Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Fair

I get the opportunity at my job to work the fair every year. I have done it for about 4 years now (I missed last year because I was on maternity leave).  It is a lot of fun because I get paid to drive a golf cart around delivering drinks to workers! Of course we always stray off the course and go over some hills and visit other people and places.  This year I worked with my boss who is one of my favorite people I work with and it was a lot of fun.  Of course I drank tons and tons of soda and ate tons of hamburgers! Well anyway, we get a free family pass to go to the fair ( I dont think I would go if it wasn't free!) So we took Korb and he LOVED it! We went around and saw the animals and then went to the petting zoo. We also went to the rodeo and Steven was quite entertained by that. It was a fun little outing.

 Grandpa and Korb watching the rodeo. Korb wanted to get down and play on the stairs.
 He LOVED the sheep (yes, they are sheep).. this is the only animal he dared to touch and was actually sad when we went to other animals.

 The cute little piggies. They were hyper, Korb didnt know what to think.

Park City

So every year I do my annual shopping up in Park City with my birthday money. This year my family decided to spend a weekend up there. My mom and I found a place online that was a really good deal to stay but they didn't give many details on the place, so we took a chance anyway and it ended up being an awesome condo! This condo was seriously about 40 steps from the outlet mall. Can you say DANGEROUS!? Needless to say, we went there 5 times in 3 days ha ha. Anyway, this condo was beautiful! It had a master bedroom that Steven and I got to stay in with a king bed, huge walk in closet (which ended up being Korbs room) and our own bathroom. Then it had 2 more bathrooms, 2 more bedrooms with 3 twins and 1 full and two hide a beds. It had a full kitchen, dining area and a porch. The place had a swimming pool and hot tubs. Anyway, it was awesome! We had a lot of fun just hanging out. Our last night Casey, Steven, and I decided that we wanted to get in the hot tub..well the hot tub closes at 10pm, and it was 10pm when we we just went anyway. About 15 mins later we see this "Alarm" vehicle pull up close to the hot tub.. so we jump out, grab all our stuff and run inside. We ran out to our porch and watched the alarm guy. It was soo funny because you could see our wet footprints from the hot tub to the door, and he continued to look around the building for us. Ohh good times. Anyway, it was really fun and hopefully we can make it a tradition! Here are a few pictures..

 Here is a picture of the living room, dinning area, kitchen, and you can see the "loft" upstairs.
 Korb just hanging out in a big person chair.
 "Gampa Gampa! Let me out!"
 Me just being a dork.
 Aunt Meggie and Korb
 Mom and Korb.
Steven and Ryker

Friday, August 5, 2011

So I am about ready to go crazy! This job I am at has reached its limits once again.  If you aren't aware of where I work, I work at the jail dealing with the public, scheduling visits, answering phones, and helping volunteers (church).  Some people when I tell them this think.. Ohh how fun..and others think.. Ohh how scary! Well it is neither of those. It is a job that doesn't take much thought and it is a job for a person with a lot of patience. It is a job that I get the pleasure of smelling alcohol and smoke all day, and of course dealing with the people that don't speak english!  Last night I about had it!  I try to keep an open mind with the public because almost all of them are white trash who never learned manners, but ya can only put up with dumb people chewing you out for so long.  Last night I had a family come in to visit..which is fine..well they were here 30 mins early which lead them to sit in the lobby for 30 of course when that happens they seem to sit there and think of all these questions that they can come up to me with and ask one at a time.  Then they continue to get mad at me because of one reason or another. I inform them that those are the rules and there is nothing I can do.. well of course it is my fault! So I continue to get chewed out by them. They were angry that we were doing "count" (making sure all inmates are accounted for) and couldnt run to their very need.  It just makes me angry that people come and chew me out. I wasn't the one who made the bad choice, I wasnt the one who raped, killed, ran into, did drugs, stole, or abused anyone. I am just the person at the front relaying the messages from the high authorities.  I am sick of this job. I am sick of the hours, the people that  come to the window, and their attitudes that they all bring in. I am sick of the environment that I am because there are maybe 10 people out of 300 that are mormon so everyone just sits and talks about drinking and partying and getting tattoos. Well sorry, but I don't do any of those. I am sick of working in a place that doesn't make me happy and doesn't make me feel good when I leave.  I want a job that I feel fulfilled, like I made a difference in someones life.  Instead I have a job that makes me feel worthless.  Hopefully one day I can find a job that I can make a difference and I don't have to get yelled at every few minutes.  I just wonder when it will be.. I think this year alone I have turned in at least 25 applications to several places.  I feel like I have done great in the interviews, but I never get anything after that. I keep thinking that there is just a perfect job out there somewhere.. but where is it?
 Anyway, I just needed to vent and hopefully it will help me feel better and I can not hate my job so much.

Korbin is 1!!!

So I have been waiting to go to the doctor to get the official stats of Korbin at one. I finally did! It looks like his weight has dropped down a little bit more to 80%, his height is at 92% and his head size is 70%.  I forgot the exact stats so I will update this soon with the actual numbers.

This handsome boy of ours is a handful! He finally learned how to crawl the real way and has done that most of the time. He only does the army crawl once in awhile. He is still building those leg muscles and hasn't started walking yet but he pulls up on EVERYTHING! He has started to move around holding furniture as well. He started to walk with one of those walker toys and does surprisingly well. He loves big people food and we dont even give him any baby food now. His favorite food is spaghetti! He transitioned easily to whole milk, but we do have to heat it up a little bit. We also started him on sippy cups and now he doesnt get any bottles. It was a very easy transition :) He loves to talk and sometimes I swear he says real words. He can say "more" or "mah" and he can also sign it which comes in handy. He is a smart kid and seems to figure out how to do things on his own. His favorite toys at the moment are doors (opening and closing them), blinds, air vent, and anything that makes noise. He is a kid that doesnt like to sit still so it makes for fun and busy days. He has four teeth now. Luckily his top teeth were no where near as dreadful as the bottom teeth. They are growing in fast and he looks super cute! This kid has an amazing grip! Other kids try to take toys away from him and he just holds on tight! Its funny. He sleeps amazing and his naps are still about 3 hrs long. He has started to get "stranger danger" and isn't so willing to just go to anyone anymore. He loves to be outside and loves to go on walks. Anyway.. we love him to pieces and can't believe how big he is and how fast this year went!

                                      Here are his one year pictures taken by my sis in SLC!

The Rounds Family at Korb's first baseball/Raptors game. He loved it!
My cute little boy! He loves pushing that thing around!

He gets into everything!

I thought this was sooo cute!!
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