Monday, December 21, 2009


Four Decembers ago Alyssa and I were dating exclusively. We had already talked about getting married. Her parents expected me to give her a ring any day (and so did she) despite the fact that we had only dated a short time. It was just one of those things that fit together. We knew we'd be getting married so we made the natural choice and did what....... We bought a DOG! We bought a miniture (Italian) Greyhound for $250. I always told Alyssa I wanted a smaller dog that could just sit on your lap comfortably. Not one of those massive dogs that eats more than a human being does and REALLY destroys things if he gets out of control. My only other request was that our dog was active and enjoyed playing. I didn't want a bum-for-a-dog that just lays around all day and gets up when it's time to eat! I wanted a fun dog.

Alyssa was looking around a bit and found out that some people she knew had Mini greyhound puppies so we went over to look at them. When I saw the dad dog my first thought was: "What the crap is this thing! That looks like a giraffe and rat mix." (Steven's thoughts speaking)

Of course the puppies were cute, but almost all baby animals are cute so I couldn't put too much weight into that! We took a chance on a hideous breed and I have to say I'm pretty happy with it. We named our dog Jimmy, which fits him perfectly!

He's pretty small for his breed. He's a very active dog. Almost TOO active. He always wants to play with his squeek toys. Luckily he doesn't chew up furniture, clothes, shoes, or anything else like that. He sticks to his toys. Every day when I get home Jimmy will run and find his ball and roll it at my feet with his tail wagging 100 MPH!

Most kids adore Jimmy. They love watching him run around the yard. He doesn't have kids around him too often so he's not really kid safe just yet, but I suppose he'll have to learn some day. He's generally a good dog and I have a lot of fond memories of him already. Maybe I can convince Alyssa to put some pictures of him on here for those of you that haven't seen him. So those are just a few facts about our little dog Jimmy! Jimboy! Jimbo! Jim! Jimmy dean! Jimster! Jim-Bob!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

School & the Holidays

Well I've survived yet another semester at Weber State University.... I think!
Grades aren't out for another week or so but I think I passed my classes. The only class I question is my Red Cross Certification. I only got a 78.5% on my final, which could be a problem. The teacher has been telling us we can't get under 80% on any Red Cross test or we wouldn't reveive our certification. So Unless there was a throw out question I may be NOSE JOBBED! For those of you who aren't familiar with "nose jobs," it's just safe to say it's not a good thing. Just think about it for a minute.... If you have to get a nose job that's not a good situation. You've either broken your nose so severely that it required a surgical procedure, you're shallow and don't accept the nose you have, or you honestly have such a rhinocerous of a nose that it needed surgery. All BAD things. Right? So getting back tot he point, I hope I don't get nose jobbed on my Red Cross Certification because I don't want to have to take a class over again due to one question.
My other three classes should be fine, unless I get zero percent on my finals, which is quite impossible.

I talked to my couselor last week and I guess I still have two years left. I think the last time I talked to her was about 18 months ago and I had about two years left back then! So I guess I'll just keep going to school, with plans of graduating in two years. Apparently I've got two more semesters of classes and then I have my program classes or "levels," which consist of teaching classes and then student teaching! We also have what's called senior seminar in the Physical Education program. During that semester we'll go to a Jr. High or High School and be an "assistant" teacher. I'll be there for the classes and observe the real teacher in the classes, but from what I've heard I'll basically be teaching the class. So that will be some good experience if I ever get that far.

Christmas is just a few weeks away. My level of excitement is disappointing to say the least. I'm excited to give Alyssa her gifts and stocking, but aside from that Christmas has become a shell of what it used to be. I'm in the middle ground in life where it's lost some luster. Don't see much of my family, don't have kids to buy gifts for, we rush from one place to another in attempts to see everybody. I just wonder where the FUN went. I suppose if we ever decide to have kids that will change and I'll be excited to see their excitement! We do have a little after Christmas trip I'm looking forward to. The whole family should be there and we're going to do some sledding and play some games! Hopefully there's a low dose of drama and a high dose of fun.
I should probably just focus on the true meaning of Christmas, and be thankful for the many things I do have.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My sister the great photographer!

So my sister loves to take pictures and is very talented doing it. Well she is also very willing to take pictures for the family. A few weeks ago she came up and we went and got pictures taken, just Steven and I. It was really cold, but I think the pictures turned out awesome and I am extremely happy with the outcome. I am glad my sister shares one of her many talents with the family. Here are some pictures she did, some are the same with different effects. Hope you enjoy them! I know I do! :) Thanks sis! Love ya!

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