Friday, December 27, 2013

Aubree at 18 months old

I am quite behind on this considering she is almost 20 months old! But our little Aub's is keeping us busy. She continues to get into everything, eat out of the garbage, and make plenty of messes. She loves to play with lotion, soap, baby butt cream, or anything she can take the lid off of and make a mess. She loves to run around the house and often wants someone to hold her. She has a mind of her own and will help herself to oranges or anything else in the fridge she wants. She understands very well and will listen.. if she wants to. She is still a great bed time sleeper and a 2 hr napper kind of girl. She is now turning into a daddy's girl and always misses daddy when he is at work. She learned how to jump this month and actually have both feet off the ground. She loves her big brother and calls him "dabin". She is really good at fine motor skills. She now has 10 teeth.. four top, four bottom, and the top two molars.  She still loves her binky and can spot one a mile away! She likes dolls, dogs, and horses. She is such a character and each month I see more and more personality out of her. I often find myself giggling at what she does. She enjoys singing just like her brother and is already learning how to sing multiple songs from our ipods. She is a cutie and we love her to pieces!!

 Myself, Aubree, Megan, and my Grandma
 My grandpa

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