Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Korbin @ 5 months

Okay, First of all I wanted to post my pictures that we got taken for our Christmas cards.  We spent the night with my family in SLC and got some fun pictures at the Joseph Smith Building. My wonderful sister took the pictures as always and did a fabulous job! Thanks sister, you are amazing!

So Korb is now 5 months old! Oh how crazy time goes by when you have little ones!! He is such a little character already! I love that his personality is coming out! As of today he can finally roll from back to front, and front to back.  He could roll from back to front for a few weeks now, but just today he decided he wanted to roll front to back. It was funny because he did it so easily. Anyway, it is very exciting and I am glad he is now a rolly polly!

I watch Makayla every morning. Chunky Monkeys!

He loves his cousins! Makayla, Leah, and Korbin

He loves his mommy and daddy.

He visited Santa a few weeks ago and did surprisingly well. He asked for some loud obnoxius toys! ;)

He is such a happy baby! He LOVES to smile and smiles all the time. I love his big smile. He doesn't laugh much, actually I think I have heard him laugh maybe 4 times, but he does love to smile.

This is how the little rascal sleeps. One arm up and one over his eyes.

I put this on so you could see his chunkiness!

He can now hold his bottle and loves to do it all on his own.

Korb with his favorite toy "Donivan". This is a teether thingy and he absolutely LOVES it!!

Love this picture! He is always putting his hand on his head, silly boy!
He is growing up soo fast! He loves to stand and is always getting better at that. I think if his arms were stronger he would be able to just stand against something for a long time. He is a very good sleeper. Still sleeps about 12 hrs at night and then takes one or two 3 hr naps during the day. He is a good nap taker and can easily take a nap anywhere we go. We put him down for a nap at Ryan and Rachel's house (Steven's bro) and their daughter Kyla was helping me..I put him on the ground and she was so concerned that he was sleeping on the ground, she kept saying.."the ground isn't comfortable!" Anyway, he sleeps anywhere and can sleep through about anything. He loves to eat baby food and wishes he could eat people food.  He stares at us everytime we eat and usually has to eat when we do (of course!). His favorite food right now is peas and he HATES beans..oddly enough. He also really enjoys his cereal.  He started saying "mmmm" when he eats sometimes. His new favorite thing to do while I am feeding him is to suck his thumb and when I get the spoon ready he takes his thumb out and grabs my hand to "help" me feed him. Of course this is about the messiest way to feed him, but he loves to help. His new favorite activity that he started doing about a week ago is to hang upside down. He could do that for days if we let him.  I am also teaching him a little sign language and I think he is catching on fast, hopefully that will help him communicate when he gets a little older. He wants to put anything and everything in his mouth. He can sit on his own, but he usually choses not to because he gets too excited over things and arches backwards.

I posted a Merry Christmas video down below..check it out, it is funny!

Merry Christmas!

I saw this type of thing on one of my friends blogs years ago and I wanted to do it this year. Hope you enjoy it and laugh like I did.
Merry Christmas!! I hope your year has been great and that your Christmas is awesome! We appreciate all the love and support you give our little family.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Life Update

I managed to scrape through another semester of school. I've never been the kind of person that does well in school, mostly because of my effort. I've never been able to just sit and study and retain much of the information. My mind will wander to something else and before I realize it I've sat and "studied" for 45 minutes and nothing has been accomplished. So this last semester studying was at a minimum. Luckily I'm at the point in my schooling that most classes don't require a bunch of studying. Just getting assignments done and turned in on time. As long as I'm passing all my classes that's all I really care about right now, so I consider this semester a success. Now I get 3 weeks off and it's back to the grind in January for Spring semester.
My next semester is going to be really tough. I will go teach at a Jr. High from 8-9 every morning. Then go to classes until about 11:00 or 12:00, and then work for the rest of the day until 6:15. I won't have any time for a lunch in there because I've got to get straight from point A to B to C quickly. I've been working Monday through Saturday to get my full 40 hours at work, and it looks like I'm going to have to continue to do that for another year at least. Is it too early to say I CAN'T WAIT FOR SUMMER!! I just hope I don't crack and go psycho or something because it really does put me to my witts end sometimes.

