Sunday, March 24, 2013

Time for a change

Well.. as most of you know, I quit my job of almost 7 years this past week. It has been quite an interesting week with a lot of emotions. I am the type of person that likes comfort and will pretty much deal with anything just so I don't have to get out of my norm. I hate starting new jobs, I hate being new, I hate not knowing how to do anything, and I hate having to bother people to find out the answers. Because of those reasons I have stayed at my job for a long time. For those of you that don't know, I work at the Weber County Sheriff's office doing quite a few things. There was some really fun times where I met awesome people, had the chance to work with my dad and my mom and learn a lot. I did a lot of jobs that I hated like dealing with the inmates, giving them new clothes and taking their disgusting dirty clothes as well as dealing with the public who were usually previous inmate. My last job was at the front window checking in people to visit and answering questions, etc. I absolutely hated it.. I hated the fact that these people were pissed at me before I had a chance to answer. I hated that I would get yelled at no matter what and it really started to get to me. I didn't feel like I was doing anything good for the world, I felt like I wasn't getting paid nearly enough to get yelled at constantly. I missed the times when I was working in the Civil department with great friends, doing protective orders, and working with my dad.
 Last year Steven kept mentioning to me that maybe I should just go to America First CU. And of course me hating change, I wasn't too up for it. I did go to a few interviews and tried to get the jobs and none of them panned out. After that I just decided that my job was fine. A few weeks ago was hard at work because it seemed like everyone and their dog came to my window and just chewed me out for stuff that wasn't in my control.. it usually had something to do with "My son is innocent, he didn't do any of this stuff and you guys are treating him like he is an inmate." I just wanted to yell back to all these people and say.. Ya know what?! Teach your kids morals, teach them what is wrong and right, love them, and show by example and I bet your kid wouldn't be here! Of course, I can't say that stuff so I just got the pleasure of getting yelled at over and over again. I finally had enough, I started looking for part time America First jobs and the first interview I got I was hired. It was kind of funny because I went in for an interview for a Clinton job, I went in and found out that they wanted me for a Roy branch and they didn't ask me a single question. They just told me about the job and what I would be doing. A few hours later they called me and gave me the job.
 Of course there are pros and cons to my new change. The biggest con is that it is quite a bit less an hr then what I was making at my other job and not working with my friends anymore. What I am excited about with this new job is that I have the opportunity to move so many places staying part time. I don't have to stay in one area forever like my previous job. I am excited to work in a better environment! Most people I worked with weren't religious and often talked about partying and stuff that I wasn't into. I feel like my new job will be a better fit for me. I hope to work hard the next year or so so I can get my hourly wage back up and start looking for other areas to work besides tellering.
 Over all I am extremely excited to start this new chapter. I am sad to leave all my friends that I have made at my previous job but I think its time to move on. Hopefully I will stay in touch with some of my close friends there.
Onto the next chapter of my life..

Friday, March 8, 2013

Kangaroo Zoo

My mom wanted to take my nephew Griffin to Kangaroo Zoo and invited Korb, Aubree, and I to join them. Griffin is my 2 yr old nephew that is now in remission and battled cancer. We are super proud of him and the past few weeks he has finally been able to do anything he wanted. Anyway, we went there this past week and I'm pretty sure Korb thought he was in heaven. Now Korb pretty much likes anything we do.. I think his top favorite things are swimming/going down big slides, singing and dancing, watching newtnoons, and now we will add jumping in bounce houses and anything bouncy. He had a blast! At first he was a little nervous and wasn't too sure about the whole thing and then he turned into brave kid! He had two favorite bounce toys.. one was a bounce house thingy that was in a circle and he just ran and bounced in it around and around for a long time! Then the other one was this HUGE slide, like HUGE (especially for a 2 yr old!). He loved them both. Griffin was a little more shy but Korb was able to help him out and he seemed to have a lot of fun as well. The weight limit on the toys is 150 lbs so apparently I'm not supposed to be on them, but I tried a few out myself. It was nice because there were only about 6 kids there so Korb didn't get pushed around too much. It was fun and pretty cheap so I think we will go there again.. hopefully with Daddy next time!
 Korb and his cousin Griffin
 This picture doesn't do it justice. It is a lot steeper then this looks. Korb is at the top, Griffin is at the bottom.
Sliding down!

Aubree is 10 months old!

I have been looking forward to the one year mark for this little one a lot lately. I know doctors say that your child needs to be facing backwards for the first two years, but I always switch them at the one year mark.. and considering my kids are always bigger then normal I figure its okay. Aubree did have to go to a bigger car seat after 6 months! Anyway, I also am excited to start her on whole milk. I absolutely hate paying for formula! So another two months!
Anyway, Aubree is doing well! She started army crawling at about 9 months 1 week and she crawls everywhere! I have quickly realized how my house is NOT baby proof anymore. She loves to eat anything off the carpet like the carpet itself, hair, wrappers, orange peels (from Korbin), and anything else she can find. Her favorite places to crawl to are the kitchen under the table, and the bathroom. Yes I know, great places and nice and clean! Not! She has started a high squeal that breaks every ones eardrums, Korbin gets quite mad at her for that. She loves when her big brother plays with her, especially when he sits on her and plays with her (not my idea!). She is still in 18 month clothing thank goodness and still drinks 8 oz of formula each feeding. She hasn't eaten any food she doesn't like yet (which is great!) and absolutely loves trying to be a big girl. She loves crackers and fries. Her hair is getting super long and I am starting to get a little more creative with how to do it. It is a lot of fun and such a difference then with a boy. She can almost get herself into a sitting position and is getting close to doing the real crawl. She is also starting to pull herself onto things and into things like our entertainment center and the step stool. She loves to spit (which we don't love) and play with her tongue. She is a cute chunker and we love her to pieces! Still no teeth but we are hoping soon!
Here are some pictures of the past month.

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