Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Aubree at 12 months

This month was a busy and productive month for our little Aub's.. She finally got two teeth! Yup, two teeth :) She got her bottom left tooth 1 week after her birthday and then she got her bottom right tooth about 2 weeks after that. She is finally waving at people when they leave instead of after they leave. She has also started to stand on her own which is exciting! She went from bottles to sippy cups and drinks whole milk. She had an easy transition from formula to milk and from bottles to sippy cup. She still has her binkies which she is starting to like more and more but we wanted to let her have them until after our trip. I think it will be easier on a plane if we had binkies :)  She knows where her belly is and loves to clap and cheer. She is a little troublemaker and gets into everything! She is starting to take better naps and I can usually get the kiddos sleeping at the same time. She loves candy and treats. She also had her first splash pad experience this past week and she liked it so much more then I thought she would. She just kept wanting to play in the water and she loved the water splashing in her face. She actually got mad when we left. She eats big people food and loves it. She loves playing hide and seek with Korbin which usually consists of Korbin hiding under the blanket and Aubree pulling it off him. She is a momma's girl and is very serious unless she is comfortable with you. She is such a joy in our family! I love being able to dress my little girl up and try new hairstyles! We love her very much!
She gets up on EVERYTHING!
And gets into EVERYTHING!

These pictures are from our mini trip to Downata Hot Springs, they have a cute warm splash pad there for kiddos. Very cute.


Standing alone, and on a that is skill!

Cute girl. Love her!
Might as well spill brothers cereal everywhere!


First of all I want to say how much better camping is with a tent trailer! Every year I am more and more grateful for the fact that we have one. Props to families that do the real camping.. Im just too lazy for it I guess. Anyway, our trailer is fabulous, the AC makes the trip very enjoyable. This past weekend we went to Crystal Hot Springs with my family and it was enjoyable as always. Most of my family came and we got to swim a few times. We took Aubree down her first slide and she did well. And of course Korbin was fearless as always and kept insisting we go down the slides. He is also becoming a decent swimmer (with floaties of course). Anyway, back to camping. It was really nice, this year we made our hobo dinners the night before so we didn't have to fuss with it there, which was great. The kids did well and it is always nice to spend time with the family..
I also need to mention that on Friday when my family and Steven went up (I was working).. Aubree decided to take her first two steps. But of course! Luckily she showed me more steps the next day! Yay! We almost have a toddler!

 My boys sleeping in the nice tent trailer
 I love this picture!
 Korb and his bestest buddy Papa
 First time down the slide..
Soooo tired, plus the water is warm. It put her to sleep a few mins after this. Aubree with Aunt Meggie.
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