Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Casidy @ 2 months

Stats- Weight: 11.13lbs (75%)
         Height: 23.5 in (90%)
         Head:15 in (30%)

At Casidy's two month appointment we found out that she doesn't have a blood blister on her lip, it is actually a hemangioma, which would explain why it would never go away and kept getting bigger. Our doctor wanted us to see a specialist to figure out what we can do to fix it, we will update you more on that later.
 Casidy is continuing her excellent sleeping. She has slept in until 9am some mornings.. so from about 10:30pm until 9am.. quite a good sleeper! Her normal is 10:30pm until 6:30am which I can't complain about. She still sleeps all the time and I would say she is maybe up 5 hrs total throughout the day. She hates her swing and hasn't decided how she feels about binkies yet. We stopped wrapping her arms in the blanket this month so she has a little more freedom. She can coo and its adorable. She is now in 3 month clothing and still eats 4 oz every 3ish hours. She takes a good 30 mins to eat, she is never in a huge hurry to eat. She doesn't love her car seat but she does fall asleep in it most of the time. She has also started to somewhat enjoy baths, except for when I scrub her scalp. She has gone on many walks with the family and a bunch of lunch dates with Grandma Shaw. She is still a happy, easy going baby and we love her!!

Casidy's 1st month

Our precious little Casidy is such a wonderful baby! She is adjusting well to this world and all her crazy family members. She is a great sleeper and is always sleeping the day away. At the second week of life she was sleeping until 6am. From then on she is inconsistent but still a good sleeper. Some nights its 4:30am and some nights its 6:30am. She switched to formula after 4 weeks and seems to be gaining weight a lot better. We started noticing a blood blister on her lip after the first week and it just keeps getting bigger. She got a chance to wear newborn clothes, something we haven't experienced before because our other kids were chunks. She wore newborn clothes for the first month and then she was outgrowing them (length wise). She will take a binkie but hasn't mastered keeping it in herself. We have managed to get the kids to sleep all at the same time so we have been able to get an hour or two of peace and quiet each day. Casidy is our chill little runt and we look forward to her future!

 First camping trip!

 First night sleeping in her own crib @ 4 weeks

 Doctor's appointment at 2 weeks
 A day at church.
 Newborn photos taken by my sister-

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