Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ogden Marathon 5K

When I was working at the Sheriff's office they had a drawing for the Ogden Marathon spots. Some were 5K, Relay, even half marathon. The people chosen would get to do it for free :) So I decided to put my name in for the 5K and my name was chosen. Fast forward about 4 months and I realize that I will be running it by myself..meaning, none of my family or friends were doing it. I debated back and forth for quite sometime about whether I wanted to do it or not. Well, if you know me, I love me some free shirts.. and since I had a bet going with my sister in law Rachel, I thought I better not make excuses..I would get a new shirt and a great workout. So Saturday morning May 18th at 5am I woke up, got ready and headed to the finish line. We had to be to the bus by 5:45am, and the race was 6:45am. Of course the night before was an eventful night for us because Korbin was extremely sick, throwing up all over with high fevers.. and at about 3:30am I was sitting in a cold bath with him (well his feet) to try to cool him down. So I hadn't had much sleep. The weather was really crappy and by that I mean, it rained seriously 5 mins before we started fact, it POURED! Luckily once you are drenched you don't really have to worry about getting wet anymore! haha So I ran the 5K and really wanted to get a decent time since all my other 5K's were terrible. The rain ended up feeling nice and the run was great. I enjoyed the path and I actually liked running by myself because it forced me to go as fast as I could. I was very impressed with myself and my ending time which was 32 mins. At the end of the race I got a few snacks and headed home. It was such a fun race and I am really glad I forced myself to do it! Now I have this awesome shirt to remind me of it.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Aubree at 11 months old

Aubree had a very good 11th month. She has such a cute personality and reminds me a lot of her big brother. She has no teeth still, I don't know of many kids that get to 1 yr and have no teeth! She learned how to say her name this past month and I am extremely impressed! At first I thought I was just hearing things, but nope, she really knows how to say her name. She crawls around the house saying her name. Its pretty darn cute! She wants to walk but still isn't there yet, but she pulls herself up on everything and walks along it. She is a chatter and loves to try to say real words. She loves her brother. At dinner the other night they were having such a fun time together, Korbin kept making her laugh and that just makes me smile. She can eat go gurts better then Korbin, and loves the applesauce things to go. She loves playing peekaboo with Korbin. She takes one nap in the afternoon which is usually about the same time as Korbin's but she isn't near the napper as he is. She loves sweets and juice and chocolate milk. She drinks 8 oz of milk 3 times a day and is still in size 18 month clothes (thank goodness!). She gets really excited when Daddy comes home, if he doesn't go and pick her up right when he gets home she starts to freak out. Also this month she has started the fit throwing! But she is a great baby and soo cute! We love her to pieces!
Here are some pictures of the past month..
 Playing at Grandma and Papa's house.
 Aubree and Daddy on his new scooter.
 Her cute sunglasses that she refuses to keep on.
 She LOVES playing outside in the dirt, she also LOVES to eat it.
 Just walking around..
 All ready for church.. soo pretty.
 This is her hair after she wakes up! CRAZY!
 She enjoys getting into everything and trying to be a big girl.
 I love this girl to pieces!!
 My kiddos.. can never get them smiling at the same time!

Aubree's FIRST birthday!

Wow! A year ago I had this chunky 10lb 1 oz baby! We were so excited for our little girl to come into this world! I never knew time would fly this fast. Now she is a chatter box who loves to play with her brother and get into everything. She is such a joy to our family.
 For her first birthday we went to the Hogle Zoo in the morning. It was such a busy day at the zoo! I couldn't believe how many people there were, but it was still fun. It was our first time making it back to the zoo since Korbin's first birthday two years ago so it was cool to see what changes they have made. The polar bear was probably the highlight for us. Korb wanted to see two specific things 1-Elephants and 2-Monkey's.  So he saw those two things and he was a happy kid. Aubree was a happy kid the whole time. She really watched the animals a lot more then Korb did when we went for his birthday. We were lucky to have some family come with us.. My Mom and sister Megan came as well as her friend Ashley, and then Steven's sister Leslee and her little family came. It ended up being really nice!
 After the Zoo we met my dad, mom, Megan, and Ashley for lunch at Crown Burger and this really cute old lady came over to say hi to the kids. She said she told her husband she wanted to sit close to us so she could watch the kids. She was soo cute!
 We had cake and ice cream that night and had almost everyone there.. it was a great turnout. The kids had a blast running around our backyard, playing on the tramp and sandbox. Aubree got spoiled with presents and then she ate her smash cake. She is such a cleaner eater then Korbin is. She spent quite a while just picking away at the cake, but she sure enjoyed it! The night was great and it was really nice to be able to spend time with family.

 After the zoo.. she was worn out and fell asleep minutes after we got in the car.

AUBREE'S 1 year stats-

Length- 30 1/4 in (88%)
Weight- 25 lbs 12 oz (95+%)
Head- 45.5 cm (65%)

Also, a few weeks ago my sister was able to take some pictures for me for Bree's 1 yr pictures.  She always does a fantastic job, but this time she outdid herself! Here are some pictures of her at 1 yr..

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