Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The hard part is over!

Well as of about 1:30pm today, our interviews are over! Steven's interview was yesterday (Monday). He said that it went good! Which I am very glad about! I guess this one lady mentioned that she thought he shouldn't have applied so early.. so that kind of made him feel stupid, but in all reality, all of our teachers encourage us to apply as early as we can so we can make sure and get in. So I thought that was kinda stupid! But hopefully that didnt affect their choosing process. As for me.. I think it went well.. unfortunately I had no coverage at work so I could leave for the interview.. so I left 5 mins later then I needed to. So I drove super fast and ran to the building and luckily made it without them noticing when I got there. The interviewers seemed to be very nice, which made me a little more comfortable! I just tried my best and gave them the best answers I could! Thank goodness for Randy's help in this! Steven's dad helped us write our admission statements and our letter stating why we should get in with our lower GPA. Well he basically wrote it for us. Which is okay with me! But Im thankful for his help and everyone's good luck wishes! Thanks guys, you're awesome! So now we just have to cross our fingers for at least 3 weeks! They will send us a letter at the end of October or start of November letting us know if we got in or not! So it is a long wait, but at least the hard part is over! Oh and our cousin Candice also applied to the program and had an interview yesterday, she said hers went well also! That would be pretty cool if all three of us got in!
Everything else is going good.. school is good.. work sucks as always.. and well thats my life for now! Oh and Steven and I are completely EXCITED for Saturday to come.. The Jazz intrasquad scrimmage (for free!) is sat afternoon.. so we are way excited to go see them! wahoo!!
Thanks for all the support! We always appreciate it!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Long long weeks.. Never Ending..

Well.. things have been pretty busy lately and yet, my life is so boring that its probably not even worth blogging.. but I will do it anyway! We have just been working and going to school.. we are liking our classes pretty well, everything we are taking is for our programs, so thats a plus. Besides those two things, we basically dont do anything else. We will usually come home.. do homework, eat dinner, and go to bed! Fun huh?
Things have been a little crappy for the Rounds family this past week.. Randy (Steven's Dad) has been really sick and got us pretty scared. Last Tuesday he went to the hospital because he was in some major pain, they sent him home saying it was Ulcers, so they didnt give him any drugs because the drugs would irritate the Ulcer. By Thursday night he was in so much pain that he went to the hospital again.. then the found the blood clots. So they kept him in the hospital all weekend watching the clots because they were waiting for the blood clots to break up. They were also doing tests to find out why he is getting them. Well of course they cant figure out why, so there are no answers there.. And thank goodness he is doing well enough that he came home on Monday and he was up and about a little bit tonight, he even made it to Steven and Ryan's basketball game. So we are extremely grateful that he is doing good and that he is alright! We don't like scares like that!!
Next Monday and Tuesday are our interviews to get into the Education Program. Im pretty scared about it and am just hoping and praying and crossing my fingers that we make it! I can't help but think that I dont have much chance because of my low GPA. They like you to have a 3.0 to get in, but they do accept people with lower GPA's.. so we are both going to try and hope that by some freek thing, that we get accepted! But like I said.. I dont expect to get in this time.. I hope to, but I dont expect it. I just figured it was worth a shot either way! Steven has a pretty good shot, he has a higher GPA and seems to do a lot better in interviews.. so Im hoping he does awesome and gets in!
I am completely loving this weather!! Awesome! I love the whole hoodie and blanket weather! I love laying in bed cuddling, and watching tv or a movie.. and oddly enough, I am starting to actually enjoy drinking hot chocolate! So I'm pretty excited that the temp. has cooled down a little bit!
My brother and Sis-in law are expecting their second child! I was hoping today that they would find out if its a boy or girl, but they were unable to tell! Dang! She is due March 14.. so still quite a ways away! But we are quite excited to have another lil Ryker around! I'm thinking it will probably be a little boy, but I will be quite excited for either one!
Well I think thats about it! I will try to have some better, more exciting stuff to tell ya next time!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I have been TAGGED!

***I was Tagged by JILL****

The Rules:-Link the Person who Tagged you- Mention rules on your blog- Tell about 6 quirks of yours- Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same- Leave a comment to let them know.

