Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Steven's work had a great summer social this year! They got everyone tickets to the ReAL game! We got three tickets intending to bring Korbin and leaving Aubree home, but my sister wanted to go so we thought we could repay her for giving us Lagoon tickets. So Korb and Bree stayed home with Grandma Doris. We got there super early so we could check out the carnival and be able to eat before the game started. Well we were getting soo many free things that we lost track of time and got in the stadium like 15 mins before the game! The carnival was awesome! We got Korb a free ReAL shirt and ReAL soccer ball, a foam finger, and a ice cream scoop. Then when we went to go inside, America first (Stevens job) gave us a free ReAL scarf!! Wahoo!! So we scored big! We missed some of the game because the food lines were really long. We got pizza, some gross chips, and potatoe salad, and a drink. Then we got a ice cream as well. It ended up being a lot of fun! We have been to five ReAL games this year and hopefully that one wasnt our last!

Park City!

A few weeks ago we did our annual Park City trip with my family. It was a lot of fun as always and we spent a good day shopping at the outlet mall! We usually go close to my birthday so I use my birthday money to buy new clothes and such when we are in Park City. This year Steven was looking for more things then me and I think we did pretty well at the end of the trip. Steven got a few pairs of shoes and I got some workout clothes, shoes, and some shirts. We stay in this awesome condo that we rent out for two nights.. its a great condo that sleeps about 10 or so. There is a cute loft upstairs and then two bedrooms on the main floor. My family is nice enough to give Steven and I the fancy room with a king bed and a big closet (where Korb sleeps ha ha). So anyway.. it was really nice and relaxing. We had yummy snacks, swimming, shopping, relaxing, games and just an overall good time.

This picture was taken last year, but its the same condo so I thought I would post it again.

My Birthday!

Another mark in my book! I am almost 30 and I cant believe it! Granted I have 2 yrs until I het that mark..it's still pretty crazy! I had a really nice birthday and my favorite part of every birthday I have is that it brings the family together and we get to spend time together..this year was no different. I had the day off from work so I was able to just relax at home. My parents took me to Olive Garden for lunch (delicious as always). Then at 5pm we went to Seven Peaks with both families. It was a lot of fun and I even braved out the scary yellow slide that goes straight down and youre on your belly! It was fun! Aubree even got in the pool and seemed to somewhat enjoy it. From Steven I asked to just go on a date..its hard with kids to go on a date just the two of us so it was a special treat to go on a date! I told him he had to plan it and get a babysitter and boy was that nice not to have to plan any of it. He did a great job and we had such a good time. It felt like we were just dating again! :) We went to Sizzler (which was delicious) and then we went bowling. We were both rusty at bowling but Steven still managed to get two turkeys! There was this really cute old old lady bowling and I had to stop and watch her everytime she bowled. It was hilarious and she almost fell over each time! Steven also was such a good husband and made the famous Rounds cake (yellow cake w/choc icing) and it was delicious. On Sunday I got spoiled by my family with a ton of presents!
I had a great birthday and I feel soo blessed and loved! Here are some fun pictures of my day!
 Korb and my brother Casey
 Aubree swimming for the first time!
 The Dads! Steven, My dad, and My father in law playing in the water with the kids.
 My sister and Aubree

 Bowling time!

3 Month Old Aubree

My sister is always so willing to take pictures of my kids milestones for me. I can't imagine how much money she is saving us just by doing that! Anyway, she finally edited all the pics of her and sent them to me. They are just adorable and I absolutely LOVE this little girl!
At 3 months old she weighs 16.5 pounds.. yes you heard it right! If I remember correctly Korb weighed 17 ish pounds at 3 months..so she is just behind him. She is a wonderful baby! She sleeps really well..eats really well (if you couldnt tell!) and she is pretty chill. I am super super lucky to have her take her long morning/afternoon nap at the same time as Korbin does each day so I usually get a good few hours of peace and quiet as they sleep. She sleeps about 4-5 hrs from 12-4 or 5pm and then a few short naps until bedtime at 10:30p. We feed her at 10:30p and then we put her to bed. She has been sleeping well at night usually sleeping in until 7 or 8am. Today she slept until 9am! That was wonderful. This month we moved her to her own crib in her bedroom that she shares with Korbin. The first few nights were rough for both of them but I think they have finally got used to each other and they are both back on schedule. Aubree does smile but she is a pretty serious baby as some family members say.. ha ha. She saves her smiles for special reasons. We haven't gotten her to giggle yet but Im sure its coming soon! She loves to talk to us and its super cute! She has very strong legs and her neck is strong as well. She can almost sit up on her own and she is getting closer to rolling over! She likes her binky when she is trying to fall asleep but doesnt care too much for it through out the day. She is doing really well and we are so blessed to have her in our lives. Enjoy the pics! :)

Tired Face and Angry face!

 Sitting up like a big girl!

Tummy Time!


 My two favorite kids!

 Hungry girl! Eats about 6 oz each feeding!

3 month old pics of Aubree..


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Swimming, swimming, and Lagoon!

We have had one busy summer! Before summer comes along I always have a list of things I want to do before the summer is over and I think I usually accomplish one..maybe two things. Well besides the stuff around the house that isn't quite as fun, we have managed to do almost everything..and then some.  My only last goals for the end of the summer is to make it to the zoo and go camping one more time. Hopefully we can get those done and I can say that it was one awesome summer! I am lucky to have a little girl who is pretty good at chilling while we do all the fun stuff. Anyway, the past week we went to Seven Peaks, Roy Aquatic center, and Lagoon. I think Korbin must have been in heaven!
 We have been lucky enough to make it to Seven Peaks four times this year (season pass) and everytime has been a blast. This last time we left Aubree with Super Grandma (Steven's grandma) and she was pretty excited to spend time with her. That gave us more time to play without worrying about who was taking care of the little one. Korb was his normal self and went down all the big slides. He also improved his swimming skills and was swimming by himself (with his swimsuit floatie on). I was extremely impressed!

We also went to the Roy Aquatic center for my work party and no surprise..Korbin loved it. I didn't get many pictures there, but he had a blast going down the slides and swimming.

And to top off our busy week.. my sister had a work party at Lagoon and she wasn't able to go so she gave us her tickets. She was able to get us 7 tickets so we thought it was a perfect time to take Korb there and see how he likes it. That way if he ended up hating it we wouldnt have felt like we wasted our money. Well.. Steven and I both worked all day so we were only able to go from like 5:30pm until it closed..and it ended up working great. We stayed until about 8:30pm and that was just about right for all of us. We invited Leslee, Devin, and Makayla, as well as Steven's mom Sylvia. We thought it would be great to get Korb and Makayla together to go on rides and it seemed to work great. They had such a blast! They both loved the rides and were soo good to try any ride. We even got them to try the new BomBora ride. It was great because most of the kiddie rides you have to be 36 inches or taller and both the kiddos were just over 36 inches. But they loved all of them and it was a successful night..well except for the fact that Devin lost his phone on a ride and they found it later.. completely shattered. Sad! Anyway, it was a lot of fun!

 Steven was dropping the car off.. this was the best picture the random girl took.
 First ride..start off easy..the swings. Success!
 Second Ride..lets go up and down and spin around!
 Bulgy the whale.. not his favorite, but still did well.
 This is kind of dark but Korb and I are on the octopus ride.. he liked that one.
 My two men being silly..waiting in line for BomBora
 The two bestest buddies driving their car..
 I thought this was cute.. the back of them and they were both looking the same way.
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