Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yellowstone Trip #2

We just got back from our second trip to good ol Yellowstone in about a month and a half.  Going there twice in two months you would think would just be repetitive but it was fun to see how different both families were with the vacation.  This vacation was more of a shopping, little site seeing, and relaxing trip.  We were able to go see Old Faithful again and saw a few animals like buffalo, Elks and an Eagle. We stopped off a few places, but our favorite place was the Firehole. We didnt really think we would get to it this trip so we didnt bring our water shoes and we quickly regretted not packing them just in case. The firehole was awesome, soo much fun! For those of you that dont know what the Firehole is.. its a river where you can jump off rocks into the water, there are rapids you can jump into and it will push you down the river (safely) and then there is a spot where people can just hang out and little kids can swim and not worry about being pushed down the river. It was a lot of fun.. scary at first, but by far the highlight of the trip. We also went to the Imax which was fun and swam in the pool. Our hotel was nice but we wished they had a continental breakfast! It was nice to spend time with my family just hanging out and doing whatever we wanted to do. We were also a little spoiled because we slept in everyday until at least 10am.. Oh and the hotel had a separate room for Steven and I and it had the cutest little toddler bed, which made sleeping for Korbin a lot better. Here are some pictures! Sorry there are none from the Firehole.. I was too busy swimming :)
The fun little waxy toys they gave Korb at the restaurant.

 Waiting for Old Faithful.. it was HOT!

Uncle Casey playing with Korb.
 Korb sittin on a painted buffalo
 Bree and Mom
 Our personal room in our hotel.. to the right is Korbs toddler bed.
 Dad and his kids.
 Say what?!
 Buffalo up close and personal!
 We took a river drive and it was really pretty.
 Firehole :)
 There is a buffalo behind us. It started walking towards the crowd so we jumped back in our car.
 Old Faithful with Bree, Korbin, and Aunt Megan

 Uncle Casey, Korb, and Papa.. too cute :)
Just hangin out in the flowers.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Korbin is two!!

Length: 36 5/8 in (100%)
Weight: 31 lbs 5 oz (85%)
Head circL 48.8 cm (55%)

 My big boy is offically two now! I feel like I need to stop blinking because next time I blink he will be 18 yrs old! Korbin is doing really well.. we are learning colors, numbers, and letters. He likes to say everything is blue before he even looks at it.  His ABC song is pretty cute as well. His favorite word the past few months is "No".. even if he means yes, its always a no.  He thinks it is quite hilarious when he says no. He is a dangerous kid who isnt scared of much except for showers, and the moving toys at the malls.. weird I know! He enjoys the thrill of fast things like slides and cars/bikes. He likes to jump not only on the ground but off the couch. He is starting to be able to help more with clothes and shoes and putting them on or taking them off. He is obsessed with milk!! He probably asks for milk 9 times a day (at least).. I have a hard time telling him no because it is such a good habit for him to have, so he almost always gets the milk. He is talking a lot more and loves to talk to strangers. He is a funny funny kid that always makes me laugh.  He loves being outside, he loves swimming, and he loves going on walks. He is a great sleeper at night and during nap time. 
Korb had a great birthday.. we started the day with a #2 pancake which was harder to make then I thought! Then after nap time we went to the splash pad to celebrate his day with family. He had a blast playing with his cousins! He got super spoiled by all his presents and yummy treats. We had to go get a free slurpee on his bday (7-11) and I hope to make it a tradition each year! That night he got to play with his toys and then go spend time with Grandma Rounds.
Here are some pictures of the past month:

Now for his bday pictures!

Aubree is 2 months old!

