Thursday, June 18, 2009


It's been a while my friends but it's time for more of Steven's thoughts! Most of these thoughts or questions have come up in conversation of the past few weeks so I'm just getting them out there. Maybe you've got some answers or rebuttles!

1- What is the point of a hard hat? I know there are things you could hit your head on, but is the hat really gonna help that much if you fall off the top of a 10 story building while working. What happens if some dude drops a brick or beam from 10 stories high and you happen to be standing underneath it? I can't see many people thinking... "Boy I'm glad I had that hard hat on or that 1,000 pound beam might have really hurt."

2- Every time I get on a plane and they explain that my seat cushion can be used as a floatation device I just have to laugh. If my plane goes down in the middle of the Pacific Ocean I doubt I'm going to have much use for the cushion! I'm going to be blown to peices. And IF I survived the crash the last think I want is a little floatie seat that will help me sit in 60 degree water until I get hypothermia! I'd rather drown.

3- I don't understand these food places that have employees wear plastic gloves while they work. These people are pushing the nasty buttons on their cash register, and the gloves are filthy! I'd rather have them make my food with their feet than wear those nasty gloves all day while they wipe up the spilled ketsup on the floors, and wipe the gloves on their dirty pants. Subway changes gloves after every sandwich so I get that... but some of these other places just don't use the gloves effectively.

4- If a product is on an infomercial it's a crock! It's garbage! You should just tear your money in half and avoid the frustration of paying for something that isn't going to work! And what's up with the overly-excited people they have on those things. Makes me feel uncomfortable just watching them.

5- Whoever invented a neck tie should be punched right in the mouth! They get in the way, they strangle my throat, and mine are usually covered in pen ink because they get in the way. I can't even take a duke without having to throw the long part of the tie over my back. Bow ties!!! That's where it's at. We should all be walking around with Bow ties!

6- Who came up with the idea that Aliens were green monsters with a disproportioned head and one big eye? Or some hideous creature with tenticles? I picture aliens as a moose, tiger or a puppy! That way they could be among us and we'd never know it! They could take over the world before we knew what hit us.

7- Tofu is nothing more than a sponge straight from the ocean floor! Worst "food" I've ever tasted.

8- What is the point of fake plants. They don't look real at all, but I get the impression that's what they're trying to lead us to beleive. Boo to fake plants!

9- Jack Johnson sucks! This guy could put a room full of ADHD kids to sleep.

10- Testicles are funny. And all the code names for testicles are even more funny.
Testicles, balls, nards, gems, boys, baby maker, sack, testies, mommy-daddy, acorns, ballsack, yambags! We could go on but you get the point! Call me juvenile all you want but I'd bet you cracked a smile while reading those.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bit off more then I could chew!

