Monday, May 24, 2010

32 weeks

Wowsers! Have I reached 40 weeks yet?!
Well nothing too exciting or crazy has been happening in our life lately (I'm not complaining!).. but it doesn't leave me much to blog about. I need to be more like some of my other fellow bloggers who do a much better job of blogging about whatever, whenever! But anyway.. I am almost 33 weeks and quite excited to be chugging along! We went to the doctor this week and she said that our lil one is not so little..he is 5 lbs, a week ahead of schedule. Of course that doesn't mean that I will have him a week early, but I can sure hope he continues to grow big so he will come early!! I am so excited that he has finally hit 5 lbs! Yay! As for me.. I am doing good.. people just this week have started saying that I am finally getting big, not sure if that is a compliment or an insult, but I take it as a compliment. The past few months I have been hearing that I am not big at all, so that is a change for me! I have gained 23 lbs, so that isn't bad at all.. I hope to keep the weight gain lower, but either way I will be happy as long as the baby is healthy! I continue to eat Golden Grahams every single morning, and they are still delicious! I really really crave watermelon, weird as that sounds, I can't get enough of it! I seriously have to force myself not to eat the whole watermelon in one sitting. I also really enjoy cold things like slurpees, icee's, playdough ice cream..stuff like that! And a new craving that I come upon is anything BBQ.. yummy! It is getting harder for me to put shoes on or shave my legs, so who knows what I will do in a month when I really can't put my own shoes on!
This summer has been great so far, besides the fact that the weather hasn't been nice! But I try not to complain because the hotter it seems to get, the less sleep I get. And we came to find out this week that our central air is not working.. it is dead! Guess it is the oldest central air machine thingy that the guy has ever seen! Lucky us! So now we are trying to get our warranty to cover it, but they seem to have other ideas! Anyway.. Steven has got the chance to go golfing a few times already and we have gone to the movies a few times. We figured we better go do some of that stuff cause it will be a little harder when the baby comes.
Tomorrow we are headed down to Zions with my side of the family. We are extremely excited since this is our only vacation of the year. So hopefully I will bring back some cool pictures to share!
And that is about it in our life right now.. hope all is well!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Well it is official, I have FINALLY graduated college! Wow that was such a long, exhausting, not fun road.. and hopefully one day I can say it was well worth it. This semester was pretty hard for me because I was dealing with morning sickness as well as 15 credit hours, and working full time. It was hard for me to find motivation to do homework especially when I felt so sick. Luckily the sickness went away about a month into the semester and my motivation slowly came back to where I could actually concentrate on school.
I decided to go to my graduation and walk, usually I am not into this and I don't like when all eyes are on me, but I had some family remind me that I probably would regret it if I didn't, so I went and they were right. I was very glad I went! I spent the morning with my parents and sister as we ate at the graduation luncheon and just sat and talked. After the luncheon was the graduation. The graduation was nice and short (1 hr and 10 mins) and then I got to see my family and see how proud they were of me. I was so amazed at all the love and support I had just at the graduation, let alone the people that weren't able to come. I really do have the two most amazing families! After a bunch of pictures we got the chance to go eat at the delicious Maddox, and boy was it DELICIOUS!
To end my exciting day Steven and I had the chance to go to the first home Jazz playoff game and it was a blast.
I am so excited to finally be done with school. I wish there were job opportunities right now so I could jump into the career that I want, but I am going to just patiently wait and hope that I can get into a teaching job in the next few years.
Thank you to all my family and friends who helped and supported me throughout my long college career!

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