Length: 23 3/8 in (85%)
Weight: 13 lbs 6 oz (100%)
Head circ: 38.7 cm (50%)

Our precious little girl is already two months old! She has already done so much in the few months she has been with us.. we have gone camping, to Yellowstone, swimming, parades, fireworks, restaurants, and many many walks. She is a wonderful little girl! She has been sleeping really well for a few weeks now.. I will feed her around 11pm and she will sleep until about 6:30am, and then back asleep until about 10am. She is a good eater..still eating about 4 oz each feeding but will go to 6 oz when she is super hungry. She definitely takes her time eating though.. it takes about an hour in the morning for her to eat and then fall back asleep. She is starting to notice us and her big brother and always coo's. We have seen a few fast smiles from her but nothing that I can fully count as a smile. We call her the pygmy goat because her grunts and noises sound like a goat sometimes. She is a major cuddle bug and sometimes wont let me put her down all day (which is a problem sometimes!!). She doesn't cry much during the day, just a little fussy in the evening time. She somewhat likes her binkie and it keeps her relaxed a lot of the time. She is still sleeping in our room in the bassinet for another month or so and then she will go in her crib and share a room with her big brother. She is awesome at holding her head up. The doctor was amazed at her head control and her strong legs. She can push up and stand their almost on her own (just like Korbin). She has a very loud cry.. once again just like Korbin and when she starts crying there is no stopping her! She turns red face and breaks out in a full sweat! But she is doing wonderful and I absolutely LOVE dressing her everyday and getting cute bows to match. Korbin loves her to death and treats her really well! We are very lucky to have these two wonderful kids!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July fun!

Wowser this has been one HOT month!! Of course it was a hot one on the 4th and you have to go to a parade, so we just dealt with it! We went to the Kaysville parade with Leslee, Devin, and Makayla.. we were hearing about this parade and had to go see what the fuss was about and boy oh boy I under estimated it! They said it was big.. but I didnt know how big! I havent seen that many people for a parade in a very long time! The parade was fun.. we got candy, popsicles, frisbee's, balls, pencils, necklaces, coupons, and free ties. It was super hot and lasted about 2 hrs that the kids got a little sick of it and ended up in the shade towards the end. We had 3 boys standing next to us that kept stealing our candy and such that the kids were trying to pick up, I even blocked them and had the candy at my foot and they snuck under me to take it. I was a little annoyed by it and found myself telling them to move back a few times..
 After the parade we went to Steven's parents house and had a BBQ.. it was nice and relaxing with just us, the parents, and Leslee and Devin. The kids took and nap and we were able to play some games on the back patio (which is always nice!).. after lunch and games we went to my parents for more BBQ fun. That was kind of low key as well.. it was us, my parents, and my sister. We had some yummy steaks that my dad made. My mom was sick so we didnt see much of her. We watched the ReAL game, played outside, and then watched the fireworks.
  I ended up getting extremely fried from the hot sun, but it was a nice, busy day. I always look forward to holidays so I can spend time with the family.. and this one was another one to add to my happy memories!

Our cute little family all in our matching shirts
Aubree getting ready for the parade.

Cousin Makayla staying in the shade

Getting ready for the parade

Everyone was HOT after it was all done!

Grandpa Shaw with Aubree.
Aunt Megan and Korb playing outside.

Watching fireworks off my parents deck.

Seven Peaks

We got the pass of all passes deal thingy again this year and have already used it a good amount of times. This was our first time going to Seven Peaks this summer and it ended up being a blast! Steven had the day off so he was able to come as well as Leslee, Makayla, and Steven's mom Sylvia. We got there in the morning just to spend a few hours before the big crowds came. Korbin and Makayla wanted to go down the big slides so I decided I would take Makayla and Steven could take Korbin. They both loved them and wanted to keep going on them.. unfortunately for me I am extremely out of shape and carrying a 32lb kid up a good amount of stairs wears me out.. so I only took her twice. The first time we fell off the tube because it was so fast, but we figured it out the second time.  Then Steven was able to go on some slides with his mom and they had fun also. Aubree was a good little girl and slept the whole time so we were able to do what we wanted. The two kiddos loved the little kid pool and had fun playing on the smaller slides. We grabbed lunch there and then headed home after a few hours. It was a lot of fun and a nice thing to do for free :) Here are some pictures of our day.

Steven's mom Sylvia

I love these two kiddos.. soo cute together!

Sister getting a little hot and ready to go home.

One of the first and only times Korb has fallen asleep in the car! He must have  had a good time!
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