Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lots of pictures! Beware!

So I have been a major slacker lately and haven't found time to put up all our pictures from the past few months.. so of course I will not post every picture I have, but I will put my favorite ones up so you can get the idea of our summer. So if you don't have a lot of time then you might wanna come back later!! :)
BEAR LAKE 2009 (our annual trip with the Shaw/Rounds Fam)

The boys!
Ryker and I

Ryker trying to be like Grandpa

Steven and I all bundled up.

The sticky tree sapped tree! My mom thought of a good way to not get sap on your arms.. use saran wrap!!

The three little buddies! Ryker, Lexi, Dalin

Casey acting cool at the beach.

These pictures are when we were fixing our swamp cooler. YUCK!

The filthy, mold infested swamp cooler pads that have been there for well over 3 years.. which might be a cause of all our sicknesses this year!

Dan and Steven on the roof.

Steven's Dad, Dan, and Steven trying to figure out how to put a motor back on the swamp cooler.

Steven's Dad Randy, and Steven's Grandma watching from the porch as the other two boys work.

These are pictures of the ReAL SL soccer game on the 3rd of July.. Firework show!

Ryker with part of a streamer on his head!

Steven and I at the game!

Me, Ryker, and Megan sportin the streamers on our heads!

My Dad, Mom, and baby Jaxson

Ryker looking through binoculars.. funny!

Jaxson Terry

Steven and I trying to get a cool picture with the fireworks

Steven and I

My bro Travis, Jaxson, Laura, and Ryker

Mormon Tabernacle Choir

View from my seat! It was awesome by the way!!

Me before the concert.. sometimes I actually do my hair!

Steven and I before the concert.

And another ReAL game with Steven's family!

The skydivers bringing the game ball and the American Flag

Left to Right- Devin, Leslee, Rachel, Ryan, Steven, and Me!

Rachel and I

Stevie and I

And that is it for now!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


So I was just sitting here and the Bass from a car outside the building was rattling the windows. Got me thinking about all the dumb things about cars and the people who drive them. I will warn anyone who is a "car lover" or a crappy driver, or people who are easily offended to stop reading this post now.
I enjoy music and I even enjoy a nice sound system with Bass, but when the Bass is so overwhelmingly loud that you can no longer hear the singing... it's too much. What's the point? You can't hear the singing, you can't hear any other instruments.
Souped up pieces of garbage make me laugh. Why did you spend thousands of dollars to "pimp out" your 1996 Honda Accord that isn't worth $2500. The lowered car with the tires sticking out 8 inches on both sides with the blue lights. Then throw a fat spoiler on there that's made for a monster truck and you're good to go! The only thing missing is the crappy muffler that makes the car sound "tough" and "fast" even though everybody knows it's not either. Drive up and down neighborhoods with the windows down and bump that crappy bass so everybody can hear how cool you are.

I have also come to conclude that MOST people are terrible drivers! It's scary out there. I drive five minutes to work and back every day and I run across crappy drivers every day. You would think I could drive ten minutes without coming across a bad driver, but it's rare. The nice thing about a car is all the SWEET features. You know.... Blinkers. That lets people know what you're about to do. That way you don't have to just force your way across five lines unexpectedly. And the blinkers are so easy to use. You can just push that little lever up or down with ONE finger! Most people don't use them though. It's not hard to do, and it makes everybody else's drive that much easier.

I don't understand how 98% of people can't make a proper left turn. It baffles me! There are usually two lanes involved in a left turn. The first (and closest) lane is designed for people turning left at a light! The other lane is perfect for those people making a right turn onto the same streat. That way BOTH lanes can be used to keep the flow of traffic moving. But alas... most people turn across the first lane and head right into the second (far) lane. Which makes it impossible for the right turn cars to go.

Sorry that was a lot to come out just because of a little bass outside.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Familes are Forever

The Shaw Family at our wedding. Missing-Ryker and Jaxson

The Rounds Family. Missing-Bailey, Dalin, Kyla, and Braden

So the past few weeks I have been spending more and more time with my family and Steven's family. We always spend a good amount of time with each family, but during the summers we tend to do a lot more. By spending all this time with our families it makes me more grateful for what I have. I am one of those extremely lucky people that married into a family that was just as great as my family. They have the same values, goals, and even like the same things. Not many people can say that, and I really feel so grateful that I can.
The past few years I have had a chance to get to know my in laws more and the more I learn, the more happy I am, the more grateful I am, and the more I feel like part of the family. I am lucky to have one of my best friends as a sister in law and I really do feel like I could tell her anything. And once again, not many people can say that. I think that Steven has a blast with my family and thinks of my family as his.
I always think of how grateful I am to not only have Steven's great family in my life, but Steven.. and for more then one reason! Ever since Steven started coming over to my parents house I have seen more and more of my brother. My brother loves the family but he is such a busy guy that sometimes he forgets that we are fun too! Since Steven showed up he has started coming over a lot more often, I think of them as really good friends and they have a blast when they hang out. It has been such a transition to see both of our families grow closer as the years go by. We have some pretty amazing traditions that I feel spoiled to be a part of! So this blog is to thank my families for being the best!! Nothing makes me happier then knowing that my family is forever!
Thanks for coming to our blog! We hope you enjoy reading about our life and please leave a comment so we know you stopped by!!