Saturday, November 29, 2008

Where did the holiday go?

I wish I had an extra couple hours a day.. just to relax.
Well.. Thanksgiving was nice as usual.. yes, there was some interesting things that happened, but anytime with our families are set up for some type of interesting time! We got the chance to go to both families this year(and every year). We like it best this way so we get a chance to see both families on the holiday! Steven's families Thanksgiving was nice! His mom Sylvia made almost all of the dinner, and it was delicious! We got a chance to play some new fun games that his dad Randy buys every year.. and of course we got to have something crazy happen.. so Rachel took care of it this year.. She parked her car on top of the driveway(which is incredibly steep).. of course she parked on the semi flat area.. well when she got outside to leave, she noticed her car was gone.. well.. it kind of rolled down the driveway into the neighbors fence. Luckily they are laid back neighbors and seemed to think it was pretty entertaining. It took about 9 guys to get the car out of the fence area. Poor Rachel will never live this down and she didn't even do anything! Well here are a few pictures of the car.. Sorry Rache.. I just had to tell the story!

Rachel after the car got moved.. I think she is still shocked! Poor girl! :(

As for my family.. it went pretty normal.. I was feeling pretty sick by then and we have a few members of the family that talk REALLY really REALLY LOUD!! So it didn't help my sickness. But it was fun, I am pretty sad we didn't get in some Bingo games like we always do. We did however, go and see the movie Australia that night. It was really quite good. We all enjoyed it.. it was a very long movie! I was ready to pee my pants half way through the movie! haha..

Well today we got to put up our Christmas tree!! I have been sick and we had some other plans so we didn't take as much time doing it as we usually do, but I think it looks awesome! I love Christmas time! Nothing is better then sitting in the living room looking at the tree.. its kind of soothing to me!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Two Posts in One!

So I decided that there was two things I wanted to post today.. one being Steven's bonus night for work.. and another short one about my few autographs I have. So we will start with Steven's Bonus night!
Steven works for America First Credit Union and every November they hold a bonus night for all the employees and spouses. It usually is kind of boring, and long, but this year they had a whole new theme.. "Utah vs. BYU" (College Football). So we all got to pick what team shirt we wanted.. which is kind of cool! Well we got there and there were sooooo many people there.. wow! But they had numerous types of buffets like.. popcorn, nachos, soft pretzels, cookies, a few types of chicken, fish, hamburgers, hotdogs, fries, chips, lots of pop and juice, and well.. I could go on for awhile... So they had about 5 huge huge tv's around and everyone just did what they wanted. Everytime a team scored they would do a drawing for a prize. Well of course we didn't win anything.. but thats okay! We met up with my friend Hayley and her husband Nick who is Steven's friend, so that was fun to see them.
So the whole night was an overall fun time.. its always nice to go out and do something different. We left stuffed and happy. Steven's bonus wasn't as good as last year, but it was still very good, so I am happy for that. Here are some pictures of the night..

Nick and Hayley Banz

Can you believe all the people?!

Okay, now my second post..
I wanted to personally say thanks to Matt Raider (even though he doesnt read my blog!). Matt has been our go to guy for anything ReAL that we want.. He has given us major discounted tickets on ReAL games, and even some free tickets to games.. like the playoffs. So we have been soo grateful for his generosity! We love ReAL and loved the chance to get to go lots this year! So anyway.. I asked him over 7 months ago if he could get an autograph of my favorite ReAL soccer player.. Kenny Deuchar

He is my favorite player because he reminds me of the way Steven plays soccer, they are basically the same person.. he is also a doctor.. yes a real doctor.. How awesome would that be to be amazing at soccer, and as a doctor! So anyway.. I asked him, thinking he wouldn't think anything else about it and I would never get his autograph.. well last friday my brothers texts me and says he has a signed soccer ball for me.. and you can only imagine my excitement!! Of course I made sure I had it that night! That was pretty awesome, and made my year! So thanks Matt for thinking of me! Here is a picture of me and the ball, and also just the ball.. yes I know, Im crazy!

So then I decided to just post most of my autographs here.. Its pretty cool, we have gotten pretty lucky with some!!

This is Fes autograph from the Jazz


This is Mr. Kyle Korver.. Rachel and I got his autograph and picture! Thanks friend!

My all time Fav.. Peyton Manning!

Peyton's Autograph!! Peyton was the nicest guy ever!! He stopped to sign my football even though he was hopping in his trailer, and his security guard told him not to sign it and just leave.. but he stopped and signed it for me! And I love the Colts! He really is one of the nicest guys!!

And last but not least.. Deron Williams real shoe with his autograph.. now this one isn't mine, it is my brothers, but Steven and I helped him get the autographed shoe.. so I claim it as a victory!
Well thats it for my two posts! I am planning to do a post for Thanksgiving, so stay tuned!! And if I dont see you or talk to you.. Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!! And thanks for being our friend!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My review of the Twilight Movie!

