Friday, February 27, 2009

My work pet peeves!

So this week I have been soo annoyed by stupid people/inmates that I decided that I would make a list of some of the things that have been bothering me. For those of you that dont know.. I work at Weber County Jail (Kiesel facility dealing with accounting, billing, releasing, intaking money, answering phones, etc.) .. so.. I have come up with..
Alyssa's Pet Peeves at work!!
~I hate when people call and when I say "WEBER COUNTY JAIL" they continue to ask me who they called.
~I hate when people call to ask for a phone number and they make me wait because they dont have a pen or paper ready! I mean come on!!!
~I hate when people call or come up to my window and just start talking and expect me to know what inmate they are talking about!
~I hate when people stand in front of my window after I have told them to take a seat.
~I hate when people call me and claim they just talked to me.. "I just talked to you and you said this.." Uh, no!! You didn't just talk to me!!
~I hate when people come to the window to put money on inmates accounts with change or come with money all crumbled in a ball! Can't you at least give me the money like a normal person would!?
~I hate how inmates or inmates families blame us for everything! I once heard that one of the inmates said it was the jail's fault that she was pregnant! ha ha.. you have got to be kidding me! So they continued to tell me that we needed to pay her medical bills!
~I hate when someone will call me and then ask if they can put me on hold. Hello?! Didn't you call me?!
~I hate when someone calls back numerous times (sometimes within minutes) and pretend that they are someone else, and continues to ask the same question as before! Like I am going to change my answer or something?!
~I hate when people come up to my window and are on their cell phone and then they expect me to help them! Wow.. it can't be that hard to say "Ill call you right back."
~I hate when people stand by my window when we are clearly closed.. I mean come on.. our blinds are down, that seems like a pretty good signal we are not open right?! I guess not!
~I hate when inmates expect us to do what they need right away, like we have nothing else to do! Usually I just take longer when they demand us to do it right away.
~ I hate when I tell someone that the property deputy wont be here until 12pm and then they come back the next day before 12! And once again, I tell them that the deputy is not here!

I thought it would be kinda fun to list some of these things.. Maybe now you can get a little more of an idea of what I do and what I deal with. I have many many more, but I wont bore you anymore! I would love to hear what you go through at work! Lets hear your pet peeves!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Whats been going on..

Well we have had a fun filled week or two so I thought I would blog about it! Valentines was nice.. we had a fun time together watching a movie, making delicious dinner and desert and spending time together. Sometimes my favorite Valentines/Holidays are the ones where we just stay at home and relax together. So it was very nice and relaxing. I gave Steven Jazz tickets and it was row 6 in the upper bowl.. which was the lowest we had ever sat.. (sad I know!) But he was thrilled.. So we went on tuesday to the Jazz game and had a blast! We usually dont get any treats there.. but we decided to get some Moose Tracks Ice cream.

This week Jimmy(our dog) has been a little sick. He has been very weird with his food and decided that he no longer liked his dog food and only wanted to eat certain pieces. So he walked around the house leaving a trail of the dog food he didn't like. Oh and did I mention that he threw up all over the house.. in the kennel, in the living room, dining room. It was soo gross to pick up, we were both ready to barf ourselves! But so far he has been feeling better since then! Thank goodness!

Here is Jimmy pushing all the yucky food out of the way.

If you look closely you can see all the dog food in a trail. He did this all over the house.
On Friday my mom gave me two tickets to "Aint Misbehavin" the Broadway show. So I knew Steven wouldn't be interested in it, so I asked my sis-in law Rachel. I knew she would be excited and that it would be fun.

This is Rachel and I after we had ran half a mile because we were late! Oh man, all I know is I am extremely out of shape!

This is a picture I took of Rachel when we got to the Broadway.

We made it to our seats in time!

This is the show, there was only 5 singers in the whole show! Ruben Studdard played a main part and he did awesome! He is a great singer!

This is us outside Kingsbury Hall after the show.
We had a lot of fun! Thanks Rachel for coming with me! :)

Today my brother Travis and sis-in law Laura are moving into their new house! YEAH!! So I volunteered to watch Ryker while they were moving. So we are having a nice date together today! He is soo much fun! I haven't gotten to play with him for a very long time and I miss my Ryker time! So I went and picked him up and we went and visited one of my good friends Brittany. He seemed to enjoy seeing her and talking to her! Then we went to visit Uncle Steven at work and go to lunch at Costco. He seemed to enjoy hanging out with us. He even got up from the table and said "I'll be right back!" and then walked away. ha ha.. it was funny! Now we are at my house watching "Cars" and falling asleep! It has been fun to play with him!