Korbin is getting big. Alyssa has been posting his stats on this blog and it blows me away how fast he's been growing. He's a good little boy and seems to be happy most of the time. We started out a little rough because he would cry a lot. I understand he's a baby, but he was a cryer at first... even by baby standards. Now he's leveled off and only crys when he's hungry or tired, which I can handle.
Korbin and I get our bonding time on Friday nights because Alyssa works. He is a really attentive baby so I'll walk him around the house and let him look at things and touch them. He loves to watch football on TV. You may be thinking to yourself.... "self, I'm sure Korbin doesn't really know what football is," but he really does like it. His eyes are glued to the TV whenever football is on. I'm pretty sure his favorite team is the Buffalo Bills, just like his Dad. Too bad we don't ever get to see them play.
Korbin has a big smile. He smiles a lot and his mouth gets really wide and his little tounge just polks out. I have also noticed that he is starting to like Jimmy (our dog) a lot more. If Korbin gets fussy I usually stand up with him and kick Jimmy's toy. Jimmy will pick it up and run around the house with it and Korbin just stares at him. Yesterday was Friday so we were sharing some Male bonding time while Alyssa was at work. Korbin and I were on the couch and I called Jimmy over so Korbin could see him. Jimmy was sitting next to us and Korbin would lean over and put his hands on Jimmy and feel his fur. Jimmy is good to just sit there and even licked Korbin's face a few times. I see them being really good friends in a few years. I just hope Jimbo isn't too old by the time Korbin can play with him.
Christmas is coming and it's going to be more fun having Korb around even though he doesn't really get it yet. True to form I haven't shopped at all. Money is limited this year so we're trying to tone it back a little bit. The problem with that is Alyssa and I have a totally different view of "toning it back." Usually I end up with 10 gifts and a bag full of treats because it didn't all fit in my stocking. And Alyssa ends up with 2-3 gifts and a stocking without the extra treat bag. I always feel bad but Alyssa likes giving so I can't hate on that too much. I'm just happy we have our little family and we're all healthy and doing well. It's been a really good year.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Korbin @ 4 months

So I am extremely behind on blogging and updating Korbins stats. Going back to work and keeping the house clean as well as taking care of the little one is exhausting. But it is well worth it.
At Korbin's 4 month appointment-
He weighed 18.28 lbs (96%)
Length 26.77 in (96%)
Head size 16.9 in (70%)

At his 2 month appointment his head size was in the 41% so I guess his head has grown a lot since then.
Korbin absolutely LOVES to stand. He has gotten so good that I only have to hold him with one finger on one hand, basically just to help him balance. He enjoys wiggling like crazy and will wiggle off our lap. He hasn't yet rolled over but I blame that mostly on my lack on putting him on his tummy. When I do put him on his belly he is sooo close to rolling over.

He loves grabbing toys and hair and anything else he can put in his mouth, he even takes the wash cloth in the bath and tries to help. He is such a talker, he just talks and talks and talks and I absolutely love it! He still hates his car seat, but is getting better little by little. He loves his swing and whenever I really need him to sleep I can just put him in there and he will almost always go to sleep. He is a sound sleeper, usually doesn't wake up to much. Even the 5 rowdy boys screaming in the living room (playing video games). He is a major thumb sucker, which is fine..we tried the binky for months but he never really wanted it, so now we have just accepted the fact that the only way he can soothe himself is to suck his thumb.

Just recently he has been sucking it so much and so hard that he has a blister. OUCH! Luckily it is getting better. We started him on cereal at 4 months and just recently gave him baby food, Squash. Not sure if he likes it, hates it, or loves it. But he is always excited to get in his high chair.

He is such a happy baby when he wakes up..which he didn't get from either of us! But it makes my day to go get him out of his crib and he is smiling his big smile. He usually just lays in there for awhile before he cries, so he lets me sleep a little longer.
He is a perfect little boy and we just love him to pieces! I can't believe how fast they grow!
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