So lately I have been dragging my butt big time on everything I do. I feel like my effort towards anything and everything has dropped drastically and I feel like I am basically not a person anymore. First of all my house is a disaster! Luckily I have the best husband in the world, and he understands that I need him to help me this summer, and he has basically been the only one keeping this house clean and the lawn looking nice, so thanks sweetie!! Steven has enough to do as it is and then he gets the pleasure of picking up my slack. So on his days off he gets to waste his day away doing my stuff instead of relaxing and having a day to himself. I try to get everything done I can and I try not to waste time when it can be put better use, but sometimes I just want to do absolutely nothing. I definitely feel like I have bit off more then I could chew this summer.
This summer I signed up for five classes at school, where one of the classes is that I have to get a job at a daycare and work 145 hrs during the semester. So I have all that going on as well as working full time at the Jail. I gave myself the confidence I needed to sign up and start going, but now I am running low on everything. I have such a hard time waking up because I am so exhausted. I get a decent amount of sleep, but I think all the stuff I am trying to do is wearing me out and maybe I should sleep more? So every morning I force myself to get out of my wonderful comfy bed and spend another day doing stuff I want to be done with. I start to get discouraged and think that it's never going to end and then every once in awhile I will snap out of it and realize that I really am so close to being done! (10 months)
I absolutely love the time I have spent at the daycare and I have learned so much, but I feel bad because I want to be able to give these kids all my energy and time and unfortunately I cant. It gives me hope when I have a class of my own because I know I will love it. Teaching is such a satisfying job and I am so so excited to teach!
I miss my summer already. I miss staying up late no matter what day it is.. I miss sitting outside talking, I miss swimming and boating and camping, and most of all the freedom. I have put myself in my own jail where my summer is wasting away. I know that I will be extremely happy when I finish school and can finally move onto the next step of my life, but right now I cant help but be stressed and tired.
Now I don't want you thinking that I am a depressed, sad person because I am not. I have done so many fun things already this summer and I really try to not complain much because I am so lucky to have the things I do. I feel like I have been blessed so much and if things continue to go our way, our life will be perfect! So as much as I hate my lack of personal time this summer, I am very thankful to be in this position and have two jobs that understand that I'm doing my best as well as a husband to support everything I want to do.
So when this summer is over a huge weight will be lifted off my shoulders and that stress will be gone (at least for a few weeks until my student teaching starts!), but that few weeks of stress free living will be all I need to finish school.
Life is what you make it!!
Thanks for listening! And if I ever want to do something crazy like this again please remind me of this summer and I will definitely think again!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My week in a glance.

This past week has been a blast for me! My sister's roommate from Iowa came to town to visit and we wanted to show her some fun places here. We went to Yellowstone/Jackson Hole and we also got to go to the special airshow for law enforcement. I will start with Yellowstone first.. my family went it was my parents, my sis Megan, Emily (Meg's roommate), Lisa and Barry (our cruise and work friends), Travis, Laura, Ryker, Jaxson, and me. No, no Steven :( Unfortunately Steven couldn't take work off. We got to go see Bear World, Old Faithful, hot pots, go shopping, and Jackson Hole. Over all it was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of the trip.

I dont usually like doing the slide shows because you kind of have to sit and wait for the next picture but I have too many pictures to put them on one by one.
Yesterday (Friday) the Sheriff's Office was invited to go to the Law Enforcement VIP Airshow. It wasn't the all out airshow, but we got to see everything we wanted with about 1/100th of the amount of people. We got to walk around and look at planes and jets. After we looked around we sat down and watched planes fly. My favorite part is the Thunderbirds and we got the pleasure of watching them practice! I absolutely love jets and I look forward to the airshow every time they come! So I was really excited and I loved watching it! Here are some pictures of the show! Yeah for the Airshow!! Oh and my parents went, my sis Megan, Emily, Travis, Travis' friend, and me. Steven had to work again.. Stupid work!

I cant get all the pictures to show I guess.. so this will have to do for now!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


For those that don't know... I work at America First Credit Union as a "Loan Interviewer." I do auto loans, personal loans, an occastional home equity loan, credit cards ect.
This time of year a lot of people are coming in to get a motorcycle loan or other outdoorsy vehicle. The other day an 81 year old man came in to finish up his motorcycle loan. He sat down and said "I can't get a motorcycle because I'm too old to get my leg over the bike." This guy really looked sad and I felt bad for him. Then he said "I can't have a motorcycle, but I can have a scooter!" So he ended up finding a scooter that he can get onto real easy.
Then the same day I read an article in the news about an 83 year old war vet that has been working on his bucket list. It's his list of things he wants to do before he dies. The photos on the article show him going sky diving. The picture of him landing was great, he was grinning from ear to ear!

I hope that I can continue to do new and exciting things when I'm older. I always tell Alyssa I'm losing a step with sports, and I'm scared that I won't be able to play anymore. I think these older gents have helped me to realized that the only thing that will stop me from having fun and being active is ME! Or if God decides to strike me with some disabling disease. HAHA! Even then I'll always be able to find things to enjoy.
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