Monday, December 21, 2009


Four Decembers ago Alyssa and I were dating exclusively. We had already talked about getting married. Her parents expected me to give her a ring any day (and so did she) despite the fact that we had only dated a short time. It was just one of those things that fit together. We knew we'd be getting married so we made the natural choice and did what....... We bought a DOG! We bought a miniture (Italian) Greyhound for $250. I always told Alyssa I wanted a smaller dog that could just sit on your lap comfortably. Not one of those massive dogs that eats more than a human being does and REALLY destroys things if he gets out of control. My only other request was that our dog was active and enjoyed playing. I didn't want a bum-for-a-dog that just lays around all day and gets up when it's time to eat! I wanted a fun dog.

Alyssa was looking around a bit and found out that some people she knew had Mini greyhound puppies so we went over to look at them. When I saw the dad dog my first thought was: "What the crap is this thing! That looks like a giraffe and rat mix." (Steven's thoughts speaking)

Of course the puppies were cute, but almost all baby animals are cute so I couldn't put too much weight into that! We took a chance on a hideous breed and I have to say I'm pretty happy with it. We named our dog Jimmy, which fits him perfectly!

He's pretty small for his breed. He's a very active dog. Almost TOO active. He always wants to play with his squeek toys. Luckily he doesn't chew up furniture, clothes, shoes, or anything else like that. He sticks to his toys. Every day when I get home Jimmy will run and find his ball and roll it at my feet with his tail wagging 100 MPH!

Most kids adore Jimmy. They love watching him run around the yard. He doesn't have kids around him too often so he's not really kid safe just yet, but I suppose he'll have to learn some day. He's generally a good dog and I have a lot of fond memories of him already. Maybe I can convince Alyssa to put some pictures of him on here for those of you that haven't seen him. So those are just a few facts about our little dog Jimmy! Jimboy! Jimbo! Jim! Jimmy dean! Jimster! Jim-Bob!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

School & the Holidays

Well I've survived yet another semester at Weber State University.... I think!
Grades aren't out for another week or so but I think I passed my classes. The only class I question is my Red Cross Certification. I only got a 78.5% on my final, which could be a problem. The teacher has been telling us we can't get under 80% on any Red Cross test or we wouldn't reveive our certification. So Unless there was a throw out question I may be NOSE JOBBED! For those of you who aren't familiar with "nose jobs," it's just safe to say it's not a good thing. Just think about it for a minute.... If you have to get a nose job that's not a good situation. You've either broken your nose so severely that it required a surgical procedure, you're shallow and don't accept the nose you have, or you honestly have such a rhinocerous of a nose that it needed surgery. All BAD things. Right? So getting back tot he point, I hope I don't get nose jobbed on my Red Cross Certification because I don't want to have to take a class over again due to one question.
My other three classes should be fine, unless I get zero percent on my finals, which is quite impossible.

I talked to my couselor last week and I guess I still have two years left. I think the last time I talked to her was about 18 months ago and I had about two years left back then! So I guess I'll just keep going to school, with plans of graduating in two years. Apparently I've got two more semesters of classes and then I have my program classes or "levels," which consist of teaching classes and then student teaching! We also have what's called senior seminar in the Physical Education program. During that semester we'll go to a Jr. High or High School and be an "assistant" teacher. I'll be there for the classes and observe the real teacher in the classes, but from what I've heard I'll basically be teaching the class. So that will be some good experience if I ever get that far.

Christmas is just a few weeks away. My level of excitement is disappointing to say the least. I'm excited to give Alyssa her gifts and stocking, but aside from that Christmas has become a shell of what it used to be. I'm in the middle ground in life where it's lost some luster. Don't see much of my family, don't have kids to buy gifts for, we rush from one place to another in attempts to see everybody. I just wonder where the FUN went. I suppose if we ever decide to have kids that will change and I'll be excited to see their excitement! We do have a little after Christmas trip I'm looking forward to. The whole family should be there and we're going to do some sledding and play some games! Hopefully there's a low dose of drama and a high dose of fun.
I should probably just focus on the true meaning of Christmas, and be thankful for the many things I do have.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My sister the great photographer!

