Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yes, the rumors are true!

So as some of you have heard.. I am pregnant! I decided not to post the news for a few months because as weird as this sounds.. the less attention the better! But, I am curious of what people think we are having! Are we having a girl? Are we having a boy? Steven and I really want a lil boy, but of course we will be happy with whatever we are given. Either way it is going to be exciting for us!
Now to answer some questions that I have heard in the past few months.. first of all I hear.. how far are you? I am 15 weeks along (4 months) What are you having? Well.. I dont know yet.. but if we are lucky, next wed (Feb 3) we are hoping to find out! And another question we hear.. Was this an accident? Uhh.. no. Completely planned.
Things have been pretty crazy for us the past few months. First of all I have been sick for over a month, luckily the sickness is finally, slowly getting better.. I am now kind of a person again! I am also in my last semester of school! Well hopefully! That is pretty stressful in itself, but I will be extremely happy when I am done in 2 months and 26 days.. but who's counting?! And also, we are currently in the process of buying a house! We are extremely excited to finally have a real place to call home! So hopefully by the first of March we will be moving into the new house! We have made some huge steps this year and we hope it is a great year for us!
That is about all that is new with us! I put a poll to the right side so you are welcome to make a guess of what we are having!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Done with the winter hair!

I have created a nice hair plan the past two years. Summer hair consists of short hair styles. It ranges anywhere from a buzz cut, spikey, or mowhawk. For the winters the past two years I decided to let my hair grow out for added warm (yes that really is the reason). I had a buzz cut in July courtesy of Alyssa and I didn't cut my hair again until December. That cut was just a trim to get rid of my aweful mullet. So I've got my long hair and I like it a lot. I especially like feeling it bounce while I'm playing sports. Some people may call me a metrosexual for that comment, but I'm secure with my sexuality so I can take it!
This winter weather is making me ready to bring back the summer hair. I'm ready for warm weather so I can jog outside, take my dog on walks, or just BBQ in the back yard. I am a big time summer person so I can't wait for long warm days.
My future hair styles for this summer will consist of a Beaver tale, European Mowhawk, buzz cut, spikey, and maybe even a bleached blonde tips. That bleach look is SOOOO 1990s but I might just do it anyway. Feel free to give me a suggestion, or a personal favorite.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009, Come and Gone..

This past year has been a great year for Steven and I. We have experienced so many different things and are grateful for every experience we have had. Here are some pictures of our wonderful year together! Enjoy!

Jazz Games and Harlem Globetrotters!

Jaxson Terry Shaw was born March 3rd, 2009 (Travis and Laura Shaw)

ReAL SL Soccer games!

Celebrated our 3year Anniversary by eating at Maddox. Yummm..

I went to "Wicked" with my family and friends. It was awesome!

We continued to play indoor soccer with the family.. the end of the year we won the Championship (my first Championship ever!)

Jazz Playoff Games!

Went to Flight of the Conchords and met Jermaine

Yellowstone with my family -Steven couldn't get off work :(

The airshow, something I look forward every time.

Our trip to Illinois and Nauvoo

Our annual Rounds/Shaw Bear Lake trip

Our Rounds family Cruise to Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas (awesome trip!)

Pumpkin Patch

Halloween Rounds/Best party

ReAL Playoff Game.. CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun winter pics by my sis.

And I am too lazy to upload Christmas and our Heber Vacay.. so that will have to be for next blog! Hope your year was great!
Thanks for coming to our blog! We hope you enjoy reading about our life and please leave a comment so we know you stopped by!!