Monday, July 25, 2011

Camping trip number 2!

This second camping trip was a little more fun for me because everyone was still there when I got off work. We just went up to South Fork and it was hot! You would have thought with all our trees around that it would shade a few things, but it didnt. Luckily we brought up 3 shade tents so we were able to sit in the shade. We also had the river that cooled us off and it was fun to jump in there. The little kiddos got to sit in their tub of water which was fun for them. It helped cool them off so they could finally take a good nap. It definitely is a big change to take a kid camping. Korbin is at the stage where he wants to climb up on everything and eat everything so we were always watching him. We were able to sleep in Steven's parents tent trailer with them and boy oh boy that made a HUGE difference. I seriously dont think we will ever sleep in a tent again! We got to play some games, eat tons and tons of junk food and we got to sit around and talk. We also went on some walks with the kiddos and they loved that. I think this will end our camping for the year which is a little sad, but it was fun. Next year will be even more fun when Korbin can walk and play with his cousins.

 Korbins look alike, Grandpa Randy
 He was super sad..just look at that face!

 Having fun in the water.

 The two bestest friends and troublemakers.

Korbins first birthday party!

Well I was defintely new at this whole planning a kids birthday thing and I seemed to let time go by too quickly.  When I realized I needed to plan his birthday I had two weeks! So it was a bit of a rush.  We did have a good time and Korbin got extremely spoiled!
 To start off his day we went to the zoo. It was a lot of fun except for the fact that there wasn't very many animals there.  We had some family join us and that made it more fun!  Korbin enjoyed seeing the bigger animals and the animals that moved a lot.  His favorites were the elephant and the lemurs.  He probably could have watched the lemurs for hours if we let him.  The lemurs were cute because they had two little babies climbing around also.  We packed a lunch so we ate it there and continued our trip. 
 That evening we did the cake and ice cream.  It was a great turnout and we have such a great family that supports us.  My sis in law Leslee made the cake, and then I made Korbin's smash cake.  It was the perfect temperature so we were able to have it in the backyard.  Korbin absolutely LOVED his cake and actually ate almost a whole cake on his own!
 His special day was a blast and he slept great that night! We are excited to celebrate many many more birthdays with him.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Camping and Swimming fun!

We have already had some fun trips this summer and we are excited for the rest of the year. So far we have gone camping, spent the weekend in SLC at my parents condo, and swam at Raging Waters/Seven Peaks. We hope to continue our fun with another camping trip, a weekend in Park City, the zoo, and many more swim trips. Anyway we went camping with Steven's family. It was kind of a bummer trip for me because I was working and unable to come up until late fri night and then almost everyone left saturday. So I missed some of the fun.  We did have a lot of fun and was able to just sit and relax. Korbin loved the camping trip and he did well the whole time we were there. It was definitely a new experience for us to have a child while we camped and I did not realize how much more stuff you have to bring for just one little kid! We were going to stay until Monday but on that Sunday morning when we woke up we realized that it was probably going to rain all day so we decided to go home and spend the night at Ryan and Rachels. Overall it was a lot of fun!
Steven kind of looks mad lol, I think he was just squinting from the sun. My two handsome boys :)
My sis in law Rachel and my cute nieces Bailey and Kyla

Korb going for a pretzel!
My bestest buddy in the world and I. He loved camping!
This is a little tent for him. It has a little air mattress and everything. I think he had more fun playing in it than sleeping.
Chunker Makayla. Korbins cousin.
Korb all ready to play in the dirt.
Korbin and his cousin Leah (3 months apart).
Korb sportin!
And last of all.. you cant forget the shower. Steven has never been soo excited to take a shower.

On to the swim park-
 Korb and I getting ready to go in.
 He LOVED the water and wanted to just sit and splash all day.
 Korb and his cousin Makayla. They both ended the day with crawling as far out in the water as they could.
 Kyla, Leslee, and Bailey
 Korb havin fun!
 My bro in law Ryan, excited that he got the triple tube. Which ended up being a BLAST!!
 My sis in law Rachel and cute little Leah.
 The two trouble makers again.

We had a lot of fun at Raging Waters and I am soo glad Korb enjoyed it so now we can go again soon!
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