Sunday, March 29, 2009

One day in 2011!!

Well I have a few things to say in the next post or two.. so here goes!! Steven and I have been keeping ourselves busy (not by choice) as we continue to work full time and go to school full time. Our Spring semester is almost over and ends the last week of April, so now it starts the more stressful part of the semester! I personally will just be happy to be done! This semester hasn't been too bad for me, I have enjoyed my time in the children's lab and I will miss all those kids this summer! It has been a huge joy to me and I love watching them grow! This summer I am planning to go to summer semester and take 15 credit hours.. I am not excited! One of the classes is called "Cooperative Work Experience" which is basically I have to get a job at a preschool and work 135 hrs (I have to get paid, which is a plus!). So I have been running around trying to find any preschool that will hire me for 3 months, which is hard for more then one reason! My other classes should be okay and I hope that I can handle it.
Steven applied for the Education program again in Feb. We both didn't make it last semester and I was really sad about it. I found another way around the program and plan to graduate May 2010. Steven has no other way around this then to actually go through the program. Well anyway we got the letter in the mail from the Education Dept and it stated that Steven was accepted! I was sooo soo excited for him, and extremely proud of him! He is such a hard worker in everything he does! So that is a huge relief off our shoulders and now on to the rest of the stress! Hopefully Steven will be able to graduate in May 2011, so a year after me.. so come May of 11, we will be the two happiest people on the planet!! This has been such a long hard road for us. I chose to fail many classes as I was having fun with boys, and Steven chose to go on a mission. So we both got set back a few years. Now we are getting closer and closer to where we want to be and it brings such hope to us! I know it sounds corny but our whole life is at a stand still until we both graduate! It sucks! We are completely and udderly waiting to graduate so we can finally start our life! Now that Steven has got accepted we can continue to look forward to the upcoming semester only because its one semester closer to being done!

On Saturday Steven and I did the annual 5k that we do every year. This is a Goldenwest sponsored 5k where all the money goes towards the schools, so of course Steven's family is always big on this one. If you didn't know.. Steven's family teaches.. we have his grandmother that was a teacher, mother that is a teacher, father that is a principal, brother that is a teacher, and a sister that is a teacher, and as you know.. Steven and I will both be teachers as well! Anyway, back to the story.. So we did the 5k! I dont really like 5k's.. I hate them, I hate running, and I hate exercising! But I always chose to sign up and do it! I think it is more because the 5k makes you do 3.1 miles and you dont want to quit, so you gotta do it! Plus I always enjoy the free shirts! ha ha.. This year was much better then last year because it wasn't so cold! But this year we also came more prepared! Steven is a born runner so he likes to kind of run on his own, and I always get lucky and have someone willing to run/walk with me. This year it was one of my bestest friends and sis in law Rachel. She was such a good sport with me because I am soo out of shape! She kind of let me chose when to walk or run, but she pushed me too. I enjoyed running with her and was glad for her company! So thanks Rache!! Rachel and I ended up running it in 37 mins, and Steven ran it in 21 mins. I was quite proud because I beat my last years time! ha ha, sad I know! But here are some pictures of the wonderful hell I call our 5k!

Rachel and I crossing the finish line!
Yes, I look terrible I know!! This was after the race.
The Gang! Syvia (mom in law), Rachel, ME, Steven, Leslee, and Devin

