Friday, August 20, 2010

Not Meant to be

Yesterday was an interesting day. I've been trying to get my motorcycle license for some time now! I passed the written test Fall 2009, but the weather went bad shortly after so I was never able to take the driving test. I procrastinated it again over the summer, but my second temporary license was about to expire September 1st so I figured it was now or never.
I had my test scheduled for 3:45 because I got off work at 2:00! Just enough time to do a little birthday shopping for Alyssa and then eat some lunch before driving over to FINALLY get my motorcycle license.
The day didn't start out so well because it rained all morning. I figured the rain would foil my plan because I wasn't about to drive around on my scooter in the rain! I'm not even sure if they'd let me take the test in that weather if I wanted to. Luckily it stopped raining about 1:00 and appeared to be clearing up. I was back in business!!
I got off work and shopped like I had planned, but it took a bit longer than expected. I figured I would run over to my Dad's and grab his scooter on the way home. My Dad's scooter is bigger than mine so if I passed the test using his I would be certified for more powerful motorcycles. I figured I might as well get certified for higher power just in case I ended up with a different scooter or motorcycle later on. Smart plan eh!
I get to my Dad's about 3:00. "Just enough time to ride around for a bit and get used to the feel of this scooter." My brain said to itself.
I get the key and hop on the scooter and try to fire it up but it sounds ill. I let it rest for a few minutes hoping to let the gas line fill up a little bit. Still nothing! This went on for about 20 minutes (with a bowel movement in between my efforts), but it wasn't happening.
It's okay though. We'll just have to move on to plan B. I still have a perfectly good scooter sitting in my garage at home!
Get home and change out of my work clothes. I've got to hustle now! Run out to the garage and hop on my scooter. Turn the key hit the start button...... silence!
This scooter isn't just sick, it's dead! My last option is the kick start. At this point I've got about 5 minutes to get to the testing location so time is of the essence. I'm kicking furiously but it's not starting. "Turn the key to start dummy!" I'm muttering obscenities to myself in my mind now! I kick it and the engine struggles to a start. I gas it to make sure it doesn't die on me again. Whew! Just enough time to get over there thank heaven.
I get onto the road and think to myself, "Man I'm rusty. Don't have very good control of this thing right now!" I get a few blocks further and a hear a weird squeeky sound. I get off and feel the front tire! FLAT! Obscenities begin vocally this time. I take the drive of shame back to my house. Tuck the junk-of-a-kind scooter back into the garage. It will surely sit there untouched for the remainder of the year. Some things just aren't meant to be I guess!
I did drive back and renew my license without the motorcycle licensure. Guess that will have to do.

Friday, August 13, 2010

My lil guy is one month old!

I can not believe how fast this month went! And let me just say it has probably been the most fulfiling month! It has been a blast and such a learning experience for Steven and I, but I already feel like I know the little guy inside and out. He is such a sweetheart! He is an extremely good baby. By the second week he was sleeping through the night, since then he will sleep from about 11pm until 7am and then again until about 10am. So he lets Mom and Dad get plenty of sleep. He isn't a fussy baby, he only cries when he is hungry. He is such a strong lil guy. When he was born he was already holding up his head for a second or two and now he can hold it up for awhile, he loves to look around. His legs are super strong too, he can push himself up and basically stand up for a minute or two (he usually only does that when he is angry).
We haven't been to the doctor for about 2 weeks so I don't have up to date stats, but here are the two week stats.
*Head- 14.7 in. which is in the 51%
*Weight- 10.3lbs which is in the 86%
*Length- 22.52 in which is in the 95%
My wonderful sister took some pictures of Korbin that I will post soon, but until then, here is my little one!
Daddy and Korbin sleeping..soo cute!

Mommy and Korbin

Korbin and his new cousin Makayla (They are a month apart)

Korbin and I, Leslee (Steven's sis) and Makayla.

Monday, August 2, 2010


No doubt about it! I spend more time watching sports than anything else. I watch every Jazz game during the season. I watch a lot of football games every Sunday during NFL season. I watch the last few rounds of tennis majors, golf majors, College Football, MLS game of the week on Thursdays, and English Premier League soccer matches. I recorded and watched every world cup soccer match this year! When the games are over, I switch over to ESPN to see the highlights of the games that weren't on TV. I like to watch Sportsnation, Around the Horn, PTI, or any other sports show when I have time. Alyssa is good to tollerate my sports obsession. She's even watched Sportsnation with me a few times.
My sports watching always hits a snag in the summer months because all the decent sports are out of season. NFL and NBA are my two favorite things to watch, and they're both in the offseason right now. Watching ESPN is torture right now because it's just a bunch of lame baseball highlights. If baseball isn't exciting enough, NASCAR is in full force right now (does NASCAR even have an "offseason?") I usually flip to EPSN after Alyssa goes to sleep and watch for about 5 minutes until I realize there's nothing going on in the sports world right now.
Luckily the NFL talk is starting to pick up some steam. It's most just discussion about guys not reporting to training camp, holding out for more money, or how fat Albert Haynesworth is.... but at least it's something!
This is the time of year I start getting excited about Fantasy Football, Andy Rhodes' pick em' game, and just watching good sports in general. The pick em' game is probably my favorite thing about the NFL season. A bunch of friends put $20 in a pot at the beginning of the season and everybody predicts who will win each matchup every week. You pick the game right, you get a point. The people with in the top 3 at the end of the season get the money. I've been involved in this pick em' game for about 9-10 years now and it makes the NFL regular season tons of fun.
I feel like I used to always be a threat to win, but the last 4 years have been a disappointment. I have been out of the running a little earlier on than I'd like! I did win once, and the amount of satisfaction I got from that victory cannot be overstated. I'd like to feel that satisfaction again, so I hope this year goes better.
I'm also excited about the Jazz again. We dumped Boozer the useless pile of crap, Korver the defenseless man, and also lost Wes Matthews. I was momentarily crushes by all the players leaving, but that went away pretty quickly when the Jazz signed Al Jefferson and Raja Bell. I like the direction they're going and can't wait until the Jazz talk picks up again.
RSL is having a great season. I have a harder time following them because games are once a week, and I don't get most of them on TV. I do read all the news articles and have an AP on my Ipod that helps me keep track of them, but it's just not the same. TV coverage just isn't what it needs to be. When the playoffs roll around I'm sure I'll be watching.
I know this isn't the most exciting read, especially considering mostly women read blogs. I'm just trying to verbalize my excitement to myself.
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