Saturday, April 28, 2012

Korbin is 21 months old!!

I feel like I can't say it enough.. I love this little boy to pieces! He is soo cute I just wanna cuddle with him all day everyday!  It amazes me of how happy he is almost all the time.  He is a very good little boy (of course he has his bad times) and loves to do about anything. He has been so good lately to play on his own when it is just us two.. I haven't had the most energy lately. Luckily he is happy to play with his cars for a good few hours.  He makes me laugh sometimes because his personality is a lot like Steven's.. He sometimes starts crying while he is playing with his cars, just out of the blue... I think he is frustrated because the car isn't doing what he wants it to do. Either way, its cute and always makes us laugh.  He absolutely loves being busy and doing things.. he loves getting out of the house even if it's just to go to the store.  He has a favorite jacket and shoes and always chooses those over anything else.  He brings me the jacket and shoes and says "buhbye! Buhbye!" when he wants to leave the house. Sometimes I just find a place to go just so we can get out.  He loves his baths.. although he took a shower with Dad a few weeks ago and has been hesitant to take a bath ever since. Apparently he didnt enjoy the shower! ha ha  He is really good at "trying" to share, but hasn't quite figured out that if you share you have to let them play with it and not take it right back. He is a routine type of kid and is really good at going to bed when he needs to.  He loves saying prayers at night and always wants to talk about "Pappa" during the prayer (my dad), so we often thank him for pappa.  He is a character and is super silly! He continues to be a daredevil and scares me half the time.  He enjoys jumping straight off our couch and faceplanting it on the ground.. somehow that is funny.. for me it's scary! We will definitely have our hands full with this kid.  In another week or so we will be able to see what he thinks of a new little sister. Hopefully he adjusts quickly and loves her like we do. But this kid is a blast and we love him very much!

7 days and counting!

Well I am officially 38 weeks pregnant and I can definitely tell! These pictures were taken at 37 weeks, I will have to make sure and get a few more picures before she is here so we can all see how big I have gotten. My last appt was on Monday and it went well.  I hadn't gained any weight from the two weeks before that is good.  Aubree went from 6lbs to about 7lbs 5 oz.. once again, this is just a pure guess by the dr.  I was dialated to a "1 plus" as she calls it.. not sure what exactly that means, but that isnt near as dialated as I was hoping! She asked if I had any questions and Im sure she wasn't shocked to hear me ask when I can have this baby! She quickly replied with "How does May 5th sound?".. I said PERFECT! So I was finally able to start a countdown and actually have an idea of when she will come.  The doctor usually lets people go early but I didn't want to get my hopes up if it wasnt true. Now I am happy to say that it is just a few days away. 
Things have been going just fine. I really cant complain about much (even though I do!).. my pregnancy has treated me about as good as it could, but I still think it sucks even when its great! My ribs are the constant pain and I always find myself wishing I could rip out a few of them so I wont have that constant pain.  I am sleeping okay but I can tell I am hitting the last few weeks because it is harder to do everything. Bending over is not possible.. luckily I have a good little boy that is usually willing to pick things up for me. Aubree gets hiccups all the time.. at least 3 times a day and the last one always starts as I am laying in bed trying to fall asleep.  She is super active and she is getting so big now that I can tell it's a foot buldging from my belly.
 We are about ready now.. still a few things left to do but mostly ready.  My sister is throwing me a shower today to help us get the last few things we need, so that will be really nice! I have been able to stock up on formula for the past few months and I am actually impressed with myself by how much I have! I have a good 18+ liquid bottles and about 8 powder formulas.. (thanks Rachel!)  So that will help a lot!
 So anyway, next Saturday will be the day! I am anxious, scared, nervous, excited, and ready! It's definitely a different feeling the second time because you know what to expect, but I am hoping she is ready to come so I dont have another 15 hr labor. Either way we will be happy to meet our new little one.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The past few weeks. Catch-up!

I blame this partly on the weather and partly because I am nesting! The past few weeks have be super busy for us not only getting Aubree's stuff ready, but we have been trying to get our yard back into shape.  Luckily for us, Korbin is OBSESSED with being outside so we have ample time to do yardwork.  We have also had the opportunity to go to 3 ReAL soccer games in about 1 1/2 weeks.. and might I say it was a blast!  But might I also mention that the last one probably did me in until this baby is born!  Along with the craziness we had Easter. So this post is going to be a bunch of random stuff that has been going on for the past 3 weeks or so!
Yardwork- Steven had a really good idea to move our garden across the lawn to a better place.. a place where it will get more water, sun, and less weeds. Sounds awesome right? Well we might have not realized how hard it was going to do to move it over. We ended up renting a sod cutter for a night and Steven cut our new garden and rolled up the sod.
Lucky for us my Dad is always willing to come help.. sometimes soo willing that he will come do our yardwork himself while Steven is at work. This certain day Steven was home and was able to continue the garden work as my dad helped. They transfered most of the dirt from our previous garden to our new garden (which was quiet the task). I felt very useless because well.. I was. I cant do anything but watch and I HATE that!

