Tuesday, March 13, 2012

31 weeks!

I am soo happy to announce that I have made it to the downhill slide of my pregnancy! I can officially start counting down and that makes me extremely happy!  This pregnancy has been going well for me.  It seems like it is double the amount of time then I was pregnant with Korbin, but maybe I am just more anxious, or ready to have my body back instead of enjoying each stage.  I finally had to stop going to the gym this week, but I am proud of how long I made it.  I was running about 10 mins on the treadmill and walking about 15 mins. So it was a nice workout but it has gotten pretty bad for me to where it isnt worth it.  Every part of my body hurts and aches for days after, so I decided that I will have to stick with walks w/Korb and Steven until after she is here. 
I do feel quite large, but I also hear that I am not very big.. so whether these people are being honest or not, I dont care..it makes me feel better anyway! ha ha I cant really touch my toes anymore so my toenails are now all grown out with a little speck of polish left. I sleep fine at night, I dont really wake too much to go the bathroom but I do wake up because I am out of breath and I always find myself sleeping on my back.  My last appt (30 weeks) Aubree weighed about 3 lbs 11 oz and the average is about 3 lbs 2 oz.  Of course that is never extremely accurate, but it does show she is on the bigger side.  I have officially gained 30 lbs this pregnancy and I am hoping not to gain tons and tons more.  I am just fine with the weight gain and hopefully it will come off fast and easy after she is here.  I feel her move like crazy and she continues to make me uncomfortable by kicking my ribs as well as my pelvic bone.  We are getting closer to getting everything ready for her arrival and I keep trying to ignore the fact that I am still 2 months away. Im sure it will go by fast and soon enough my little girl will be here!

I haven't been too good at taking pictures this pregnancy (kind of disappointed in myself!) but here are two I took of this week.

Korb is 20 months old!

This month I apparently slacked off on taking pictures because I have very few of them.  I do know that my camera was dead for part of the month and I was quite lazy to actually go buy new batteries, so I will use that excuse!  Nothing too new to report with this kiddo this month.  He continues to learn new words and new animal sounds.  He still LOVES to sing and its extremely cute when he does because he closes his eyes and moves his head back and forth (like he see's on tv).  The weather is finally getting nicer and he is getting major spring fever.  He never wants to come inside and throws fits sometimes when we come in.  It makes me super excited for the summer because I will be all for him going in the backyard and playing!  He gets the chance to play with a few of his cousins on a weekly basis and loves it.  If its the big kids then he loves trying to be like them and do what they do, if its Makayla (1 month apart) they just like to do everything together and from what I hear.. it usually consists of some good messes! He is a smart little boy and is very good to clean up toys and help mom and dad.  A few weeks ago we told him to put his spoon in the sink, so he went over and put the spoon in the sink, we cheered for him and then all of a sudden he had a bunch of toys in the sink.  He didnt quite understand that it was just for dishes.  This week I found a car in the disposal! What a silly kid!
His sleeping pattern has been off this month (still). No more teeth, they are just sitting below the gums just cause torture to all of us.
 The sink of toys...just one of many times..
 Korb trying to be like big cousin Kyla as they watch cartoons. Cute!
 Not wanting to come inside.. no shocker there.
 After bathtime all bundled up with Daddy!

This past month we also started going to the Ogden Treehouse. We got a membership for $20 off so we thought it was the perfect time to get one.  We usually get to go with Makayla and those two have a lot of fun.  There are still some things that scare him (the lifesize cow..the horse), but he loves the freedom to do anything there.  Its a lot of fun and so far I am glad we got the membership.  He will have a lot of fun this year.

 Korb being cautious of the mule.. not sure what to think!
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