Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Korb is 11 months old!!

Okay okay, he is almost 11 months old (3 days shy).. I figured since I had a spare minute that I would blog about Korbs past month before I forget!  If I remember right, I slacked a little bit and didn't get last months pictures and stuff up either, so this just might be a combined blog of the past two months. 
This past month we have been giving Korb more normal food so he can slowly transition. He really enjoys anything we eat. He has had a hard time with stage 3 baby food with the meats in it like spaghetti and meatballs or turkey dinner...etc. Im not sure if its just weird for him because of the thickness, meat, or what. He will eat meat on its own, just not from a jar! Besides those few things, he still enjoys about anything we feed him. He loves his sweet potatoes and squash and loves to eat little pieces of banana, ritz crackers, those little baby food wheels. He loves juice, milk, and water, and probably anything else if we let him try it. He is getting a lot better with his sippy cup which is good since he will be going to whole milk soon. He is awesome at army crawling, he started that about 4 weeks ago, and now he is super fast. He doesn't really try too much to crawl the real way because he gets around just fine how he is. He is showing more interest in wanting to walk (no, we are no where close to it), so we try to walk around the house a little bit each day. He has his two bottom teeth and we are still waiting for the top two. They are extremely close to popping through and we are hoping it goes a little smoother. He LOVES water and his baths and would probably stay in there all day if I let him. He can do about anything with his mouth.. he loves to make sssss sounds and tttttt and now he is working on pa pa pa. He clicks his tongue and does the motor boat with his mouth. He loves to stomp his feet which usually results in me getting hit over and over again. He is one funny guy and absolutely loves pickaboo! He tries to play it with me even when Im not ready. Its very cute. He is still a great sleeper sleeping about 12 hrs or so (which I love!). Well I better not go on anymore, but he is one guy little guy and I just love him to pieces!!

 I thought this was the cutest! With his little arms crossed and everything.
 One of the many things he likes to play in.
 "Mommy.. I wanna go with you!!"
 He gets into EVERYTHING!
 Crawling under a chair eating paper. Classic.
 How about under the jumper?
 He gets this tray that is under the couch to play with.
 Happy Boy
 Playing outside while we garden.
 He loves playing with the fireplace and wont listen to us when we say no!
 Another favorite toy..fingernail clippers.
 His beached whale.
 Every kid has to have a picture like this.
 Trying to eat his bottle while sitting. What a nerd.

My cute big boy!

Drive In

This past Saturday night we decided that we wanted to take a shot at going to the Drive In with Korbin.  We were fully aware that he wouldn't be too interested in the movie but we thought it would be nice to go see some movies without worrying about a babysitter.  Well.. I would have to say that it went better than expected!! He had fun crawling/rolling around the back of the truck, eating some snacks, and playing. When it was time for the movie to start he was almost ready for we all cuddled in the blankets and about 20 mins after the movie started he was sound asleep.  He slept through both movies and we were able to enjoy the movies without much hassle.  So it was a success and I am pretty excited to go again! Here are some fun pictures of our night.


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