 Then from there Steven put the sod in the old garden.  We are now almost ready for garden season.  We still have a few things to do to get ready for it, but the garden is moved and we have some high hopes this year that we will do better then last year. (Which shouldn't be too hard!)

ReAL Soccer games-
We have the fabulous pass of all passes thing which gets you in four games of ReAL's.. so we get a chance to at least make it to four games. Usually we are lucky enough to make it to a good amount of them, but the four "free" ones are the added bonus. The first game Steven couldnt go to so I invited my brother Travis. It was a lot of fun but we lost.. which was super sad!

The third game we went for our anniversary and it was a lot of fun! We got there a little early so we could eat some yummy food and just watch the players warmup.  Steven won a ReAL beanie and a mini soccer ball for Korb.  We had some delicious chicken quesidillas and they won! So overall it was a blast and we enjoyed spending the evening there, just us two.

The UP house-
My sister lives about 5 mins away from the UP house so while we were out visiting her the other day we stopped at the house and took some pictures.  I guess I shouldnt have worn a bright yellow shirt to match the house! You can't see us too well in this picture but it is Korb and I.. he was very fascinated by the house.. he hasn't seen the movie but it will be fun to tell him that we saw the house when he does watch it.

 My parents have 4 grandboys.. no granddaughters (yet!).. so here is a picture of the four boys.

Easter was a fun day spent with my side of the family.  It was a really nice day and the kids loved being outside.  The Easter bunny came to our house earlier that morning and spoiled Korbin like crazy!  Korb had a little Easter egg hunt at my parents house and got some good treats and toys. He had a lot of fun.    The day was nice and we all had a good time.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

6 years of happiness!

I heard that new-ish song by Train called Marry me the other day and it brought back all these memories of my wedding day. I remember it like it was yesterday, yet at the same time it seems like I have known Steven my whole life.  Our wedding day was so fun and magical, marrying your best friend, getting all prettied up, being around amazing family and friends, eating delicious food! Anyway, our wedding day was as perfect as I ever wanted! Now 6 years later I feel extra lucky for having such a wonderful marriage.  We mesh together so well and always support each other no matter what.  I do have the best husband in the world (at least for me!) and I love every bit about him.  I can't believe how fast time flies and how much we have grown as the years past.  Steven is a great husband and the cutest dad I have ever seen.  Sometimes I just sit and watch Korbin and Dad play and I cant stop smiling.  I love their special bond and I am excited to see what our little princess will bring to us. 
This year for our anniversary we are going to keep it simple. Since I am 8 months pregnant I didnt really feel up to doing anything major so we both happily decided on going to the ReAL soccer game.  Luckily we have a nice hook-up there and we were able to get tickets for free. So to treat ourselves we will be eating delicious arena food and for a treat we will be having roasted almonds! Yummy!  We dont usually do anything big for our anniversary, but it is always nice to take a little time just us to do something fun.
 So.. in 4 years from now (10 yr anniversary) we are planning our amazing anniversary trip on a cruise boat! We have already started saving and have talked about places we might want to go.  Oh and of course we will be getting a spa package along with a pretty sweet room! So for now we will look forward to that and just enjoy our mini anniversaries!

Our wonderful honeymoon in Hawaii.. It's fun to look back at where it all started.

35 weeks and counting!

  Yes, your assumption is right.. I am still getting bigger! I have hit the point in the pregnancy where I am uncomfortable all the time, luckily for me I can now count the weeks on one hand! I didn't think I would ever get to this point!
 Overall this has been a pretty decent pregnancy. The last few weeks I have felt the ligaments stretch more and more which hurts like.. well you know.. I have gotten to the point where I either need to take a nice hot bubble bath or the good ol heat bag.  I dont really remember that much pain last pregnancy, but I am just hoping I can handle it for another few weeks. My sleep has been decent.. I can definitely tell I am getting bigger because I have a hard time rolling over at night especially with my 8 inches of memory foam! There is definitely no reaching my toes at this point. My toenails havent been painted in months and to tie my shoes is a joke!  My ribs feel like they are broken at all times, she kicks them like crazy and I find myself wishing I could rip my ribs out for a few more weeks.
 My last appt went well. It was almost 2 weeks ago and I start going this week for the every week apt. But the last appt the dr estimated Aubree as 5lbs 12 oz.. which was over a pound more then normal. (of course its just an estimate, she could be 3 lbs, she could be 7 lbs!)  I had to get my blood taken again for my low platelet count from last time.  I am anxious to see this week what the results were this time.  I imagine if they are still low she will continue to monitor it and we will go from there.  We got a cute picture of Aubree's face last appt and it made me super excited to meet her. She looked a little like Korbin, but we will see!
 I am trying to find motivation to get everything done that needs to be done. This past week I finally got the crib ready, it's really quite weird to see all this pink and purple stuff in the crib when I am used to blues, greens, and reds.  So it is fun and exciting to have a girl this time.
 Everything else is going well.  Only a few more weeks and I will have a post about the new addition to our family!
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