So my sister loves to take pictures and is very talented doing it. Well she is also very willing to take pictures for the family. A few weeks ago she came up and we went and got pictures taken, just Steven and I. It was really cold, but I think the pictures turned out awesome and I am extremely happy with the outcome. I am glad my sister shares one of her many talents with the family. Here are some pictures she did, some are the same with different effects. Hope you enjoy them! I know I do! :) Thanks sis! Love ya!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

People and their manners!.. or lack there of.

So as most of you know I work at the Weber County Jail. I sit at the front window answering phones, helping customers (usually family putting money on inmates accounts), etc. As you can imagine, I unfortunately do not get to deal with the good of the community, instead I deal with the non-educated parents who barely speak english. Most of the time I am pretty good at staying positive and being nice to these people, but the past few weeks I have been soo sick of these stupid people. It would be one story if they were just un-educated and just didn't know, but you add on attitudes and rudeness and the smell, that is what I deal with daily. I decided today that I am extremely glad that I do not have to work here forever. I hate dealing with these people because they are so rude all of the time. My favorite thing is that these family members are pissed off at me because their family member is in jail, like I put them in jail and I committed the crime! They get mad at me because we aren't allowed to pass messages to the inmates.. can you imagine 900 inmates getting messages taken from me and a few others all day every day, I mean come on!
Today I had a guy come talk to me about his friend, he was okay at first until I told him that he couldnt see the inmate until it was his visiting time. He got mad and said this place is stupid and stormed off. Really? What do you expect when you go to jail?! I have people daily hang up on me because I am not allowed to give out release dates.. How immature do you have to be to just hang up on someone who kindly answered the phone and spoke to you?
We are such an inconvieniance here at the jail, and these inmates never committed the crime. Right!
But my favorite thing about these customers is this... and I am not exactly sure how they do it but.. EVERY SINGLE person that comes into the lobby and comes up to my window smells like they just showered themself in smoke. How is it possible to smell soo bad all the time? Don't they take a shower..ever?
So that is my job, hopefully for just a little bit longer and I can finally do what I want to do. I can finally have a job where I look forward to it and have some type of satisfaction that I am doing good in the world!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

FOUR years ago today..

Four years ago today my best friend walked into my life. I can not believe how incredibly fast time goes by, it seems like the other day that we were dating and staying up late to go to Denny's. Four years ago I found Steven on Myspace and wrote him a comment..Four years ago he wrote back saying my favorite football team sucked..and four years ago we made a bet on the Colts vs. Patriots game. Of course my bet was that the Colts would win, his was that they would lose, we both ended up winning in the end!
Steven came into my life when I was not ready for anything but fun, he was (and still is) a very handsome, tall guy who made me laugh. Only when I left for Seattle is when I really realized I needed to be with him, too bad it took me leaving the state to realize that.
These four years have been amazing! If this is anything like eternity then I am one incredibly lucky girl!
Thank you Steven for being you, for loving me, and for making me miss you every time you are gone. I love you so much more then I ever imagined was possible, and every day you fill my heart even more. Thank you for being my rock. I love you! XOXO Today!

Steven and I when we were dating.

Dating picture

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nothin in particular

Well I haven't really written anything for a few months. Something tells me nobodies life has been drastically altered due to my lack of blogging. I don't keep a journal anymore because it takes too long to write stuff out, so this is really the only thing left that records memories or thoughts. We talked about keeping records of events at church on Sunday so it got me thinking about it. If nothing else it's fun for Me and Alyssa to look back on things we've done together.

I've been having re-occurring dreams that I have been called to serve another two year mission for the LDS church. They feel so real, and when I wake up in a cold sweat it feels like it's been another two years! Scary. I loved being a missionary but it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. It's a nightmare to think that I would have to leave my wife and family again for so long. The other night I had this missionary dream again and I woke up and my bed was soaked where I was sleeping. It was like I was sitting in a sauna or something! I had to just sit on the side of my bed for a few minutes before I could lay back down.

