Thursday, September 27, 2012

Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser

Texas Roadhouse was doing a fundraiser for children with cancer and since my little nephew has cancer we wanted to make sure and help in any we can.  This was a fun event to go to! They had a petting zoo, bounce house, cotton candy, balloons, face painting, and the Mascot walking around. It was nice because it was small and not crazy busy with tons of kids. Korb was able to pet all the animals.. the people that brought the animals were super nice and they got out each animal for Korb to pet as well as feed. He got to pet a donkey, bunny, dog, duck, pig, pony, sheep, and goat. He also got some yummy cotton candy and a fun balloon hat. It was a fun little event and well worth the $5 we payed to go in. Here are some pictures from it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


This past weekend we decided to take another camping trip. This was only our second and well..last trip camping anywhere this summer. Kind of sad we didn't go more, but it was a lot of fun both times we went. This time we stayed at the same place as last time.. Crystal Hot Springs. We enjoyed
it last time so we thought we might as well go again.  We had a different campsite this time and we loved it! We were camped right by the sandbox/swing area with tons of grass Korb could run free and not worry about getting into trouble. We also had a good amount of shade and you cant forget the hook ups for our tent trailer! I cant believe how much a tent trailer makes for a better trip. You only pack food and a few smaller items, you sleep good, you have a cool/warm place to be in case of bad weather.. and its nice for kids. We spent most of Saturday at the pool which was nice. We went back and forth a few times because our campsite was soo close. We had some yummy hobo dinners, roasted croissants, and tons of candy and pop (which I shouldn't have eaten!). Anyway, it was a lot of fun and not too stressful. Just my kind of trip!
 Our campground
 Korb playing in the sand
 Steven and Casey trying to make the biggest dinners
I thought this was funny. What 4 month old fits in a kids chair?
 Megan being sad because she burned her shoe.. haha
Happy girl
 My brother and Dad
 Our little family :)
 Getting ready for some swimming!
 Sleepy girl
 After swimming
 Korb was such a mess he had flies surrounding his eyebrow.. look close and you can see one haha


Summer time is so fun when you have family to spend it with. I always say how lucky I am to have two great families..and I still think that! I feel spoiled 100% of the time and I feel like I am lucky to marry into probably the best family around! Anyway, we were able to spend a lot of time with both families this summer and it was really nice. Steven's sister who lives in Vernal came up a few times and Korbin LOVED the chance to play with Dalin, Braden, and Landon. He also loves playing with his girl cousins and looks forward to playing with them any chance he gets.
Milk Time with Makayla
 Doing what kids do best.. making messes!
Daxton and Aubree.. 3 1/2 months apart
 Leah, Korbin, and Aubree
 Grandma Rounds and all her Grandkids (at the moment!) Dalin, Braden, Landon, Makayla, Daxton, Aubree, Korbin, Leah, Kyla, and Bailey..boy that was fun to try to take!
This is how Grandma Rounds watches the kids.. puts a bowl of ice cream in front of them and they are happy as can be!
 Korbin and Leah eating Fruit Snacks and wathing "newtnewoons"
Korbin and his cousin Ryker (4 yrs apart) camping and having fun.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Look alike? Maybe?

I was putting Aubree's pictures together for her 3 month post and a lot of pictures looked familiar.. so here are a few pictures of my two kiddos.. what do you think? Do they look alike?

Aubree is 4 months old!

Our first attempt at piggie's.. I'd say they turned out decent. She looked pretty cute!
Length: 26 in 95%
Weight: 18.4 lbs (off the chart)
Head: 41 cm (50%)
Well our little chunker continues to amaze us. She is such a cute chubby kid! She is finally starting to show a little personality and we are excited to see how she will be! This past month she learned how to roll from her back to her belly! That surprised me! One day I was just sitting on the couch watching tv and then I look down and Aubree is on her belly! And I thought.. hmm.. must have been a fluke, then Steven texted me the next night when I was at work and said she did it again! Now she is starting to be a rolling machine (not just because of the rolls on her arms and legs ha ha). Of course when I grabbed the camera to take step by step pictures she didnt do it, but it is super exciting anyway! She is also trying to hold her own bottle, sometimes her hands get in her way and ends up taking double the amount of time to feed her. We are looking forward to her holding her own bottle soon! She continues to have a super strong neck. The doctor is always amazed at her head control when we go in. She is a very chill baby and an awesome sleeper. She sleeps from 10:30pm until 9am, and then is mostly asleep until about 4pm when she is awake for a few hours. She puts up with Korb really well and is happy just laying around. She is moving into size 6 month clothes really soon because her 3 month clothes are about as tight as can be! She LOVES to babble.. she reminds me of Korbin in that way.. she talks sooo loud that she interrupts our converstations! And she also learned the indian noise thingy that all kids love. (The one where they make a noise and you tap their mouth). She is starting to smile more and more but still no giggles. She also is okay with baths now! Yay!
 Go Colts!! :)
 I love this picture, it makes Korb look HUGE!
 My cute kiddos
 Bath Time!
 Korb doing tummy time with sister
 Can you tell we were excited for NFL to start?!
Step one..
 Step two...
Step three.. and then tummy time!
 Cousin Makayla, Aubree, and Korbin
Already starting to turn in bed..look at that slobber! ha ha
 I love pics like this!
Just hanging out with a white tiger on her head.
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