Okay, First of all I think it was wise of me to try not to get my hopes too high, I realized that it wasn't going to be the exact same, and that things weren't going to be as perfect in the movie as they were in my head. With that said.. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!! I honestly don't think I have enjoyed a movie as much as I enjoyed Twilight, ever, in my whole life! I know, that puts it pretty high up there!! This movie left me wanting more, and I could not stop thinking about it all night and prob wont stop thinking about it for awhile. It had everything you need in a movie.. it was intense, romantic, scary, and exciting!
I got the pleasure of getting to go with my girlfriends.. My mom, sister Megan, SIL Rachel, my "second mom" Lisa, her sister and niece, Rian, and Kellie. We went to lunch at the Pizza Factory (which was delicious) and then went to the movie! I was soo excited for this movie, I could BARELY handle it! But I was glad to see that there were crazy nerds all around me that were just as excited as me! We had some amazing seats which was basically in the middle of a huge theatre, in the middle of the row.. so it was awesome! And let me just say how amazing Edward was!!! He was so perfect for the movie! Bella was perfect as well!! Everything was awesome in the movie, there were just bits and pieces that weren't the same in my head, but nothing big enough to matter, and you can't get it perfect for everyone!
So.. I am already planning to go see it again with Steven, and hopefully Rachel again too!! I really would go see this movie like 18 more times in the theatre if I had the money! So go see it!! Let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twilight Movie!

Well of course I have to blog about the Twilight movie coming out tomorrow. I am completely, totally stoked about the movie!! I have been soo excited for the movie that I have been counting down the days for about 10 months now! I can not believe its finally here!! I get the pleasure of hanging out with the coolest friends ever, and going to the movie all in one day! Wow! The girls at my work, my sis Meg, and sis Rachel are all going! We took off work early so we could go to lunch and get all excited for the movie. I am trying to not get too excited about the movie which is basically impossible, but I dont want to get my hopes up too high. Like Rachel said.. As long as the movie gets the main points and the characters are the same, then I think I will like it! Rachel and I spent one night (about 5 hours) watching trailers and interviews of the Twilight cast, and we actually considered buying shirts to be one of those nerds at the movie! If we weren't so broke I think we would have done it! So as you can tell we are complete freeks about the movie and the books! I recommend everyone to read these books.. they are AMAZING! I am not a reader, and I dont think that reading is fun, but those books blew my mind. They are exciting, scary, romantic, and completely entertaining.
So go and read them! If you need the book, let me know and you can borrow them! And I don't want to hear that you aren't into vampires.. what a gay excuse! So tomorrow at 4:25 I will be in the Twilight movie enjoy my Cherry Coke, and popcorn with all my bestest girls! And don't you worry.. I will post what I think about the movie, and I hope you comment as well letting me know what you thought as well!!
Wah hoo!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I have been tagged!

Kariann Tagged me!
I'm suppose to post the 4th picture in my 4th album, so here it is...

This is a picture of my sis Megan, my handsome father, and me! It was July 4th, 2008 and we were getting ready for the parade. We were riding in the sheriff charger car and waving to cute little kids! It was a blast!

Okay, I tag.. Steven, Megan(sis), Rachel, Casandra, Rashell, Steph, and Megan (Boe Boe)

Monday, November 17, 2008


Steven and I in front of the stadium!

Rache and I

Steven and I

The inseparable four (Ryan, Rachel, me, and Steven)

Megan and Chris

Megan and I

The ReAL game was amazing!! We were lucky enough to get $45 tickets for extremely cheap. This game was for the Western Conference Finals.. now for ReAL any playoff games are exciting, but to make it this far was awesome! It looked like every seat was taken and it was sooo loud!! We all got clapper things which made it even louder. The pictures above are before/during the game.. and the pictures below are after the game.. notice the sad faces because ReAL lost :( It was really really sad, but I was still proud of them for getting that far! It was such a blast to go with my family! My mom, Megan, Her boy Chris, Ryan, Rachel, and Steven and I went. It was awesome and I recommend everyone to go to a game next year!

Friday, November 14, 2008


So I was sitting at home last night working on some homework and half watching the Cavs vs. Nuggets game that was on T.V. Alyssa was at school until 8:30 and I was gonna make sure dinner was made for her when she got home. I was rumminging around in the freezer to see what I could make. There was a bag of stir fry in there so I thought that would be good. Problem was we had no chicken, and you just CAN'T have stir fry without chicken. So I figured I would just run down to Albertson's and buy some so we'd have a delicious meal to eat!
So I grabbed my phone and wallet and stuffed them both into my hoodie pocket. It's the kind of hoodie that has the pockets on both sides, and it's just one big pocket... like a little kangaroo pouch or something. Anyway, I decided that I better go pee before going to the store. I was standing there taking care of business and I thought to myself, "I better be careful so my phone doesn't fall out of this hoodie and into the toilet." I finished up and leaned forward to flush the toilet and there it came!! Out of my pocket and into a flushing toilet.............. my Wallet. The entire wallet! I grabbet it out of there like it was a child in danger. What other choice did I have? So my wallet was completely covered in pee water and everything in it was soaked. I washed it all off in the sink and it didn't take long for the whole thing to become funny to me! I'm just glad it wasn't my phone.

