Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big boy bed!

So as you all know we are expecting another baby in a few months! We didn't want to buy another crib just to have Korbin go to a toddler bed a few months later, so we decided to slowly move him to a toddler bed. We wanted to do this well before baby #2 comes so he didn't feel like it was because of the baby. Also, my belly is getting so big that it is hard for me to get Korb in and out of the crib. So the first of January we got his toddler bed up from the garage and put it in his room. We told him what it was and for the first few weeks he was just able to play on it and get used to it. One evening he was being awfully quiet in his room (which is almost never a good thing) so I peaked my head in and he was laying on his bed with a blanket over him "reading" a book. It was probably one of the cutest things I have ever seen!

The next day I caught him in his bed again laying down. So that night we decided that it might be worth a try to see if he could handle the big boy bed. We asked him which bed he wanted and he ran to the toddler bed. We did our usual night routine and then tucked him in for nite nite. We fully expected to get up about 6 times that night and just finally decide that he wasn't ready and put him back in the crib. Well the morning came and he hadn't woken up once! Not even one time!! We thought maybe it was a fluke so the next night we were expecting not to get much sleep, and once again..he slept through the night. He has now been in the toddler bed for about a month and he absolutely LOVES it! He does wake up sometimes and gets a little scared, but he is usually good to go back to sleep when we go in there. In the mornings he often plays in his room for a little while before I hear him. He is good to stay in his room until I come in. As for nap time.. we haven't tried that much. He still sleeps in his crib during nap because he has a hard time naping during the day when he can get up and play with all the toys. I think in another few weeks we will move him to the bed during nap, but there is no rush right now. The switching beds went so smoothly and I know that we are super lucky to have such a good little boy that made it easy on us! He looks soo cute in his big boy bed and absolutely loves it. Grandma Shaw made him a new quilt for his big boy bed as well as a pillowcase to match. Its super cute.

 One of the times he was laying in his bed.  This is cute because he is pretending like he is asleep.

Night number one of Operation Big Boy Bed!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Korbin is 19 months old!

34 3/4 inches long (above 95%)
28.12 lbs (80%)
Head size 65%

Korbin continues to amaze me every single day from learning new words to new dance moves and learning new animals.  He went through a little stage a month ago or so where he would cry anytime Steven or I left the room/house, now he is back to his normal self and doesn't care if we leave.  He is learning new words like crazy and can now say "octopus".. of course it sounds more like "ocpus."  He says "all done", "up please", "no no no" (of course), "thank you."  And other two word phrases.  He is a very rough and tough boy and loves rough housing around with Grandpa Shaw.  He eats anything and everything and loves to eat Mom and Dad's cereal in the morning.  He likes to be a big boy and try to do everything.  He is a sweetheart and is usually very nice to other kids.  He is cautious sometimes in uncomfortable areas, and crazy when he is comfortable.  He now has his top two molars in..we are just waiting for the bottom ones.. it has taken FOREVER!  This month I wanted to post a few pictures of things he loves..
 Cuddling with Daddy on the couch
 Running up and down the sidewalk.
 Playing in the snow.
 Any type of animal.
 Sugar, sugar, and more sugar!
 Bath time!
 His Spiderman chair
 Feeding himself (and food in general).
 His FAVORITE book.. Busy Baby
 Folding his arms.
 Playing with his Kitchen.

 Sucking his thumb..of course.
Being a silly boy!
And I could go on for hours, but he had a great month and we look forward to the future!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Well I have made it over halfway and started to count down!  I am now 27 weeks and I feel like I am 37 weeks! I can definitely tell I am heading into my 3rd trimester because I am starting to get less energy again, and of course the obvious point of the fact that my belly is big and is making everything a lot harder.  I no longer pick up anything off the floor because I know it will take a good few minutes. I still sleep as good as I did before I was pregnant which is ALWAYS nice! Now if my child would stop teething I could sleep all the way through the night.  I have almost gained as much weight to this point as I ended with Korbin.  Kind of depressing but I lost a good 5-10lbs with Korbin because he made me so sick, and luckily with Aubree she has been nicer to me and I didn't get too sick.  So I consider that the reason. I started going back to the gym after my first trimester and it has been nice.  I never imagined how hard it would be to stay in shape while you are pregnant.  Two weeks ago I bumped up my workout to more of a run and every time I took a step I felt like I had to pee! Ohh the joys of pregnancy! But I do feel like I am being somewhat productive and I hope that by working out a little I am able to lose the baby weight fast when she is here.  I definitely feel her move and she is starting to kick so hard it feels like she is going to break out!  She is positioned way different then Korbin was. Korbin was up in my ribs at all times and I thought my ribs were going to break. Aubree on the other hand is super low and I feel like she is just sitting on my bladder.  She is always head down so hopefully she will be ready to go when its time!  My last dr appt I was told that she had some chubby cheeks.. so that got me excited.  She also weighs just over 2lbs.  I haven't had any crazy cravings.. I do enjoy sugar even more then before, especially sourish stuff like sweet tarts and sour worms.  I love juices, golden grahams, velveeta noodle, and nuggets and fries.

Everything else is going well. We are getting closer and closer to getting things ready for her to come. We have plenty of clothes for her and I am almost finished with her quilt.
Here is day 1 of the quilt. It still needs one more border and then the batting and backing on it, tie it all up and it will be done! :)
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