Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cruise 2015

This cruise was one of our favorite cruises of all times. The trip was just.. perfect. The weather was great, the ports were pretty, the boat was fun, and the company was a blast.
DAY 1 and 2-
We left Utah Friday Jan 30th on a midnight flight to Charlotte. Stayed there for 3 hrs and then flew down to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  My parents and sister got to San Juan that Friday and with our overnight flight we got there Sat at lunch time. Korb did great on all the flights and I got plenty of sleep. Steven and Casey managed to get zero hrs of sleep that night. The day we got to San Juan we decided to walk around town. Our hotel was in a great location that was right in the middle of everything. We ate lunch at this delicious burger and fry place and then walked down to the beach. This beach was Steven's dream come true. He is all about crashing waves and this beach had great waves. Unfortunately we didn't think to wear our swim stuff so we just got our feet wet. Later that day Steven and Korbin were tired (The lack of sleep on the flight) so my mom and sister and I went to Old San Juan to shop. We have been there before and purchased some necklaces that we loved last time. We spent the day walking around the shops and taking pictures. That evening we decided to go to this plaza place and eat dinner. It was close to our hotel and had some restaurants. After dinner and walking on the beach again we decided to end the night with some Ben and Jerry's.


DAY 3-
Feb 1st, 2015- Cruise day! Today was the day we were getting on the boat, but the boarding time was a lot different than what we were used to because we didnt leave the port until 10pm instead of like 6pm. So we got to the port, checked in, got our cards, waited maybe 20 mins and got on the boat. We were able to go eat lunch and walk around the boat and then we got right back off to go see more of Old San Juan. Old San Juan is a gorgeous place and it has a fort that you can go explore. Like i mentioned before, we have been to San Juan before and my parents and sister saw the fort that time and talked highly of it. We wanted to go see it so everyone went this time. I just need to say.. this fort really is awesome. I am not one of those people that LOVE history stuff but this was just plain cool. This fort is right next to the ocean and has hundreds of tunnels leading to different rooms and at the top of the fort there are cannons, and huge grass areas. We also saw a pretty awesome iguana. 

After we checked out the fort we hopped back on our boat and roamed around. That night was the Superbowl so we had to plan our night around that. We swam in the pool, went down the slide, and hopped in the hot tub. We went to dinner and enjoyed delicious food and then hurried out to the Lido deck where we had saved chairs for the outside theatre to watch the Superbowl. It was a fun experience to watch it on a boat where there is unlimited food, pop, treats and crazy fans.
 Korb loves the towel animals. Holding up "1" for day 1.
 Superbowl party

DAY 4-
ST. THOMAS-  Today is St. Thomas.. we have been there I think 3 times and its one of our favorite places to go. This water is unbelievable and the beaches are gorgeous. We were worried about the weather because it was supposed to rain the entire time we were on the cruise but we lucked out and didn't see a single drop. We had planned to go to a beach today but everyone was so exhausted from the long (12 hr flights) and all the walking around that we decided to get off and shop for a little bit and then enjoy the boat while everyone else is off it. We sent Korb to Camp Carnival and we got to spend a little time alone, lounging at the Serenity deck listening to music and drinking pop. We went to dinner and met our servers tonight and they were so cute with Korbin. We went to the showtime and adult only comedian then Steven went with Casey to play some blackjack and I went to bed with Korb.

Day 2 towel animal.
DAY 5-
Sea Day- Today is a sea day so it involved a lot of relaxing. Korb didn't really want to go to Camp Carnival today but after I drug him up there and played with him for a few mins he was happy to stay and play. After we dropped him off we were able to go walk around the boat without a child with us. We went found some tables and played some games. We also went to the arcade and played air hockey, skeeball, and I had the great plan of winning an Ipad mini from the claw games.. That game became addicting and all of us spend a few hundred dollars trying to win prizes. Today was also Dress up night for dinner (which I always enjoy). So we got to dress up and get pictures.

 Trying to win an Ipad mini
 Day 3
 Yes, we sneak into the photo place and take pictures with our phone.. ooops :)

This picture is for Uncle Casey.

Day 6-
Barbados- Today is Barbados. We have done a ton of research on the ports we havent been to (this one being one of them) and found a lot of people raving about this "Boatyard" so we decided to check it out. Let me just tell you... this place is fantastic!! Not only is it a cheap beach, but they give you a free shuttle back, free drink, they have rope swings, chairs and umbrellas for free, and a trampoline on the water. It was so much fun! We decided to go snorkel as well. They took us to a ship ruin under the water and we got to swim right above it as well as see the different fish that lived there. Then they took us to see the Sea Turtles and that was really cool. we even got to pet them as they swam by us. We spent a few hours at that beach and then we headed back to the ship. 

Day 7-
St. Lucia- Today we were all worn out from the fun day we had the day before so we decided to just walk around off the boat and then head back and once again, enjoy the boat while most people were off. We did some shopping and headed back. We sent Korb to Camp Carnival and enjoyed the relaxing day. After all the money spent on those stupid claw games, Casey actually won a prize! He wont Dr. Dre solo beat headphones.. we were all jealous and continued to spend money to try to win a prize ourselves.

DAY 8-
St. Kitts- Today we just did another walk around the port and shopped. I convinced my mom to buy me a new Tanzanite ring (which I love). Korb was complaining a little bit so we headed back to the boat an hr or so later. While we were in St. Kitts some random dude came up to us and put these monkeys on Steven and Korbin. It was funny, but we did get some fun pictures. That day we took Korb to Camp Carnival and he had a great time and then we spent the day hanging out with Casey while my parents and sister went on a open taxi ride around town.

DAY 9-
St. Maarten- Today we wanted to go to the airport beach.. or as they call it.. Maho beach. This is such a fun beach, especially for kids. There is an airport literally right behind the beach so as the planes land they fly right over your head. It is a fun experience and really enjoyed it. After the beach we sent Korb to Camp Carnival and he got to do face painting and video games. He had a blast. It was our last night on the boat so we watch the shows and said our goodbyes to our servers (who were amazing!).

 Our main server.. she had a 18 month old at home and was really cute with Korb

We left the boat and headed home on day 10. It was a good time and cant wait to go again!!
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