over! I could see! Right after surgery I couldn't see too well because it was soo foggy and my eyes were really sore. They gave me some beautiful tape on glasses and sunglasses to wear.  The tape on glasses had to be worn the whole first day and every night for a week. The worst part of this whole thing was the burning the first few hours after surgery (OUCH!) and taking the tape off my face every morning, seriously, could they find stickier tape?! 
My vision as of the day after surgery was 20/20 and they think it might get better once the fogginess goes away. I love being able to see and I am excited to never have to wear contacts again!! I tried to make a picture look like what I could see before the surgery but it wouldnt go that blurry..just picture sitting right next to someone and not being able to see their eyes, nose, mouth, ears, or anything.. it was like a tan blob in front of me.  I was one of the blindest the place had seen, for people that wear contacts, my prescription was -9.3, I think being legally blind is like -6 or -7..hopefully that gives you an idea! 
Below are some pictures of this experience.
Me with my terribly ugly glasses!! Ohh they were soooo bad!!

Ouch! I could barely open my eyes. Here are my tape glasses. This was an hour after surgery.

The tape glasses and the sunglasses..yeah I was stylish!

The blood shot eyes..they still look like this.

The circles where they pressed on my eye!
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