Thursday, June 21, 2012

Aubree is 1 month old!

I just wanted to post a few cute/fun pictures of Aubree in her first month. I mainly do this for me because it makes it a lot easier for me when I do the kids scrapbooks. (I might brag a little bit and say that Korbins' scrapbook is all caught up and I am already starting on Aubree's.. :) ) Anyway.. not much to report about her this month because she mainly just sleeps and eats. At her 2 week appointment she was back up to 10 lbs.. I don't know how much she weighs now but I might just weigh her myself to find out. At this time with Korbin he was barely 10.3 lbs which is funny since that is almost what she weighed when she was born. Anyway, she is doing well.. she eats 4 oz at a time about 3 hrs apart. At night if we feed her around 10 or 11pm she will sleep until 6ish am but sometimes she gets so tired that she falls asleep at like 8pm which makes for an early morning for me (3am ish). She is a good baby and doesn't usually cry unless she is hungry and sometimes the upset stomach. She is finally sleeping in her bassinet all night. She used to cry until she got to sleep with us (not getting any sleep ourselves, we caved in to that) but now she is happy to sleep in her own little bed. She usually takes a long nap in the afternoon about the same time as Korb so I am able to get things done. YAY! She is starting to get the bald spot on the back of her head :( kind of makes me sad, but hopefully it will grow back soon! That is about it for her.. she is starting to move to 3 month clothes now and seems to somewhat like a binkie. Anyway, here are some pictures of her first month.

My sweet grandparents.

Fireworks and Movies

We enjoy staying busy and going out with family as much as we can.  Usually when an opportunity presents itself we try to say yes (sometimes we probably shouldn't!). Anyway we have been pretty busy the past few weeks as you have seen on previous posts.. new baby, ReAL games, and Yellowstone.  This week we were able to spend some time hanging out with Steven's family.  Saturday we got the invite to go to the Washington Terrace days fireworks with Steven's sister Leslee's little family.  We had such a good time.. the boys (Steven and Devin) were so cute with the kids and spent a good amount of time running around with them in the field and kicking the soccer ball.  They were also throwing out some prizes so they ran over there and ended up scoring some cool stuff! Makayla got a new soccer ball and Korbin got a rec Jazz jersey, a sports bottle with gum in it, and a nerds candy rope.  It was such a good time. I wasn't sure how Korb would do with the fireworks but he absolutely LOVED them! He kept trying to look at them when he was standing but couldn't because they were directly above us. But he loved them and Aubree stayed asleep the whole time.  Overall it was a really nice night and fun to spend some time with some family members.
 On Monday we had the chance to go to the drive in with Steven's bro and family. It was a lot of fun.. we did our usual..get pizza and eat it there, had some yummy snacks and pop.  Korb didn't do quite as well as he did last year with the drive in. He is not interested in the movies at all and wants to get down and run around. We finally got him to settle down during the second movie.  We weren't too impressed with the movies but it was just nice to go see a movie or two and not have to worry about babysitters and such.

 Korbs new Jazz jersey :)
 They wouldn't pose but they are showing their winnings.. Jazz jersey and soccer ball
 Just waiting for fireworks!
 Makayla and Korb cuddling with Steven
 Korb standing up watching the fireworks.
 The drive in!
 Aubree at the drive in doing what she does best!
Ryan being goofy

Aubree's newborn pictures

So as I always say.. my sister is a wonderful photographer for our family. She does an amazing job and spends so much time adding special effects to the pictures. A few weekends ago she was in Ogden so we got Aubree's newborn pictures taken. So beware.. there are a ton of pictures.. but I have a hard time leaving some out because they are all soo cute!! :)

Yellowstone #1

We were able to go to Yellowstone with Steven's family this past week and had a really nice time. Lucky for us we are also going next month but with my family.. so you get to see two posts about Yellowstone this year. 
So we spent 4 days up in Yellowstone with Steven's bro and family, sister Leslee and Makayla, and Steven's parents. We got to do a lot of fun things like go see the bears at the discovery place, play on the playground, see pretty waterfalls, look at some hot pots, see elk and buffalo (and baby buffalo), look at the beautiful scenery, and of course swim in the pool. Korb had a fun time running free and playing with his cousins. I can tell he is going to love swimming pools because I could not get him out of there! Anyway, it was really nice.. here are some pictures of our trip.
On the way to Yellowstone eating brownies

 The Rexburg Temple.. very pretty
 The two troublemakers taking a bath together.
 Korbs shorts got wet so he walked around in his diaper..dont forget the sunglasses!
Korb and Daddy sleeping.. cute!
 All ready for a day in Yellowstone
 Korb and Mom
 Family photo #1
Our two kiddos in the stroller
Family photo #2
 The siblings minus one.
 Like I said before.. the two troublemakers.. they had too much fun in the closet!
 Bottoms up! Leah, Korbin, and Makayla going into the bear cave.
 Steven's Dad wearing his coat on his head because he "lost" his hat.. later we found it in our hotel room sitting on the table. ha ha
Family photo #3
 Korb and Makayla watching TV
 Going swimming!
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