Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentines Day

This Valentines Day was a great day! It kind of was like a week long event. My hubby surprised me with some flowers the night before. Valentines Day wasn't too spectacular because Steven worked in the day and I worked at night.. we decided to have a romantic lunch with kids at his work! ha ha I know! But it was fun and some other people he works with had the same idea. Steven got us massage coupons for this place in South Ogden which I am extremely excited about. The kiddos got some little things and snacks (its always hard to get stuff for a little baby!). The kids and I made the grandparents and Daddy a jar with candy for them.. it had hugs and kisses in it with their pictures all over it. It was cute. I gave Steven some Jazz tickets for Tuesday nights game and invited Leslee and Devin to join us. It was a lot of fun. I don't think we have been since before Korbin was born! It was nice to go on a little date without the kiddos and go to a game (and win!) and spend some time with family. Over all the whole week was a success and it is fun to have another one under our belt!

Daddy's Jar
Blurry.. the kiddos treats
The Jazz game
Looks like our eyes were bigger then our stomachs! We should have had the brains to share one cause we were stuffed and couldn't finish them!
Leslee and Devin
Aubree in her Valentines dress for church. I love dressing her up for is soo much fun!
Love this girl!

The Treehouse adventures!

Well I would have to say we are quite the slackers lately in visiting the treehouse! The main purpose for getting the Treehouse pass was mainly for the winter so the kids could get their energy out.. well.. I think we have been there a total of 4 times this whole year. My goal this year.. make it more then 4 times! ha ha
Anyway, Leslee (Steven's sister) and I decided to take the kiddos there last Friday. Each time we go it's more fun for the kids. They have actually updated it since last time we were there so the kiddos were able to play Dr. in the baby nursery. They seemed to enjoy that as well as the other usuals like music room and the big chess set. It was a lot of fun and I love being able to have something cool like this close by and Korb having cousins close to his age that we are able to do things like this with. Anyway, it was fun and I am excited for when Bree can play with the stuff!

Yee haw!
Okay, this is just too cute! Bree sitting on the HUGE book!
The crew minus myself and Aubree
Korb playing some music!
Korb was weighing the new baby.. it said the baby was 5 lbs 6 oz.. must not know about the Rounds babies!

Korbin was singing.. extremely cute!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Aubree is 9 months!

Length: 29 inches (90%)
Weight: 24.5 lbs (Off the chart)
Head: 44.4 cm (60%)
Aubree is such a joy to be around. She is such a happy girl who is content to do nothing, or everything. This past month she has finally decided she wanted to roll around everywhere and now she gets into EVERYTHING! She rolls all around the house and pulls on wires, turns on the stereo, eats stuff off the carpet, and just the other day she found the door stopper and started flicking it because it makes noise. It quickly gave me a flash back to when Korbin realized how fun that "toy" was. She loves to jabber and talk very loud (just like brother). She doesn't have any teeth yet but she has been teething for a few weeks so it has got to be coming soon! She just moved to 8 oz each feeding about a week ago and she is finally enjoying baby food. It's funny because she will eat really well with me, but terrible with Steven. Not sure why, but its funny. She eats any food and loves the little baby treats that she gets. She does really well with picking up the treats and putting them in her mouth. She is starting to try new big people food and seems really excited about that. She just moved to 18 month clothing and I am hoping she starts to slow down soon because there are too many cute clothes that she isn't wearing! She sleeps good at night but nap times have been a struggle lately. Hopefully its just from teething and she can go back to good naps when they pop through. She isn't crawling yet but she is definitely making improvements to start crawling. She is a very good clapper and is starting to try to wave. She absolutely adores her brother and loves when he pays any attention to her. Just the other day Korbin wanted to take a bath with her and that melted my heart. He is so cute with her and she loved being in there with him. She enjoys music and I often catch her bobbing her head or tapping her hands or wiggling to the beat. She seems to be pretty brave, she likes to be upside down and thrown up in the air, she also loves her baths and splashing around.

 She always grabs Korb's ball and plays with it while she jumps.

 Always falling asleep on the job!
 Korb took this picture! Pretty impressive!

 Her rolling skills!
 At the Dr's.. they had RSV for the second time in one winter!
I love her hat!

 Daddy.. I was hungry!
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