Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter 2014

This Easter was a nice Easter, like all of them are. We had a rough day at church and ended up coming home early and it didn't help that the kids new playset was finally done and they wanted to go play on that.
We started off Easter on Saturday with the South Ogden Days Easter Egg Hunt which is always a hit. Steven was working so I asked my sister to tag along and help. Both kids did really well picking up as many eggs as they could, I was actually surprised at how fast Aubree was at getting them and putting them in the basket.
Sunday we started off the morning with our Easter baskets and Easter Bunny pancakes. Went to church, and then after naps we went to my parents for another Easter Egg Hunt. The kids had a lot of fun and got quite a bit of candy (just what we need!).
It was a nice day spent with family and it is always fun dressing up my kids extra nice for special days.

Our Family of four, soon to be five.

Soo cute! Love them!

Easter Baskets
Bunny Ears
South Ogden Easter Egg Hunt

My parents Easter Egg Hunt.. Minus Griffin, he was running off somewhere


Easter Pancakes

Aubree at 22 months

As Aubree reaches closer and closer to two there isn't a ton of different things she does each month, there is always the improved talking and learning new things but her personality is always the same. Crazy, fun, and wild.  She is very adventurous which is a good and bad thing for a parent. She has a love/hate relationsip with her cousin Daxton who is 3 months younger than her. She always talks about him but cant seem to be nice when he is around. She loves to make a mess anywhere she goes, she has her own mind and no one is going to change that, and she doesn't like to be bossed around. She is a good helper and will often put things away before I ask her two.
 No teeth popped through this month, but we did have a really bad bacterial infection that we got the pleasure to deal with. She had an ear infection, eye cold and the bacterial infection. It was a rough week or two with no sleep from anyone. She got to go to Surf N Swim this month and LOVED it! I thought she would be more afraid of the water and waves but she was the complete opposite.. I found myself wishing I brought a life jacket for her.

 She fell asleep on the carpet. Too funny.
 Watching TV..and her hair was super cute that day :)

 She loves her sunglasses!

Playing with bubbles. I love how funny her nose looks!
Surf N Swim time!

Papa and Aubree
Our sick days.. Check out those eyes below!

Baby doll with matching PJ's.. she named her Sophie
Ignore the gross carpet! The kids got toys from Grandma from Disneyworld.

Cute kids.
She always gets herself in interesting situations!
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