After the race Steven had some MAJOR pain in his elbow, and sadly this has not been the first time he has had this pain before. So we decided to go to Instacare to have it checked out.. finally. So we went..waited for about an hour there and then he saw the doctor. Well I guess according to the doctor.. Steven basically has a 60 yr old mans arm/elbow. Steven broke or fractured his elbow when he was around 10 and never got the chance to go to the doctor to fix it.. so the bone just grew back but made his arm lose a lot of range of motion.. so because of that his elbow is always rubbing on bone and cartilage. So now he basically has arthritis and in constant pain. The doctor gave us a name of a specialist to go to, so I plan to make the apt tomorrow. This doctor said that he doesnt know if the specialist can do anything.. but best case senario is that the specialist breaks his bone (again) and puts it back to how it should be.. this would be major pain for my Stevie and he would obviously have a cast for a majority of the summer! Worst case senario is that they wont be able to do anything and Steven will be in constant pain the rest of his life, and more pain anytime he does athletics (which is his favorite thing in the world, oh and going to be his job!!) So we are hoping they can figure something out, I really hope that he can get his range of motion back and lose that aweful pain!
Well I think this is plenty long for one single blog! I hope to start blogging more frequently as the semester dwindles down and I have more exciting stuff to talk about!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Well the NBA season is coming to a close, and the Jazz are about to start a brutal stretch of games to finish the regular season! The Jazz are pretty healthy, which is good for this time of year. Carlos Boozer is still running around like he's got syrup on the bottom of his shoes... but I think he'll get into better shape by the time the playoffs get under way. I find myself swearing at Boozer constantly! Sometimes it's out loud, but most of the time I'm cursing him in my head. The guy just doesn't play with any tenacity and it's hard to watch. However, the Jazz will need him for offensive reasons when the playoffs get started. I hope he finds his shot soon.
One thing that has me baffled is the lack of playing time for Andre Kirilenko. I just don't understand it? The guy can score zero points on 0-5 shooting, but still have an overall positive effect on the game. He does so many little things that help the team win, and yet, he plays under 30 minutes a game! This is another thing that needs to change by the time the post season gets here in 3 weeks.
I think the Jazz will have to start playing a lot better for them to get very far this year. And they obvioulsy have to learn how to win some road games! In the end I'm a fan at heart and feel they have a chance to win a championship! I always feel this way!

Speaking of high expectations the MLS season is officially under way. Gooooooo REAl... Salt Lake!!!!! A lot of the experts are picking RSL (Real Salt Lake) to finish first or second in the Western Conference. They were so close to making it to the MLS cup last year but fell just short. I had the pleasure of going to the semi-final match at Rio Tinto stadium and it was amazing!! It was loud, streamers were covering the opposing teams goal, and confetti was flying through the air during the entire game. Too bad the team lost 1-0 and didn't quite make it.
The good news is that our core group of good players are back again this year. Javier Morales, Andy Williams (my personal favorite), Kyle Beckerman, Jamison Olave, Will Johnson, Clint Mathis (should be in better shape this year), Robbie Findley and Yura Movsisian. I will be the first to admit that I HATED Yura's guts last year, but the longer the season went, the better he got. He ended up being a clutch player. I think he'll be among the league leaders in scoring this year!
Expectations have never been higher for our new soccer team, and I love it. RSL kicks off it's season this Saturday against the expansion Seattle Sounders. Normally expansion teams are easy wins, but Seattle pounded the New York Red Bulls 3-0 last week in their season opener. They looked really good. They are already very fit and didn't ever run out of gas, plus their fans were amazing. They sold 22,000 season tickets and had to turn other people who wanted to buy season tickets away! It's obvious the Seattle area LOVES soccer.

I'll probably be posting about sports more regularly now because the Jazz are getting into the meat and potatoes of the season, and RSL is always fun to talk about! So if you don't like sports, feel free to skip over my posts.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Time is nice!

So as you can see from our last few posts.. we have major spring fever!! Steven has been hoping for spring since last November and has been wearing shorts everyday since! As for me, I dream of wearing flip flops and my favorite plaid shorts! Just like Steven I look forward to swimming, camping, BBQ-in', and everything else that I can do in the warm weather. Steven and I have been trying to start our scooter ever since it got up to 65 degrees, but unfortunately we have not been having any luck. We got a battery charger and Steven tried to charge it for probably over a week and still nothing! Well today I decided that I would mess with it, so I went out there, moved some wires around, pushed some buttons.. and you guessed it!! It started!!!! I was soo excited and I was even more excited to tell Steven! I knew it would make his week! So I took the scooter out with my cute lil helmet and drove around the neighborhood for 45 mins! :) It was awesome!! I felt so free!! ha ha.. anyway Steven got home and it started again without help of the battery charger and got to drive it around for awhile. Now we need to register it again for this year as well as get insurance for it. But I am proud to report that our scooter is up and running again and we are thrilled!!