Ryker and I watching Cars!
So that is my week, everything is going well for us, we are almost halfway through the semester and we can't wait for Spring!! We are getting major Spring Fever! Come On SPRING!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lucky or not?

My question of the week is this.. Why are some people so lucky with everything in their life and why are some people not lucky at all?
Im dont want to seem like a downer but this has been on my mind for a long time. I have met people in my life that have had the good luck charm.. and I have met people that are so unlucky its ridiculous. My friend at work has THE worst luck of all time, this luck isnt hitting all the red lights, or having a balloon in front of them at the movie theater.. its bad luck like.. they get in major car wrecks and almost dying just to recover and fall out of a horse carriage that kills one of your siblings and mentally disables another one. This story is true and it breaks my heart to hear everything that happens in that family on a weekly basis. They are by far the most unlucky people in the world. These people are good people, nice to everyone and truly care about the church and the world. Why is it that they have such bad luck? Now I know you could say that they are just going through a trial, and they are strong people that can make it through it.. but give them a break!!
And then you see people that find a huge house (that I dream of) for a good deal, get an amazing interest rate, can pass every imaginable test possible, get free Jazz tickets lower bowl, etc. These people are good people as well that truly care about the church and the world but why is it that they get all the luck? Now for me.. I am not at all a lucky person.. but I am not the most unlucky person either, so I try to count my blessings.. but man do I get frustrated and yes, a bit jealous that some people just have it so easy! Why can't we all just have the equal luckiness?!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I love most Holidays. Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, New Years, Columbus Day! They're all good. What I have a hard time with is a holiday that doesn't get me a day off from work. What's the point of having a holiday if everybody has to work? Halloween and Valentine's Day are the two that come to mind. They're both fun Holidays, but there's no time off to even enjoy them most of the time. I think Holidays should be days off for EVERYONE. Everybody just stay home and enjoy the time together with family.
I guess it could be worse. I could be one of those people that has to work on Christmas and Thanksgiving. I used to be one of those people and it sucked big time. Everybody enjoy your Valentine's Day and hopefully you got the day off to enjoy the "holiday."

Friday, February 13, 2009

I was tagged!

My dearest friend Megan tagged me on this.. so here goes..
The task: post the sixth picture from your sixth folder and tell about it. Challenge six people to do the same.

This picture was taken at the new ReAL Stadium in Sandy. I took a picture of the roof thing and the sky. I thought it was pretty cool!
I tag..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Harlem Globetrotters

Well Steven is by far the best husband ever! Not only is he hilarious, and sweet, but he knows me sooo well!! For Valentines Day this year my wonderful husband got us tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters! I have always wanted to go to it for as long as I remember! I had heard from many people that its a waste of money and not very entertaining, and I was sad about it! So of course I had to see for myself. We went last night, got to sit in the lower bowl row 18, which is closer then I will ever sit in any Jazz game!! And I do have to say.. It was as awesome and funny and entertaining as I ever hoped for! Of course I am a kid at heart, so I was completely entertained by "Globie" and all the other silly things they did. These guys are soo talented in what they do! They can do these amazing spins and dunks and can also dance quite well! So all in all it was an awesome experience! I got to do something that I always wanted to do, so Thanks Babe! You are awesome!
Here are some pictures of us and the Trotters! And I say.. if you ever have a chance to go.. you should do it!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Steven's random thoughts

A week or two ago I posted a few of the weird questions that pop into my brain. Well there's plenty more where that came from so here's a couple that have been on my mind recently.

Why Goose bumps? They should have named the little cold bumps something else. The only thing bumpy on a goose in that ugly looking bump on their beak! What person really looked at the cold bumps on their arm and thought it looked like "Goose Bumps." It just doesn't make sense.

What is the point of edible underwear. You put it on so you can eat it off? It can't taste good. And would you really want to eat something that's been mashed against another person's butt hole? It would probably have hair on it too! Maybe it tastes like fruit roll ups or something.. that would be good. But I'd rather just eat a fruit roll up.

Fire extinguishers are way too hard to get access to! You really have to break the glass out on most of them. Then you've got a bloody hand to deal with. Maybe they should tape some gauze and bandaid in the box that has the fire extinguisher in so you can clean up the blood after.

I hate clocks that don't have normal numbers on them.

I don't get the sandman? What does he do? Why is he called the sandman? Does he bring sand and poor it on your face? I'm sure there's a logical explanation for the sandman... and I'm even more sure it's a stupid explanation.

