Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Korbin Randy is 3 months!

Holy moly! My little boy is 3 months old and I can't even believe it!! These few months have FLOWN by and it is a little scary to think how fast he is growing up. My wonderful sister took some pictures for us. Korbin was NOT happy at all that day but they still managed to turn out decent. So the pictures below are his 3 month pictures, courtesy of my sister Megan.
What is Korbin up to?? Korbin can hold up his head like a strong little boy, but he was doing that from day one. His legs are getting so strong that he can stand on his own, we just hold one finger out so he can balance. I am afraid he might be walking at a young age! Korbin loves to smile and smiles when he wakes up, which makes my day! He started laughing just this Sunday and it was the cutest thing ever. He is wanting to move around a lot now. He will be on our lap and he will try to sit forward, I think he wants to sit up on his own. He will also wiggle and try to leave our lap. Korbin absolutely LOVES football. He will sit and watch that happily for hours (which is okay with us since we are doing the same thing). He loves to tell stories and talks a lot. He hasn't mastered rolling over yet, but he is extremely close! He loves to suck his thumb which is a good and bad thing and he wont take a binky unless I hold it in for him. He loves his swing and will fall asleep in that all day if I would let him. I weighed him yesterday and he weighed 17lbs 5 oz so only 2 lbs from his 2 month appt. Anyway, we love this little boy and we are so happy he is in our lives!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cousins, Cousins, and more Cousins!

I have been wanting to blog about the many cousin's in Korbin's life. We are so extremely lucky to have two great families and lots of little cousins that Korb will get to play with. On my side of the family (Shaw's) Korbin only has 2 cousins right now, but at the end of December he will have 3 cousins and they are all boys, so they will have tons of fun together! Steven's side Korbin has 2 boy cousins, 3 girl cousins, and 2 more cousins on the way (girl and boy). So as he grows up he will have many friends/cousins to play with which is something I have always wanted for my kids because I didn't really have any cousins to play with when I was little. So are a few pictures of the cousins..

Jaxson Shaw ( 1yr 4 months older)-Aunt Megan-Korbin

Braden Roper(2 1/2 yrs older) Dalin Roper (4 yrs 4 months older) Korbin, Grandma, Makayla Hubbard (4 weeks younger) Kyla Rounds (3 yrs older) Bailey Rounds (4 yrs 8 months older)

Kyla, Grandma Rounds, Korbin

Makayla and Korbin. Makayla is the closest cousin to him.

Ryker Shaw (4 yrs older)-Korbin

Leah Rounds will be born in the next month and she will be about 4 months younger than Korbin, Griffin Shaw will be born in December and will be about 5 months younger, and then Boy Roper will be born in March and will be about 8 months younger!
We love cousins!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Why oh why?

So the past week or so Korbin has decided to cry hysterically at anything that is not in the norm. And well the norm only consists of me and Steven and our house..which makes it about impossible to go anywhere or do anything. I am not sure what caused this problem or maybe if it is just coincidence that it keeps happening, but all I know is that I don't like it. Lets back up.. 2 weeks ago we decided we would be brave and take a 10 week old to a ReAl soccer game. We didn't think it would be much of a problem since we have seen smaller babies there before and since Korbin is such a good little baby. Well..he decided that the noise was too much (which is understandable) and had a rough time there. I finally got him to sleep in the second half and we were able to watch the whole game, but it was with a fight! Now Korbin is scared to death of buzzers or loud noises. Yay for us since we go to 2 games a week (soccer and basketball). Last Monday Steven's mom was kind enough to watch Korbin and his cousin Makayla while all of us played indoor soccer. I assumed he would be good, but I was wrong. He cried the entire hour. I was completely unaware that he was crying or I would have left the game so Sylvia (Steven's mom) wouldn't have to deal with a screaming baby for a full hour. Did I mention that when Korbin cries it isn't just a whimper..its a full blown scream, red face, blow your ear drums out kind of cry. So after that game I felt really bad that Sylvia had to deal with that. Wednesday was Steven's basketball game..that went better then soccer, he still cried when the buzzers went off but he seemed to calm down right after that. I am thinking it was because I was there to soothe him. Then Saturday rolls around and it is our good friends wedding. Of course we didn't take him to the whole ceremony, but we did go get him for the reception. Syliva watched him during the ceremony and she said he did really crying, just hanging out. THANK GOODNESS! So right before we left we fed him and we were on our way. Well we right when we get to the reception he starts crying. I dont know if its the new surrounding or the tons of people or if he was just grumpy. So I got him to sleep and he slept for a little while. Then he woke up and would not stop screaming..he hated when people he knew very well tried to talk to him. And then Sunday we took him to my parents and he just basically cried the whole time we were over there. But after we got him to sleep, he slept for about 3 hrs and then the rest of the night he was very happy.
It is so weird because he is the perfect baby at home..sleeps awesome, eats good, plays, and only cries when he is really hungry, but every once in awhile he will get in that mood and just absolutely be hysterical! The only things I can think of for this to be happening are these reasons.. 1- he could just be really tired and things upset him more when he is tired or 2- he has stranger anxiety and does not like new places or people.
So does anyone have any tips, suggestions, or why he is doing this? I don't want him to be doing this forever and I really can't handle the stares I people are so rude! Hello?! Don't you think I am trying to stop his crying?
I would like to be able to go out places and not be scared that he is going to freak out, but I also can't just chill at home all the time or he would never get used to it. Plus I am going back to work in less than a month and no one will want to watch a kid that screams for 8 straight hours.
Well that is it..hopefully things will get better with this soon!
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