Friday, November 15, 2013

Aubree at 17 months old

Aubree is our handful child! She is everywhere all the time, and its not just the stage where she is at. She is climbing on everything, jumping off everything and sometimes landing on the hard ground. She talks a lot and is very motherly. She still has her binky but we are planning to get rid of it after Christmas. She absolutely LOVES juice! She now has 8 teeth.. the top four and a top molar, and three on the bottom. She learned how to put shoes on this month and will always have at least one shoe on in the house. She hates socks and will tear them off if there are no shoes to stop her. She is an awesome night time sleeper and doesn't even wake when big brother turns on the lights and plays trains at 11pm. She loves baby dolls and loves to play with them, give them binkys, juice, sunglasses, and blankets. She also loves to play cars with her big brother.  She is not a cuddler, I very rarely get any cuddles. You can never tell if she is sick which is a change from big brother. She loves candy, bananas, cheese, yogurt, cereal, juice, muffins, and any cookies. She is such a doll and she loves to say hi to people. She also insists on saying "Dank Do" (thank you) whenever you give her anything, and she wont stop saying it until you say you are welcome. She also says "Bless" when you sneeze. She loves to dance and attempt to jump. She looks up to her big brother and they can play so cute together sometimes. All in all, my kiddos are wonderful and we love them to pieces! Here are a few pictures of the month.. most have already been pictured from Halloween events.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Steven's dad works at an elementary school and they have a carnival every year. His dad is so cute and loves all his grandkids to go to this event. He buys them the unlimited pass, and any food they want. The kids love it, the parents enjoy it, and Grandpa grins ear to ear. All in all its a good day. From what I hear, last year was pretty fantastic (I was working) and they had a ton of bounce houses covering the whole lawn. This year there were 3 bounce houses.. so not as exciting. No surprise that Korbin still thought it was the coolest thing in the world. He was in heaven and wouldn't stop going through the obstacles and bounce houses. Aubree got some tickets from Grandpa in case she wanted to do anything and we ended up buying 4 bags of cotton candy with the tickets..and boy was that yummy! We got dinner (Chicfila), which is always good. Aubree spent most of her time on the playground learning how to go up stairs and down slides. She successfully started going down slides on her own and it was pretty much hilarious. She is such a cute girl! After she figured out that fun we couldn't get her off them. Grandpa wasn't there this year (He was in Disneyland with Steven's sister's family), but it was still fun. We spent the evening with Steven's other sister Leslee, her hubby, and her two kiddos.

Halloween fun

This Halloween seemed like a busy one! We ended up going to three trunk or treats, one trick or treat at Daddy's work, two pumpkin patches, and one Halloween party. Oddly enough, we didn't make it to a single house to trick or treat because my kiddos were too tired from trunk or treating. Overall it was a great Halloween filled with awesome memories. Here are some pictures of the holiday fun.

 Trunk or Treat with cousins..

 Trick or Treat at Daddy's work..

 Halloween party-

 The two minions.. the evil one and the nice one.. haha (Aubree and Linkin.. 9 months apart)
 Bree and Grandma Sylvia
 Yes, Steven is the champion of the Cauldron Toss once again!! :)
I finally won something as well.. Woot woot! For bloody brains!
 And my kiddos in their Halloween shirts.
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