And If you're wondering... no I don't plan on buying a new wallet. It's just a little urine right. It's sterile!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Two depressed little monkeys!

Well I think I will speak for both of us in this blog because I know Steven is feeling about the same way as I am! School sucks! Need I say more?! We have just a little over 3 weeks left of school and it feels like a century! I am soo fed up with it all. I am getting more and more stressed by the second and more and more like I want to cry by the mila-second!! So sorry, but this blog is going to be me complaining, but Im hoping to get it off my shoulders and then maybe I dont have to be soo depressed anymore!
First of all.. I dont know why teachers think that we have all the time in the world to just spend 5,6, or 7 hours a night on just their class.. cause you think about it and that would be at least 25 hours of homework in one day.. which obviously doesn't add up to just one day. So you can see how we are a little overwhelmed. My classes have gone okay up until this month.. let me just list what I had/or still have due this month..
1- 10 hour observation in an elementary
2- Two 2 hour observations in an elementary, plus 2 observation papers on those observations
3- Teaching 2 hours in an elementary about Dance Movement
4- Teaching 2 times in class about Dance movement
5- Research Project number one
6- Research project number two (each 20 min presentations)
7- Research Project number three (has to be 13 pages long.. not kidding!!)
8- Prepare lesson plans (Note.. Im not even in the Education program yet!!)
9- write a paper about my class teaching
10- And last but not least.. MY FINALS!!!!!!
Now I could go on about how much more I have, but I just thought I would list the MAJOR things due this month. I am getting so overwhelmed that I am about ready to pull my hair out! Anybody have a free wig?!
My new job stresses me out also.. I hate hate hate hate hate being new anywhere.. I like to know what I am doing, why I am doing it, and when I should do it. And now I dont know any of that. I hate bugging my supervisor about things I dont know, luckily she is very nice and seems to not mind helping me. I feel stupid a lot of the time because I dont know how to do it! It seems like I will like it and prob enjoy it a lot more then my last position, but it is hard to say at this moment.
And of course all the little things around the house that keep piling up more and more because I don't have time for it. So sorry people, but my house is a mess.. and my laundry hasn't been folded ALL semester!
I feel like some of my friends are taking steps forward and doing new things and moving on with their lives and I am just sitting still.. doing the same stuff.. and its kind of a little sad. I wish I was done with school so I could have a life and be able to buy a house and have babies! But unfortunately I need to wait for another 2 years, hopefully not longer!
So that is my sad sad life right now.. and me being depressed because I have convinced myself that I am deprived (which Im not!).. so sorry you had to read through that.. but I am slowly starting to feel better! I can not wait until the first of December!!
Hope everyone is doing well and staying away from the flu season yuckies!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What do you think?!

Okay guys.. I decided to color my hair the other day. I am a big fan of blonde hair and I am technically a blonde. But I kind of get sick of the same old thing all the time so I decided to go dark. So I am putting a before and after picture on here.. Don't be afraid.. let me know what you truly think! It obviously is too late to go back now, but I am pretty satisfied with it. It is always nice for a change and Im sure once the summer is here, I will go back to the blonde.
So?????? What do you think??


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy November!

I seriously am shocked that it is November! Where has the year gone?! There is not much left of the year... which is good and bad at the same time. I really cant believe how fast this year has gone. So now that it is November, I have to start thinking about Christmas shopping!!
Well last night was quite a fun night! I bought eight tickets to the Jazz game and asked Steven's friend Kurt and his girlfriend, my brother Travis and Laura, and my parents. We were planning to ride the FrontRunner down (we ride for free!) and ride home with Kurt, but about 12:30pm yesterday I got a call from my brother Casey's good friend Matt. Matt works for ReAL SL and knows that Steven and I LOVE to go to the games. Well Matt had two extra tickets and asked if we wanted to come to the first playoff game (ever!) for ReAL. Well of course we did!! So we figured everything out so we could make it to the soccer game and the basketball game!! The soccer game was at 4pm and the basketball game at 7pm.
We made it on time for both and had an awesome time!! The soccer game was awesome and we scored in the last minute or two which led us to a win! That new stadium is amazing and there is no bad seat!!! As for the Jazz, it was awesome as well!! We got to be there when they turned off the lights and it was soo cool, it got all of us pumped up! And so we ended the night with both our teams winning! Yeah! So here are a few pictures of our day..

Thanks for coming to our blog! We hope you enjoy reading about our life and please leave a comment so we know you stopped by!!