Thursday, October 13, 2011

Korbin is 15 months old!

Im sure I say this everytime but I cant believe how fast time goes when you have children! I can't believe Korbin is 15 months old! Well this month has been a fun month for us all.. well besides the broken hand! Korbin keeps getting more and more funny and we fear the day we get a call from the principal saying our child is the class clown and the teacher cant teach because of his goofing off. And yet I love that goofiness about him! He makes the funniest and cutest faces I have ever seen and is such a copy cat. He loves his daddy and looks around the house for him when he wakes up. He still only has 5 teeth.. there has been a tooth just sitting at the bottom of the gums for over 2 months now, hopefully it pops through soon! He now wears 24 months he is still a big guy. We go to the doctor at the end of the month so Ill post those stats when I get them. He isn't walking yet, but we are hoping this is our lucky month. He is soooo close its ridiculous! He walks with just one finger and could walk on his own if he had the courage. He loves his walker and spends most days walking around the house with it. He can open any door in our house which is a huge problem since I dont think they make childproof handles for my handles. He knows where his teeth and tongue are along with his belly, nose, and head. He is starting to say more words..just this month we noticed him saying "hot" "bath" "done" "ball" and "bye". He loves to shake his head and tell us no. He eats anything and everything but loves his sugar! He can pull himself on anything and walk around it..he can also stand up from sitting on his own. Oh and you cant forget his love for pushing any furniture that isnt too heavy. We find random chairs and foot rests in places they shouldnt be. He loves his cars and balls. He is soo cute with his toy cars and makes the cutest noise (like the car is running).
Playing with his basketball hoop.
 Playing with his car.
 I found him one morning with both his legs in one pant hole! ha ha. He wasn't too happy.

 Opening up the front door. Ahh!
He likes to sit on anything and everything. He is sitting on his toy basket on this picture.
 Pushing the ottoman around the house.
He LOVES looking at himself in the mirror!
My attempt to do his hair. ha ha
The two troublemakers! Korb and his cousin Makayla
One of his many funny faces. ha ha ha
And yet another funny face!
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