Saturday, January 11, 2014

Aubree at 19 months old

Our little Aubree is growing up so fast! She is such a funny, goofy girl who definitely has a mind of her own. She is quite the character! She is a bossy little thing but also is extremely caring and is always concerned if someone else is crying. She does throw her handful of fits and I can usually get her to stop if I pretend to cry.. then she stops and starts to rub my face.. its cute. She started to go to nursery at church but hasn't quite adjusted to it yet. She loves her Daddy and loves when he comes home from work. She is a great sleeper and doesnt make much of a fuss to go to bed. She is starting to be a picky eater and doesnt eat much unless we are talking about candy and then she is a candy monster!! This month we decided to take away the binky! We wanted to take it away when she turned one but we had some flights that we wanted her to have that comfort.. so this was the month. We took it away and she amazingly did fabulous.. a few sad moments here and there but no lost sleep or bad days. We are excited she is starting to be a big girl! We will also be moving her to a toddler bed soon to get her adjusted before Baby #3 is born.
 She loves horses, balls, candy, juice, phones, and purses. She loves to chat random things and is starting to learn shapes. She also loves to sing Twinkle Twinkle little star and loves the Roar song by Katy Perry.

 On New Years Eve looking at the Temple lights.

 The day we got rid of the binky.. silly kid!
 She decided to stack Daddy's pop while waiting for dinner! I was quite impressed.
 Gotta love the basket pictures!
 She thought Cousin Makayla's crown was sunglasses.. too funny.
 Just hanging out at lunch.
 First snow day of the year.. she didnt love it.

 She fell asleep with a balloon on Christmas eve.. just made me giggle all jammed up in the corner with a balloon.
 One of her favorite people Aunt Megan.
 Aubree and her Cousin Leah (1.5 yrs apart) They seem to have become quite the friends!
 Caught her one day with our business laptop.. she managed to pick it up from the table, put it on her lap and open it up. She was quite proud!
Cant see it too well but she has cookie ALL OVER!!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter Cruise 2013

I will start off by saying that this cruise was nothing like the other cruises we have been on simply because we had our kiddos with us (and I was pregnant). We got the opportunity with Steven's business to go on a free cruise (kids included).. so of course we jumped on that offer and convinced a few other family members to join us. We knew going in that it wasn't going to be the same easy, carefree cruise that we are used to but we were excited to see what it would be like with kids on the boat and once again.. it was free!
 We flew out a day early to make sure that we would get on the boat (all the winter storms!), and stayed at the hotel we stayed at in January. Our flight to Miami was part disaster, part okay. For some reason Delta decided to switch our seats around and I was by myself for all the flights.. and I mean myself, and Aubree on my lap. The first flight was a disaster.. she wouldn't nap, wanted to get down all the time, was super tired and grumpy. It was terrible. The second flight from ATL to MIA was much better.. she slept for an hr and then happily sat on peoples laps the rest of the time.
 Korbin had been super excited about the planes and the big boat for months now and I think was pretty much in heaven most of the trip. He did excellent.. had no accidents and was happy to do anything. He enjoyed the entertainment but we weren't able to watch many of them because Aubree didn't like how loud it was. Korbin loved the slides and swimming, all the food and ice cream, and the fact that a bunch of his favorite people were on the trip with us. He also only made it to Camp Carnival one day and had a blast but wanted to stay with the group for the rest of the time, which was okay because he really did great the whole time. Another thing to note about Korb on this trip is he LOVED to take pictures.. or get his picture taken. He would find random spots on the island and the boat and stop and make me take a picture of him. It was pretty adorable.. he also loved the towel animals each night.
 Aubree wasn't old enough to go to Camp Carnival since you had to be 2yrs old so she was with us the whole trip. We had A LOT of help from Grandma Sylvia and Aunt Meggie to walk around with Bree. Im pretty sure we would have died if they weren't there to help. Aubree loved walking around, pushing the elevator buttons and standing right in the door of the elevator. She also enjoyed the ice cream and any food she could eat.  She was a hit on the boat and almost everyone knew who she was.. she would often stop where people were singing and would just dance. She did great at dinner and naps and decent at bed time..she just struggled because she had a mind of her own and wanted to go explore all the time. She was sick the first two days and was teething but still managed to do okay.
 On our trip we went to Cozumel, Costa Maya, Honduras, and Grand Cayman.  We didn't do any excursions because there were few options for pregos and kids as young as ours. Cozumel was our first stop and we just kind of walked around the shops at the port. It is quite ghetto there so we were happy to just shop and be done.. unfortunately my dads suitcase got ruined on the way to the boat and so I had to go with my mother to the middle of town to buy a new Mexican version of a suitcase. It was scary but fun to go see their city.
 Costa Maya was the second port and one of my favorites mostly because we just ran in the rain. When we got off the boat it was pouring more then I have ever seen, we were planning to go to a beach but clearly that wasn't going to happen so right by the port were a bunch of shops and such, so we just ran around in the rain. The kids absolutely loved it. We were the only ones to go out in the rain so we had quite the audience with the people hiding in the stores for shelter. When we finally got back on the boat I found out that my camera got ruined (from the rain).. so I had to spend the rest of the trip using my phone and other people to take pictures.
 Honduras (Roatan Island) was my favorite place. It was beautiful. We decided to adventure out and walk to a beach.. we had no idea how far it was or really, much about it. It turned out to be maybe a mile away.. there was a nice path to walk to the beach and we went over a bridge, there were lots of cute shops along the way and a nature walk. We also got to see some dolphins. The beach was super crowded but there was plenty of lounge chairs for everyone. We spent a good amount of time there swimming in the ocean, playing Frisbee, and building sand castles. This is also the beach that my mother got bit by a fish.. a serious fish.. we actually didn't believe her until the next day when there was a round red mark on her neck, just like the shape of a fishes mouth. It was quite hilarious.
Grand Cayman was our last stop. Randy (my father in law) had "needed a cheap watch" this whole trip so he thought maybe the last day he could get one. He saw on the map of a store he thought would have one so we walked all around the city looking for this one stinkin shop. We finally found it and we quickly realized that it was about 2 blocks right of where we started from (we went left!). Needless to say, he didn't find a watch there, but we saw the island pretty well and Korbin had fun stopping at every Black Beard pirate he saw. We also went shopping there and bought a few cute items.
  One thing I didn't mention was that our room was a balcony room.. we hadn't ever stayed in a room besides the inside rooms so this was quite the change. As much as we liked the extra space and the balcony we both decided we liked our inside staterooms where it can get pitch black, and where there weren't smokers next to you. Every time we went out on our balcony our neighbor would come out and smoke and blare his music.
 Overall, the trip really was great! It will give us unforgettable memories to talk about, remember, and laugh about. It was nice having my kids with us because I didn't miss them, get home sick, or worry how they were doing. It was awesome having the family join us as well! We got some cute family photos and Im excited to get my canvas family picture framed. I love those cruise pictures!
Sorry for the long post and the many pictures to come!
The gang minus myself and my mom.. my dad is hiding behind Steven.

She was obsessed with the carry on check. Silly kid!

Finally asleep!!
Bath time at the hotel

Getting on the boat

Heading on the boat!
Camp Carnival.. he loved playing the Balloon game!

Korb and Papa wearing their matching suits and ties
Myself and my princess
Love these two handsome men!

Kind of weird wearing a Christmas hat and a tank top!

Every port had these pretty Christmas trees!
Looking at our boat and the boat we went on in January.
They had these big feet things everywhere.. Korb loved them

Korb LOVED the slide on the boat

Playing in the rain
Prof Portraits

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