Friday, January 9, 2015

Casidy at 7 months

Casidy is 8 months old now! She is growing so fast! Her 7 month was a good month for her. She got to experience her first Christmas and first Santa, first New Years, and first School house with the Rounds. She had a great month! This month she started sitting a whole lot better! She can now sit as long as she wants. She finally made it to the big bathtub as well! At the end of this month she finally started really crawling instead of her army crawl.  She hasn't completely mastered the crawl but she can crawl about 4 times before she falls! I am excited to have her crawl. She is a happy happy girl and is rarely sad. This month she got influenza A and she was really sick for a good 4 days and it was a little scary. By the time we made it to the Dr. she was over 103 degrees. It was a sad sad sight. She loves to play with shoes and her favorite toy is Donavan the giraffe. She is a great sleeper and still sleeps about 16 hrs a day. Im trying to get her to only nap twice a day instead of three times but she gets too tired to make it that long. She goes to bed around 7pm and sleeps until 8am.  She is in 9-12 month clothing and the real shocker (to me at least) is that she is still in size 2 diapers! I am just loving not being in a bigger size yet. She also started saying "Dadda" this month. She is a grabby pants and wants to take everything out of my hand and immediately go in her mouth. She is a cute lil girl and we absolutely adore her! Here are some pictures from the month.

 Our sad sick baby :(

 Crawling machine

 Cousin Carter and Casidy (1.5 months apart)

Christmas 2014

We had a great Christmas season. The kids had that special twinkle in their eye that makes everything more magical. We started off the season with the tree decorating and the ornaments quickly got moved to the top of the tree. We are excited for the years when we can actually make the tree look good. We spend the first weekend of December in Salt Lake and it was a blast. We went to see the Temple lights, saw some reindeer, visited Santa, and spent time with the Shaw family. We also drove to Layton to see their city lights which are always fun considering you dont have to get out of your car. The kids loved spotting all the Christmas lights everywhere we went. Christmas Eve was spent with my family and that consisted of pizza and junk food, talking, and the present game. The kids got to play this year and they loved it. Christmas morning the kiddos woke up around 6:30am. They had a blast opening presents and they were super excited to get their present from Santa. Korbin really wanted Hungry Hippos and Aubree wanted a pink ball (simple enough). The kids got very spoiled! Steven got a few things he needed like a winter coat and snow boots and I got a popcorn maker (which is not helping me lose weight!). The kids also got a table for eating and playing. After we spent the morning at our house we went to the Rounds family and spent a couple hours opening presents there. The girls got princess dolls and the boys got cars which they both play with constantly. In the afternoon we went to the Shaws and opened the presents there. The girls got a few more dolls and Korb got a rolling suitcase for his cruise. We all got spoiled and had a great day. We all got spoiled and loved spending time with each other and the families. It was great for me to have 2 weeks off of work as well.

 Grandma Rounds with all the granddaughters and their dolls.
Grandma Rounds with  most of the boys and their presents.. minus Lincoln and Carter.
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