Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's a GIRL!!

So we finally found out what we are having!  It was such torture to go all the way to 21 weeks to find out what it was.  We had been to our previous appointments and she was never sure of what it was.. the dr gave us the ususal.. it looks like a girl but who knows?  So we didnt bank on that.  With our targeted ultrasound we were able to see for sure that it was a girl and we are soo excited! It is going to be so fun/crazy to have a boy and a girl in our little family and such a growing experience!  I dont have any idea how Korbin will do with a little baby in his family but hopefully he learns fast that we have to be soft with her.  My mom is EXTREMELY excited for this news because it will be her first grand daughter!  On my side of the family there are 4 boys (grandson's) and no girls, so she is very excited to have a little girl to play with.  In fact, she is so excited she has already made her some quilts, fleece blankets, and given us 2 HUGE bags full of little girl clothes.  I know she has a ton more that she plans on giving to us..so it's nice not to have to worry about too many clothes.  I am also going to make her a quilt myself which I am excited to finally get back to one of my talents.

(me at 19 weeks..3 weeks ago)
 My pregnancy has gone quite well so far. She has treated me well and I haven't been near as sick as I was with Korbin.  I got my energy back a few weeks ago and now I am finally catching up on everything I wasn't able to do when I was sick.  I am definitely showing now and sometimes I feel like I am too big already!  I am not the type of person that loves being pregnant so I am definitely counting down the days until our little princess comes! Only 4 months left! :) 

Korbin @ 18 months old

This little munchkin might have hit his terrible two's a little early! He definitely has a mind of his own and no one is going to stop him from doing what he wants to do. Before we had him we always said we wanted a rough and tough boy that loved to play with balls and cars and can be rough..and we got what we wanted! He definitely fits all of that! He is extremely adventurous..sometimes too much so. He loves to try to jump off things like couches and beds. He isn't scared to swing upside down and he loves doing anything with a lot of action. He still doesn't enjoy watching any tv..which is a good thing I think. Sometimes we put some cartoons on for him but he is never intersted in stopping and watching. He is a go-go-go type of kid. He can say a lot of words and is learning his animal sounds. He has reached the point where he is almost too attached to Steven and I. Everytime we leave the room he cries and he has some major stranger danger. He loves to wear hats and gloves just to play and he is very good at understanding our directions (which is nice!). He is such a funny kid! We are always laughing with something he is doing. He loves to make funny faces as well as use his "fake" laugh when someone else is laughing. Its really cute. Anyway, here are some fun pictures of the past month!

 Mom and Korbin getting ready for church. This is one of the few times I have actually done his hair, as you can see..there still isnt much to do with it!
 This doesn't even begin to show what the rest of the house looked like, but if you look close you can see random things that aren't toys that he decided would be fun to play with..garbage bags, ziplock bags, pillows, and the air vent.
 Sportin Dad's hat
One of his goofy faces
 Getting ready to jump off the couch!
Playing with his car ramp he got from Santa.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I guess it is time..

We have been looking at minivans for about a year now and I have been trying to convince myself that it will be nice to have/drive it.  So anyway, this past summer we bought a tent trailer and had nothing to tow it with...and with the addition to our family that will come in May, we decided it was time to get a van.  So we have been looking for a long time and hadn't had any luck.  Of course we were quite picky with the must have's like keyless entry, tinted windows, tow hitch, bucket seats, low mileage, and within our price range.  We found a few here and there but nothing that stuck out to us.  Well anyway, I was online last night and found a van that was worth looking at.  Now we had been looking at strictly Dodge Grand Caravans and Chrysler Town and Country.. this van was a Kia Sorento.  So not even what we were going for.  Anyway, we went and test drove it and loved everything about it! This van is rated the highest in safety and gets great gas mileage.  It also had the tow hitch we wanted/needed and even a luggage rack on top.  We didn't get everything we wanted like a DVD player, or Ipod hookup on the stereo, but I imagine we will be getting those shortly.  We figured the mileage and price was the most important so at 46,000 miles..it was hard to pass up- actually impossible to pass up. So we are super excited to have more room and a nice new van.  Here are some pictures that I got off KSL of our new van!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Years Eve

My family always tries to do something for New Years Eve whether it is going out somewhere or just staying at home eating and watching TV.  This year we decided to use our resources and reserve a few rooms at my parents "condo" (The Kimball Condo's in SLC). 
 Before we went to SLC we had the chance to spend some time with Steven's family which was fun.  Steven has a friend/old boss that is in charge of the new Megaplex theatres in Centerville and he was nice enough to get us 10..yes 10 tickets for the Sherlock Holmes movie..in the D-box seats! If you dont know what those are, they are the fancy smancy seats that vibrate and move around during the movie. Anyway, it was so much fun to spend time as a family (all of us were able to go) as well as see a good movie, eat yummy popcorn and sit in a cool seat.  So thank you Andy for always hooking us up! 
After the movie we had to rush home, get packed and leave for SLC. It was a bit of a rush but we were able to make it to dinner on time. We decided to have an earlier dinner so we would beat the crowd as well as have room in our bellies for all the yummy snacks later on. So we went to Chuck-a-rama. I usually am just "okay" with buffets, but of course its always a bonus when you are pregnant, plus this place was more delicious then I ever remember! After dinner we went back to the condos and got settled in our rooms. We had 3 rooms.. one for Steven, Korb, and I..one for Megan my sis..and one for my parents. We also reserved the entertainment room. We were able to spend most the night in the entertainment room where we spent the night watching the Jazz, playing Bingo, eating nachos..candy..and drinking pop. When it was time for Korb to go to bed we put him in our room and went to my sisters to play Trains. We watched the ball drop on the TV and then we were able to run outside and watch all the fireworks right above the temple. It was about the perfect night, family, food, games, and fireworks.

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