Friday, November 21, 2014

Casidy is 6 months old

Length: 26.25 in (75%)
Weight: 15.12 lbs (50%)
Head:16.5 in (27%)

Our lil girl is 6 months old. She is growing so fast and doing things a lot faster than our other kids. This month she started getting on her hands and knee's and rocking back and forth and now she has managed to start to army crawl. It still takes her awhile to get places but if I am gone for a few mins she will have crawled across the floor. She has strong little legs and loves to stand with help. She is still sleeping great and still sleeping most the days away. She is starting to sleep a little bit less but still great. She drinks 7 oz of formula every 4 hrs and spits up more then half of it. We have tried many different formulas and medicine for her reflux but nothing has helped. She is a very happy baby and is almost always smiling. She loves when her brother and sister play with her and they are usually really nice to her. She loves to grab everything! She started trying baby puff's this month and she enjoys them but doesnt quite get the hang of eating them. She can sit on her own but not for a long period of time. She is wearing 3-6 month clothing which is crazy to me, but its really nice to be able to use the clothes more than once!
 We went to the dermatologist for her hemangioma and they decided it shrunk enough that they wanted to wait on another shot, so we will go back in another week and see what they have decided. It shrunk about half its size so its getting a lot smaller.
 She is a great little girl and can't imagine our life without her.. she always cheers me up with her cute little smile and cuddles.

 Our wild sleeper always does something silly with her pj's.
 Pics of sleeping babies never gets old.
 Aubree reading Casidy a story.
 Her Hemangioma this month..
 Yet another picture of her after she wakes up, yes, she got both her legs out of the pj's.

 Her sitting skills.


 Holding her bottle.
This was taken after we got her EKG done. She did amazing, didnt cry once while they did the test or took the stickers off.
 Her 6 month stats.

Casidy's 6 Month pictures taken by my wonderful, talented sister Megan....

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