1. My first Quirk is that when I hop in bed I always have to have covers, whether it is a sheet, or a comforter, but either way.. I have to be covered.. I think its more of a security thing for me. My husband will be dying of heat and be on top of the covers, and I will be under the covers. So thats kind of funny.
2. My second one is the dishwasher. When my wonderful husband helps me do the dishes he sometimes puts the silverware upside down in the tray. Of course I dont want to discourage him from helping me, but everytime I have to go in and flip the silverware so the spoon, or fork part is up. I feel that if its dont upwards then it doesnt get washed.. but.. the funny thing is.. the knifes have to be downward, so I dont stab myself when I get them out! And also, I never wash my pans or anything like that, I will always wash them by hand.
3. At work I dont like other people doing my stuff, or helping me out. I dont care if I am weeks behind.. I would prefer to do them on my own. I think it stemmed from my boss, he does some of my paperwork and everytime he brings it back, I have to go back and fix things. So I would just prefer to do things on my own! It's nice for the offer, but I just dont like to share!
4. I HAVE to make to do lists! If I dont have a to do list I am going crazy!! A to do list helps me organize my time and figure out the things that need to be done. I must have brainwashed my husband because ever since we got married he asks me to make him a to do list for his week. I think I learned this one from my father, he is always writing a list or have a checklist on the white board. But I think that it helps me alot and makes my life a little less stressful. Plus I haven noticed that I dont have as much to do as I think I do.
5. When I go to bed the TV has to be on. I think only about 2% of the time the TV isnt on when I fall asleep. For some people it keeps them up, but for me.. it helps me fall asleep! This one all started with my husband. When we get in bed he turns on the TV, so from there on out I have to have it on. Even when my husband isn't home when I go to bed, I will leave the TV on so I can fall asleep. I also dont let my husband watch South Park when I am trying to fall asleep because its so loud and the voices are so terrible, that I cant sleep with South Park on.
And last but not least! ( I am having a hard time picking which ones I should mention!)
6. The last one for today would be me and my wedding ring.. It all started on a wonderful January 7th. From that day on.. I could not part with my ring! I have had to get it sized, and cleaned and everytime I do, it is like one of the worst days of my life! I feel naked, and single! Ahh!! So now I dont really get my ring cleaned or anything like that because I dont want to be without my ring. I feel very self-concious when I dont have it on.. so everywhere I go, everything I do (except shower and soccer) I wear my ring.

Okay.. so there are a few of my quirks.. I am now tagging.. RACHEL, BRITTANY, HEIDI, BONNIE, MEGAN, AND MEGAN

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Football Season!!

Oh how excited we are for football season to finally start!!! If you know me.. you know I am a HUGE football fan, especially the Indianapolis Colts!! I have jerseys, authentic autographed football, calendars, plaques, beanies, earrings, watch, bowling ball, car seats, steering wheel covers, floor mats, blankets, and Im sure some other things that I cant think of.. so I am pretty crazy about the Colts!! And Steven is a Huge fan of the Buffalo Bills!!! (which is what we are watching right now!) We are working on getting him hooked up on some football stuff as well.. but he isn't as spoiled as I am.. So we are thrilled for football to have finally started!! Now we feel like we have something to look forward to! It is so fun to watch!! We have some football leagues going on as well! We have a fantasy football league that I made up.. and its basically our families playing against each other.. so thats way fun! And Steven is playing in another fantasy football league with his friends and also has a pick-em game with some family and friends. So we spend plenty of time watching games!
We have a huge variety of team likeness in our families.. my family is big on the 49ers.. My sis Megan likes the Patriots.. and I like the Colts.. Steven's family.. Ryan likes the Bears.. His dad likes the Steelers.. Rachel likes the Lions.. Steven likes the Bills.. and well Leslee hasn't seemed to pick a team yet! What a slacker! So that is our football life! We also enjoy going to Weber State football games.. only because its free! ha ha.. but its fun to be in that atmosphere.
Besides football Steven and I are just working on getting through this semester. We seem to be doing okay.. still caught up on our homework and doing good with that. Work isnt too bad for me.. I am waking up an hour earlier to get my hours in at work, but I almost seem to like going in when there is no one around. With Steven's work, he is working 6 days a week.. which sucks pretty bad! We dont have much time for anything, but then again.. it helps us save money for school, and our trips we wanna take next year. But I am pretty excited to be taking classes for my major, and seems to be more interesting!
Im still waiting for dear Brittany to send me my birthday pictures, so hopefully I will post them soon!
GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!
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