Thursday, November 18, 2010

Take the chance or not?

So this week I was informed of a new job opening up at H Guy Child Elementary School. Some of you know that I have been trying to get hired as a teacher anywhere, but mainly there for a few reasons, 1-it is 2 mins from my house and 2- Leslee, Ryan, and Sylvia (MIL) all work there so I figured I would have a better chance there. Well unfortunately the district wouldn't let the principal hire me because of my lack of experience as well as the fact that I don't have my teaching license. I graduated in Early Childhood with a concentration on Education, so I did most of the classes to get the license, but not all of them. Anyway..Leslee (sis in law) told me about a job opening up in January for a PE specialist. This person would teach PE for 30 mins per class. This person does not have to have a license to teach. So here lies my issues-
-Helps me get my foot in the door with the school and district
-Gives me more experience
-Would be a more fulfilling job
-I wouldn't have to work Sunday's anymore and miss church
-I would prob enjoy it.

-It only lasts from Jan until the end of the school year.
-After it ends, I have NO job.
-We can't afford for me not to work.

So there are my issues..Do I take the chance with this job and hope it helps me finally get into the job I want (Teach), or do I play it safe and continue working somewhere I dont like? The job I have now is a job..and it pays money..and I have been there almost 5 years. Is it worth giving up for something that could be something good?? Or maybe it will be terrible?
I have been talking to a few people about it and almost everyone has told me to take the risk and do it. So I have talked to my old work (Ogden Pizzeria) and asked them if I could maybe come back one night a week there, and they seemed like they could prob do that. Of course that isn't a sure thing yet.. But if they did hire me back then I could work there during the summer more hours and if I really had to, I could just depend on that for money.
What I really want to happen is this.. I take the job, love it, do awesome at it and the principal wants to continue this job, so I take a few months off during the summer, and then start again in August.. OR I do a great job and a Kindergarten job or 1st grade job becomes available and the principal likes what I did, so he hires me!
So what do you think? Do I apply for this job and hope to get it? Or do I play it safe to make sure I can pay for things?

Friday, November 5, 2010

November 7th

This date holds a little spot in my heart every year. Five years ago on this day is when I met my amazing husband Steven. That man changed my life for the better and made my life amazing. Maybe I didn't go into the relationship expecting to marry him, but we quickly found out that we were meant for each other. And by quickly, I mean quickly. Two weeks after we met I told him I loved him, yes, that is very quick..but when you know it, you might as well let it be known right?! Exactly 2 months after we met Steven proposed to me (Jan 7th) and 5 months after we met we got married (April 7th). Yay for lucky number 7!!
Then November 7th of last year rolled around and something else changed my life for the better.. Steven and I found out we were going to have a baby!! We had been only trying for two months and felt extremely lucky and VERY excited that we were going to have a little one soon! And 8 months later we had our precious little boy. I now wonder what we even did without him! Korbin is such a joy to both of us. He has the cutest big smile you have ever seen and loves to wiggle around. One year ago today he wasn't even the size of a kidney bean, and now he is 18 lbs! It is crazy how your life changes so much. I am thankful for November 7th for bringing me my two favorite people in the world!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Halloween

This was our first Halloween with a new addition to our family. The past 4 1/2 years we have just been a couple, where holidays were fun and exciting, but there was always something missing. Now that the holiday season has started I have noticed that missing piece was our little boy! Even though he is only 3 months old our Halloween was already better than it ever has been. We are completely looking forward to this season. I find myself looking to the future getting exciting for each holiday and feeling so happy that he is in our lives.
For Halloween it started with the famous Ryan and Rachel family Halloween party. That was a lot of fun and Steven has continued his winning streak of the Cauldron toss.
We went with my family to pick out pumpkins, unfortunately we were late in the season and there wasn't too many choices, plus it was no cute pictures there. Steven and I carved pumpkins a few days before Halloween. Steven carved Korbin's pumpkin, I think he liked it :)
On the 30th we went Trunk or Treating at Steven's parents ward. We didn't go around to get candy, but it was fun to see costumes and give out candy as well as visit with the family.
After that we headed over to my parents house and ate Taco Soup which is a Halloween tradition and sat by the fire to watch ReAL play.

Next year is going to be even better because this little boy will understand a little more about holidays. We are excited for the years to come!
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