Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Casidy is 7 months old!

My little girl is 7 months old! She is learning so much, so fast! She is our little runt of the family, but we are enjoying having a small baby that doesn't break your back to carry and one that still fits in a carrier. We are also loving the fact that she can wear clothes more than one time before she grows out of them. This month she finally started spitting up less, she still spits up her food but it has gone down a lot. She is also an expert army crawler. She is such a fast crawler that if I look away for one second she will be across the floor. She gets on her hands and knees constantly and wants to do the real crawl, she is almost there! She continues to be an amazing baby. She is so easy to take anywhere and is happy with about anyone. She loves playing with her brother and sister and they are so nice and cute with her.  She can sit without assistance but it will only last a few minutes.  She has absolutely no interest in holding her bottle.. apparently she enjoys just relaxing as she eats. She loves real people food and goes to great lengths to get anything she can get. She is getting better each day putting little treats in her mouth.  She is a great sleeper and sleeps about 16 plus hours a day. She still wears size 6-9 month clothing and is eating her normal 7 oz of formula.
 We are done going to the dermatologist unless her hemangioma gets bigger. They were quite happy with how much it shrank in the last few months and they didn't want to do another steroid injection and cause a dent on her lip.
 We can't imagine our life without little Casidy in it. She melts my heart every time I see that cute smile!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Casidy is 6 months old

Length: 26.25 in (75%)
Weight: 15.12 lbs (50%)
Head:16.5 in (27%)

Our lil girl is 6 months old. She is growing so fast and doing things a lot faster than our other kids. This month she started getting on her hands and knee's and rocking back and forth and now she has managed to start to army crawl. It still takes her awhile to get places but if I am gone for a few mins she will have crawled across the floor. She has strong little legs and loves to stand with help. She is still sleeping great and still sleeping most the days away. She is starting to sleep a little bit less but still great. She drinks 7 oz of formula every 4 hrs and spits up more then half of it. We have tried many different formulas and medicine for her reflux but nothing has helped. She is a very happy baby and is almost always smiling. She loves when her brother and sister play with her and they are usually really nice to her. She loves to grab everything! She started trying baby puff's this month and she enjoys them but doesnt quite get the hang of eating them. She can sit on her own but not for a long period of time. She is wearing 3-6 month clothing which is crazy to me, but its really nice to be able to use the clothes more than once!
 We went to the dermatologist for her hemangioma and they decided it shrunk enough that they wanted to wait on another shot, so we will go back in another week and see what they have decided. It shrunk about half its size so its getting a lot smaller.
 She is a great little girl and can't imagine our life without her.. she always cheers me up with her cute little smile and cuddles.

 Our wild sleeper always does something silly with her pj's.
 Pics of sleeping babies never gets old.
 Aubree reading Casidy a story.
 Her Hemangioma this month..
 Yet another picture of her after she wakes up, yes, she got both her legs out of the pj's.

 Her sitting skills.


 Holding her bottle.
This was taken after we got her EKG done. She did amazing, didnt cry once while they did the test or took the stickers off.
 Her 6 month stats.

Casidy's 6 Month pictures taken by my wonderful, talented sister Megan....

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Casidy @ 5 months

Casidy is now 5 months old! My last little baby is almost half a year old! Casidy continues to be an amazing baby. She has such a sweet personality. She is a very chill, go with the flow little girl and loves people to talk and play with her. This month she got to try baby food. She is still getting used to all the different flavors of the fruits and veggies. She enjoys baby cereal and enjoys the little tastes of real food that I give her. She loves to roll around.. she rolls all over our living room. She loves to babble and smile. She started grabbing and playing with her feet.  She loves to hang upside down, and bounce on your legs.  She drinks 6 oz of formula about every 3-5 hrs. She loves to sleep.. she sleeps most of the morning/afternoon and then for bed she often falls asleep at 7:30pm and wakes up around 9am. She definitely spoils us. She still refuses binkies and has yet to suck on her thumb (hopefully it stays that way!!). She is a great little girl and we all just love her!
 Her hemangioma is finally getting smaller. She had another steroid shot a few weeks ago and it started scabbing up and getting smaller. We had a rough few weeks because it was really sore for her. It is still there and we will go again in a week for another treatment. Hopefully it will keep getting smaller.
 Here are some pictures of our cutie..

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My kids!

Lately my posts have been about Casidy and I haven't been focusing much on the other two so I wanted to do a quick blog on their happenings lately.
 Korbin started preschool and soccer this past month. He enjoys preschool and I have already noticed a change with him. He enjoys doing homework and working on writing his letters and he is more aware of his surroundings. He has fun meeting his friends at school and seems to enjoy his teachers. As for soccer, well he just loves it. In fact, he loves it soo much that sometimes it's all he can talk about. He talks about it all week and once Saturday comes then he wants to wake up and go play right that minute. Its cute, and just plain awesome! His first game was soo much fun, I was about the proudest mom ever! He spent the night before throwing up and being sick but he insisted on playing soccer the next morning. He ended up scoring the first goal of his first game of the first season. He was soo cute!! He scored two goals that game but then started feeling sick again and wanted to go home. The second game he was on cloud 9. He was sooo excited to play and it didn't help that Grandma and Papa Shaw were there to watch. He was so excited they were there that he couldn't concentrate on the game itself. It was so funny. He ended up scoring a goal but he was definitely a little sidetracked that week. He loves talking about cruises, loves playing mario and other games on the wii and ipad. He adores his dad and often cries during the day because he misses him. He loves his "friends" or as we know them.. cousins. This kid is the sweetest and we love him!
 Aubree is our wild child. Of course she is two so that helps the issue. She keeps us on our feet at all times. She has been working on being potty trained since May, since she decided she would not wear diapers anymore. She does well for the most part but we are still working on it. She is obsessed with Umizoomi and we have to watch it about 23 times a day.. She is good at getting things herself and always wants to "help". She is concerned when anyone is hurt and she has a sharp memory, she doesn't let you forget anything. She is loud and fun and also a daredevil. She enjoys coloring especially on anything that isn't paper. She is a terrible napper but sleeps great at night and she loves her juice.
I cant believe how grown up my kids are. I often look at them and think how they are even mine! Time has gone so fast its hard to believe. I love being their mom!

Casidy @ 4 months old

Length: 25.5 in (90%)
Weight: 13.15 lbs (60%)
Head: 25%

This girl just spoils us to pieces! Not only is she adorable and I wanna snuggle her all day, but she continues to be the best and easiest baby we have had. She LOVES to sleep and when she is up she is usually happy to lay around. This month we started putting cereal in her bottle because she spits up A LOT! She loves the cereal. She still eats 4 oz every 3-4 hrs. She is an amazing sleeper, we put her to bed around 9pm and she wakes up between 8-10am. Everyday when I go get her she is either on her side or on her belly. She learned how to roll from her back to her belly this month and is now a crazy roller! She also loves to babble and is taking after her older siblings and babbles so loud we cant hear each other talk. She has a smile that melts my heart and her giggle is to die for. She is now wearing 3-6 month clothing and size 1 diaper. She is our little runt! She is good at holding her head up and pushing off her feet. She will smile at anyone that pays attention to her and she is a great cuddler.
On a side note: her hemangioma is still on her lip and seems to be about the same size this month. She had a steroid injection but it didnt seem to help. She will go back in a few weeks again. We also noticed that she has another one on her chin and I have been putting the drops on it that we tried for her lip. Hopefully we can get rid of these buggers so she can be hemangioma free!

 She started noticing her tongue more this month.

 My side sleeper
Save me Mom!!
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