Hamburgers should be called beefburgers... or cowburgers! There's no ham in them whatsoever. Unless i'm mistaken cowburger meat comes from cows. Chicken is called chicken... and beef is called beef, unless it's ground up into little peices and then it magically becomes HAM burger.

If I swallowed a bunch of marbles without choking to death... would I sound like a sack of marbles if I jumped around. I like that sound!

How could a deaf person and a blind person communicate?

Sorry ladies, but there's no such thing as the colors: Fusia, melon, scarlet, magenta, turqoise, shartruse, and perrywinkle. Eggplant, tope, eggshell, and coral are also NOT colors! Keep in mind that I had to ask a few girls to even come up with these "colors" I've listed. Here is a real list of colors: White, Green, Blue, Red, Black, Orange, Yellow, Purple. That's it! If it's a fruit or element it's out.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

What I think...

I seem to have a hard time blogging when I am in school. Our lives all of a sudden become quite boring and uneventful! We never seem to have time for anything and once again our laundry is piling up. I am completely looking forward to the spring/summer and I am getting very antsy about it. This warmer weather is teasing me!! I am having a hard time staying focused with anything lately because I keep finding myself wishing it was next May. I know its bad to wish it was over a year from now, but I cant help but think of how my life will change when I am done with school! I will be able to just come home from work and relax, or clean the house, or watch tv.. I wont have to spend my hard earned money paying these stupid professors.. who really dont care worth a dang about you or if you pass the class. I know that I wont have a guaranteed job when I get done with school, but just knowing I finally got my degree and that I am officially done will be nice! To tell you the truth.. I never thought that I would even get this far in school, I figured I would go get my associates and then be done. But seeing my families and also the world, I am realizing that I do need an education. Of course I would love to stay at home and take care of my kids forever.. but if I am going to be realistic, I know that we would have a sad poor life if I did that. And no, its not about the money for me, but when I have kids I want to make sure they have everything they need!! I don't want to have to worry about the lack necessities when they are born, I want to know that everything will be okay! So for those reasons, I am sticking with this school thing! I never thought of myself as one of those people that would work this hard for something, but I am surprising myself! I do get stressed (all the time!) and I get frustrated, but once the semester is done and I pass my classes it is the best feeling in the world! Now that I am only a little over a year from graduating, I am getting soo excited and anxious! I hear a future date and I immediately wish it was that date! I think.."Oh.. even if it was next friday that would be one week closer!!" Its crazy, and frankly I hate living life that way because I love to just think about now.. but I can't help it anymore!! This semester is an awesome semester for me! I love it! Why you ask? Because I am actually doing the one thing that I really want to do.. Teach kids!! I am in the lab on tuesdays from 9:30-11:30 (toddlers) and then 1p-4p (preschoolers). What a great fulfilling job that is! I love it and I don't even care if Im not getting paid, or if I will have to work longer at my job because I am there. These kids are amazing! Every once in awhile I think to myself.. "Maybe this job isnt for me.. maybe I cant handle it!" And then I go to the childrens school and it all comes back together! I am completely looking forward to Fall semester where I will get a chance to student teach (the same children's school).. Because of the student teaching, I will have to cut my hours at work because it will not be possible at all to work 40 hrs. I know its going to be extremely exhausting, but man is it going to be awesome!! If everything goes as planned.. I will be student teaching everyday from 7:30-12:30p and then working from 1p-7p.. everyday! Woh.. that is going to be crazy! But I know I can do it! I hope I can do it!! And I know all this will be worth it in the end!
So all in all.. I am quite happy with my decision.. I always try to convince my friends to go back to school and get their degree. Hopefully one day they do, but just know that there will ALWAYS be an excuse not to go to school.. always.. but you gotta just suck it up for awhile and do it! So that is my advice to people that want to go! JUST DO IT!!
Everything around our house is good! Well besides the fact that.. once again.. I have a sinus infection! Does anyone know how to prevent them?! Steven and I are happy as ever and are obsessed with watching.. Hells Kitchen, Biggest Loser(or what I call Big Fat Loser ha ha)..American Idol..Private Practice..Greys Anatomy..and we have picked up watching The Big Bang Theory (which we have seemed to like so far!). We always look forward to those shows in the week, and kind of makes the week less hectic and sucky!
Well that's a long enough blog for now! Hopefully I didn't bore you! I should have some awesome pictures next week to post so come back and check it out!
Thanks for coming to our blog! We hope you enjoy reading about our life and please leave a comment so we know you stopped by!!