Friday, May 25, 2012

Cousin Fun

The past few weeks we have had the opportunity to spend a little extra time with cousins.  Korb is a lucky kid that has almost all his cousins within about 15 mins of him and gets to see most of them frequently.  He doesn't get the chance to hang out with the Roper boys (Steven's sisters kids), but when they do come he has the best time! The Roper cousins are rough and tough like he is and loves to get dirty, he get chased by his older cousin Dalin (5yrs old) and then they eat dirt together.  It's pretty cute and he loves it! Then we have Makayla who is Korbin's best friend.. they do everything together and they almost always get a long.  They are so close in age that it is a lot of fun.  They have the best time hanging out whether its destroying the house or playing outside.  He definitely loves his cousin Makayla.  Then of course the Rounds girls (Bailey, Kyla, and Leah).  He loves them also.. he loves the older girls because they are soo nice to him and let him try to be a big kid like them.  They are very cute with him.
 Here are some fun pictures of the past month or two of the cousin fun.  Unfortunately Korb doesn't get the chance to play with the Shaw boys very much so I don't have any pictures of them.

Korb is a big 22 months!

Ohh how crazy life is! My once little boy is now almost two years old! He is a ball of energy and would go go go go all day, everyday if we let him.  He absolutely LOVES going outside and will entertain himself almost all the time.  He is such a social butterfly.. he loves kids, even kids that are 5+ years older then him.. if they will play with him he will be the happiest kid on the planet.  He always wants to go up and talk to people, always says "hi" to strangers.  He loves his 99 cent sunglasses and will wear them for hours.. its one of the cutest things! He is getting good at talking and copying what you say.. he loves his animal sounds and loves to "sing" the ABC's and Twinkle twinkle little star.  He has a special place in his heart for his Daddy and he just loves him to pieces. I absolutely love watching them play together. He loves the school bus that our neighbor drives and he looks forward to seeing it every day. He is an awesome eater and eats everything..even things that aren't food ha ha. He also started getting his bottom molars in this past month (finally!) and we are looking forward to them coming all the way through so he doesn't have sore gums anymore. He is a super dare devil which will probably result in a broken bone or two in the next few years.  He loves water in any form (except to drink it).
 This month he got a new baby sister and I am happy to say that he is soo sweet to her.  He loves her and is very soft with her. He knows who she is and will come up to her and say hi or give her an air kiss.  He doesn't bother her too much and he doesn't seem jealous of the attention she is getting.  He is a really good helper and always gets her binkie or blanket for us (even when we don't need/want it).
 My two amazing kiddos :)
 One of Korb's many funny faces
 Sunglasses in the house.. might as well!
 Cuddling with Daddy and sister
 Being silly
Swimming outside

What you get when you tell him to smile!

Our happy kid!

We love this little boy and he is such a sweet big brother. I'm glad that he loves his little sister and I know he will take care of her when they get a little older. I love Korbin's sweet spirit and his goofy attitude.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Aubree Aly Rounds

We are happy to announce the arrival of our new baby Aubree Aly.  She was born on May 5th, 2012 @ 1:02pm.  She was a chunky 10lbs 1oz and 21 inches long. 
 The induction went well this time and actually gives me hope that if I do want to have another kid that maybe it wont be as terrible as the 15 hr labor I had with Korbin.  With Aubree we went in at 8am on May 5th, the dr broke my water at 8:45am and by 12:30pm I was fully dilated.  We waited for the dr to come, gave two good pushes and Aubree was born at 1:02pm.
 It is amazing how different each labor can be.  My two experiences couldn't have been more different, but in the end I am always glad it is over and excited to have a healthy, happy baby in my arms.
 We had some awesome family support at the hospital as well as at home.  We are lucky enough to have both sides of our families be there and want to be involved in our special day.  Korbin got the chance to spend Saturday with his Grandma Rounds as well as Aunt Leslee and Cousin Makayla.  When Korb got to the hospital to see Aubree he just kind of looked at her, not sure what to think. 
 After the first night we were ready to come home. The beds are terrible and I didn't like being trapped in the room or being checked on every little while, so we decided to go home Sunday evening.  It was nice to be home and Korb didn't seem to mind the new little one we brought home with us.
 Now that the week or two has passed Korb knows who Aubree is, but he never seems to care that she is there, he just does his own thing and will occasionally go say hi to her.  He is also a big help with her, always putting the Binky back in her mouth or getting her blanket. He is just a sweet big brother and we are glad that he is transitioning so well.
 Aubree is doing well.. she has had a cold the past few days and I haven't liked that too much. She has had major boogies and lots of sneezes but she still sleeps and eats well so I think she will be just fine.  She isn't as good of a sleeper as I remember Korb being which is unfortunate, but she is a decent sleeper and I really can't complain.  She will wake up once a night usually around 3am, sometimes she will wake up twice and those are the nights I dread.  She will eat a good 3 ounces and need to burp.  It takes about 30 mins to get that all done and then we are usually back to bed.
 Everything else is going well. I only have about 6lbs left to lose and hopefully in another few weeks I can get to exercising again and playing some soccer. I have been itching to do anything besides sit on the couch, so I am excited to start moving again!
 Thank you to all our friends and family for the support with our new addition. We have had some delicious dinners brought to us that helps tremendously as well as presents for Korb and Aubree.

 The proud Mom and Dad with baby.
 There is the proof! 10 lbs!
Look at those chunky legs!!

Getting ready to go home.
And the final picture of me the night before she was born. Boy was I BIG! And I am extremely glad I don't look like that anymore!

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