Saturday, August 16, 2014

Casidy @ 3 months old

Casidy has been such an amazing baby. She is by FAR our best baby. You will rarely hear her cry her full cry unless she is hungry or in her car seat. She is happy where ever she is at and loves when her older siblings pay attention to her. She is 13lbs this month and started her adorable smile at 8 weeks and one day. I love her smile! She is a lot less serious then our other two were and will always smile at people. She is super close to laughing and I'm excited for that day. She is a fabulous sleeper and almost never wakes up during the night. She will sleep from about 9:30pm until 8:30am and then sleep quite a bit throughout the day. She still only has 4 oz of milk but I have started putting cereal in her bottle so she doesn't spit up as much. She still goes about 3 hrs between feedings. She is wearing anything from 3 months to 9 months (depending on the brand) and still in size 1 diaper. She is a great cuddler. She is a mover and loves to push off of you and scoot to the end of her crib.
 She went to her first dermatologist appointment on July 14th and they gave us some drops to put on her lip. She doesn't do well with a binkie yet but I am convinced its because of her hemangioma! She is a great baby and we absolutely love this stinker!

Casidy's Blessing Day

We decided to bless her on August 3rd, 2014 (3 months old). The blessing went well and had a lot of family support. We had a little breakfast after the blessing at our house and it was nice to be able to spend time with the families. Here are some pictures of her blessing day.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Korbin's 4th birthday!

Our little boy is now 4! Where has the time gone!? Korb had a fantastic 3rd year which consisted of going on his first and second plane rides, meeting family in Illinois, going on a "big boat", swimming in the ocean for the first time as well as play on the beach, got another little sister, and got his own room. He is such a sweet boy that doesn't like to let anyone down, especially his mom and dad. He has a heart of gold. He is our funny boy who has the same personality as his daddy. He loves to play on his own with cars, but he also loves to have friends play with him as well. He loves kicking the soccer ball around the house. He is a great napper still and takes up to 5 hr naps. He is smart with electronics and loves to play his Lego and racing games. He is a great big brother and an amazing son. We love this kid so much!
His birthday started out going to the airport to pick up Daddy (he had a work trip). Then we got to go to City Creek and eat/play on the toys. He got to pick out a toy at the Disney Store. His family and friends all came to celebrate with us in our backyard. He had a great time and wanted his friends to stay all night. He loved all his presents and got super spoiled!

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