I had a lesson plan in my preschool lab today and I am extremely satisfied by how it went. The kids loved my lesson plan and spent a lot of time in that area! It made me happy and got me a little more excited for when I will actually have my own class!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Spring is basically here and I'm loving it! The snow has been trying to force it's way late into March, but even when it snows now it's going to melt pretty rapidly. The snow's got NO chance HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAAHA. Well anyway... I was just thinking of all the fun stuff that spring and summer bring to the table.
You gotta love the warm weather most of all. I'm a warm weather kind of guy. I get cold so easy because of the medication I take so the warmer the better. 90 degrees is no problem for me. Plus you can do so much more in warm weather. Swimming, grilling, basketball, frisbee, jogging, CAMPING, golfing, driving my scooter, boating, soccer, running in a 5k, no school, ect. ect. ect! I could go on for days. There are a few drawbacks such as: Allergies, mowing the lawn, bees (I'm allergic), too hot to sleep sometimes.... and that's about it! So I'm just really looking forward to May when school will be done and summer can begin.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well today I am home sick. I was going to attempt to do homework so I wouldn't be soo stressed when the semester is almost over, but I just have no desire to, plus its spring break.. or what they claim is spring break. I woke up around 3am this morning and threw up a couple times, I didn't really get much sleep after that and had a wonderful date with the toilet! And no, I am not pregnant! My nephew Ryker was sick this weekend and I couldn't just let him sit by himself all lonely, so I went and cuddled with him for awhile.. well now I am paying for it! My brother Travis, my mother, and my father are all sick with the same thing I have, and Ryker had.. so Im guessing this thing isn't messing around! Luckily I am starting to feel better! I am eating some delicious crackers and drinking some cherry coke! :) So as I am sitting here watching Home Makeover I decided to look on my Tmobile picture album to see what I had in there.. here are the pictures that I found, enjoy!!

This is Jimmy our mini greyhound about a week after we got him. He was by far the cutest puppy ever!! I wish they could just stay puppies!

A picture of Steven and I, don't remember where or when!

Same with this one! Dont know where or when! But I liked it!

These two pictures are pictures of our new couch (with Steven relaxin on it!)

These last two pictures are of a new couch that we got on Saturday. I am quite happy with our purchase and glad that Steven is as well! My parents went to an estate auction on Saturday morning and invited me to come along. They were putting up for auction a tan leather sectional which the lady had owned for a little while. I told my mom I wouldn't pay much for it because we are trying to save for 2 vacations this year and tuition! Anyway.. to make a long story short.. my mom bid on the couch and got it for $150! I spent the rest of Saturday moving in and out furniture with my dad. Oh man am I sore! By the time Steven got home the couch was in here and everything was put back to normal. Steven gave the approval and now the couch seems to be his favorite spot in the house! Our living room now looks bigger but has more room for people to sit! It's a win win situation! I enjoyed going to the auction, it was quite entertaining watching these guys auction stuff off.. they talked really fast and half the time I didn't understand what was happening! ha ha
So that is the pictures from my Tmobile album! Kind of random, but I thought it was fun to see them again.
Oh and my dad is starting a blog about being prepared in emergencies, he is going to give information about food storage and stuff you need to do to prepare for disasters! It is under my friend list labeled Emergency Preparedness.. Check it out every once in awhile, I think it will be some good information for everyone!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baby Jaxson!

We got another nephew and we couldn't be happier!! Jaxson Terry Shaw was born Tuesday March 3, 2009 @ around 6:25pm, he was 6 lbs 10 oz and 19 inches long. He has a cute button nose and a cute lil chin! Laura went to the hospital around 9am Tuesday, Jax was in a weird position so they had to wait for Laura to dilate more so he could come safely. After he was born and daddy cut the cord he stopped breathing.. they managed to get the stuff that was clogging his throat and he was okay! Thank goodness!! They showed us the stuff and it was gross! Poor lil guy! Everything is well with Mom and baby, and Ryker is slowly adjusting to the new baby. He already loves him, but doesn't quite understand that its his brother, he thinks Jax is still in moms tummy. They have a cute lil nursery in their new home just for Jax and are excited to go home! Here are some pictures!!

Jaxson right after he was born.

Jaxson a day after he was born.

Mommy Laura holding Jax after he was born.

Me and Jax

Ryker, "Sassa" (thats me!), and Jaxson! My two favorite buddies!
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