Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Disney Jr Live Show

We had the fabulous opportunity to go see Disney Jr Live. It was really fun for the kiddos, really not fun for us! haha  We stole Makayla, dropped off Aubree and took Korbin and Makayla to the concert. They were soo cute and soo excited! They loved the show and even got to see Cinderella and Peter Pan. They didn't understand why they couldn't actually go down and see them closer, but they still had fun. For Steven and I, it was torture.. terrible music and soo corny.. but what do you expect?! After the concert it was POURING outside so we ended up getting drenched! We decided to stop off and get some happy meals so we went to McDonalds. The kids loved it and it was so fun to see how excited they got when the characters came out on stage. Here are some fun pictures of the night..
They were watching cartoons on the tv with headphones..they thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

After the concert when it was raining..

Aubree at 15 months old


Stats: Length 32.5 in (off the chart)
          Weight  26.11 lbs (93%)
           Head circ. 46.3 cm  (65%)

Well our little stinker is growing up too fast! She is such a character! First of all she thinks she is 3 yrs old with Korbin. She thinks she can do everything he does. She started to "run" this month and it is quite cute to see! She officially has 4 teeth now. Her top left tooth just popped through the other day. She hates diapers and is always tugging at her diaper, she also tells us most of the time when she is pooping (maybe we will have better luck with her getting potty trained!). She is obsessed with binkies, blankets, and baby dolls. She loves saying Mama over and over and over and over again for no reason at all. She is in the "I want to do everything myself" stage, including walking up and down stairs. She no longer lets me carry her anywhere. She still loves climbing on and in anything that looks fun. She loves to play with cars and dinosaurs just like her brother. They both love the famous couch cushions piled up on the ground came. Which is fine with me because they both stay happy for quite awhile. She will eat anything and that includes Korbin's food after he is done, and gross food out of the garbage can. She is a bit of a perfectionist and has to put things back where she had them. She loves baths and the sandbox. She is a mama's girl. She takes about a 2 hr nap each day and sleeps great through the night. She isn't much of a milk drinker anymore and loves juice!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rounds Travel Agency

So Steven is officially a Travel agent! This started a ways back when Steven and I were planning trips for both our families. My family absolutely LOVES cruises and loves to go on them, talk about them and everything about cruises.. so we have plenty of time on that side of the family to talk about vacations. Well, Steven's dad mentioned a few times how he wishes someone would be a travel agent. Of course I loved that idea, I would love to sit and talk vacations with people, but I am lazy and never want to actually put effort into things like that. Steven took it upon himself to do research on a bunch of different agencies and what ones are legit, which ones we could make money, and overall which one would work the best for him. So he did plenty of research and found a great company that would help him certify. The classes and tests were not easy and it was quite the ordeal, but about two weeks ago he passed the 100 question test (you have to pass with 90% or higher). So now he is an offical travel agent and we have our fancy smancy website and a facebook page.  It has been a fun thing so far, we have given a few quotes out, booked a few cruises (my family) and have a few possible bookings in the future. This is a business that we originally thought would just be a fun thing to do on the side, mainly to benefit ourselves and family, but would maybe get a few hundred dollars here and there from it. After all the fee's and such for the domain names and emails and the business and such we are hoping to just be even the first year.  So! If anyone is thinking about a trip, dont forget to come to us and we can give you a quote and maybe, just maybe you will want to book with us!
 Which brings me to another fun and exciting thing. Since Steven is now a travel agent they have special deals for agents here and there.. the benefits we will notice the most is the fact that our cruises will be cheaper and we can get cruises a little cheaper for our friends and family, which is always nice. But every once in awhile they do special specials :) So, this past week Steven got an email from Carnival saying that they were doing this promotion thing for Travel agents where the agents will get to cruise free with up to three other guests with gratuities and taxes included, of course it was first come first serve. So the promotion started at 10am on Wednesday and was supposed to go for two weeks. I got on the website a little before 10am and made sure we had all the information we needed. Got in the area and hurried and picked a day and time that sounded okay for me (it was from Oct-Dec 2013), typed in all our information and waited anxiously for an email back saying we got in. I was pretty skeptical because we are never this lucky with stuff, in fact we would normally be one that doesnt even have a chance for it. So as the day goes on and we are waiting for an email back saying we got it, we find out that the cruises sold out in 2 mins! Agents are furious that they didnt even get a chance to book one. I start to get a little excited thinking we might have a chance afterall.. so on Thursday we got an email stating that we got a room! And not only did we get a room on a free cruise, but it was a balcony room! Holy smokes I am excited! So, we get to take our kiddos on a cruise, for free (except airfare)! Wow, it doesnt get much better then that! So now we are trying to get some other people to join us and I think we might have a good handful to go with. Its going to be awesome and we are excited and interested in seeing how the kids will do on the cruise. It will be a test cruise to see if its something we would want to spend money on in the future.
 As the days went on we found out that Carnival had over 100,00 travel agents log on for the promotion the first day and they booked less then 1,000 rooms. Pretty crazy!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lagoon Fun!

We got the chance to go to Lagoon this year for Steven and my job. They had a summer social that consisted of Lagoon closing for just America First employees/families, free parking, and free dinner. Since Steven and I both work at America First we got some extra tickets and thought it would be a great way to say thanks for always watching our kids, so we invited Steven's sister Leslee. And it was a blast! For the park only being open for employee families it was still pretty busy, but it made for a lot shorter lines. We spent most of our night in the kiddie land where Korbin and Makayla got to ride every kiddie ride there was. We also convinced both kids to go on rattlesnake rapids as well as the tidal wave. Korbin loved both rides and loved getting drenched on rattlesnake rapids. It was quite funny ! Makayla didn't seem to love getting that wet. haha. Tidal wave was great, They were both excited and seemed okay as we slowly swung back and forth and then it starting swinging a lot and their faces changed drastically! After we got off Korbin couldn't stop talking about how fun it was. We also went on the train ride and got to see some cool animals. Dinner was great and we got a yummy popsicle after it. It was a great time and nice to spend an evening with just Korbin. I am glad Leslee, Devin, and Makayla could come join the fun!
 Korb giving the thumbs up!
 The two troublemakers (the kids, not Leslee and I)
 First ride!

 This kind of stuff always melts my heart, they did this on their own.

 Heading down Rattlesnake Rapids
 Devin and Makayla going on Rattlesnake Rapids
 Korbin after the rapids.. Thumbs up!
 Makayla a little more sad..

 I tried to find the picture of them in this ride from last year but couldn't find it.. One of these days Ill post it!

 Korb is just hanging out, getting ready to fly!

 Before the Tidal Wave Started..
 The first few swings..
 REALLY HIGH............ (ah ha ha ha ha ha.. I think this is one of my favorite pics of Korb)
 Makayla getting nervous..
 The Carousel

.. Korb had to ride the Giraffe..
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