I've had numerous re-occurring dreams during my life. Some of them have had deep meaning, and others are just silly.
I started dreaming about my mission when I was a teenager. The dream was always exactly the same. I was sitting in a man's front room teaching him about the church. His young daughter would play on the stairs while we taught him. The house was newer, but small inside. It was easy to remember because I had this dream about 15-20 times. Always the same! The people in the dream were never clear, except the little girl.
So I went on my mission. And the dream was out of my mind. I got to my first area and I'd been there about two months. We had very little success and spent most of our time tracting (knocking on doors). Then my companion suggested we go visit Marlin. He was a guy from the Philippines they had talked to a while back, but his wife didn't like the missionaries so he faded away. We knocked on the door and he was home. He invited us in and seemed pretty excited we were there. I sat down and we started talking to him. He didn't speak very good English so we had to listen really close to understand him. As we were talking a little girl peaked through the railing on the steps across from us. She was running up and down the stairs, and played with toys on the steps while we taught. EXACTLY like the dreams.
It was weird because it took me a while to make the connection. It hit me like a ton of bricks! I had chills running through me like crazy. I never told my companion about it but I knew we had to teach this person. Why would I have so many dreams about it if I wasn't meant to be there? We taught him a few more times and then I got transferred out of the area. He did end up getting baptised later on! It was a crazy experience for sure. So now when I have those re-occurring dreams I always wonder if there's some deeper meaning to them.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Wow! Steven and I are two busy bee's. I feel like I never get to see my husband! During the week Steven and I see each other for about 2-3 hrs per night and for us that is not much time at all. Usually during those few hours we are doing some type of homework which makes our time even less. This semester has been a busy one for both of us, I am student teaching and working, and Steven has some demanding classes and works. So we are extremely ready for a break! Why is it not December yet?! I mean, no I am not ready for Christmas, but I cant handle being a nobody, not having time for anyone or anything, and not having energy to do anything! I can not wait until we are finished with school and can spend quality time with each other. And heck, summers off together.. nothing is better than that!
So as you can see, we haven't had a lot of time to blog or do other things that I want to get done. Another reason I haven't blogged in a month is because nothing too exciting has happened to us. We have done some fun things like go to the ReAL playoff game on Halloween, we also went to a fun Halloween party that my sister in law throws every year, we have had a lot of fun playing with our nieces and nephews, and we are still playing indoor soccer, which the past year or two has become my favorite sport! I LOVE IT! It helps to have the most supportive husband that will boost you up even when you know you shouldn't have missed that shot! He is so great to play with which makes it fun for everyone!
Student teaching is going well. The kids are crazy, but fun. I have learned so much from this experience that I would never learn from a classroom, so I am glad I get to gain that knowledge. But, I will be even more glad when its over!!!!!!!
And in other news.. The Jazz started last week which Steven and I are extremely excited about! So hopefully we will save our pennies and get to go to a few games this year.
Well Happy November! I cannot believe it is already the end of the year, it freaks me out! But hopefully next year will be as happy as this year has been! I am one lucky girl to have a wonderful husband and family!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cruise 2009

Well Steven and I have been soo spoiled the past few years! We are lucky enough to have been able to go on yet another cruise. This cruise was my forth cruise and Steven's third cruise. We usually try to go on one every year, we save every penny for a full year just to make it, but it is completely worth it. This year we got the pleasure to go with Steven's family. We usually go with my family so it was so fun to actually go on a real trip with his family. The cruise was awesome! We made so many awesome memories and had a blast spending time with each other. This cruise was out of Long Beach, CA and we went to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. In Cabo we went parasailing, which was awesome! We were 600 ft above the water and it was probably the most relaxing thing I have done in years. Amazing. In Mazatlan we went into the town and visited the Cathedral and shopped a little. Mazatlan was extremely ghetto and I was pretty uncomfortable there. There was a market where there were bloody pig heads, clothing, popsicles,and raw meat all in the same hot area. GROSS! In Puerto Vallarta (which was my favorite by far!) we spent the day at Krystal Beach. It was absolutely beautiful and amazingly enough we had the whole beach to ourselves! Leslee (Sis in law), Rachel (sis in law) and I spent a good hour or so looking at necklaces on the beach. We prob paid the lady's rent for a year with the stuff we bought! ha ha..
The boat was very nice and we had a lot of time to do whatever we wanted. We spent a lot of time in the game room. We also spent a lot of time in the casino, unfortunately we didn't come back with any winnings. It was still fun.
It was a perfect break from school and now I think we can make it the rest of the semester. If you haven't been on a cruise I highly recommend going on one, even if you have to save your pennies for a year or two, do it! :)

On the way to get on the boat.

Leaving Long Beach Port.

Sylvia (mom in law), Leslee (sis in law), me, and Rachel (sis in law) doing our lifeboat drill. Yay.

Steven being silly.

Us getting ready to lose at BINGO

On the way to land in Cabo.

Cabo, Lovers Beach

Us on the dock getting ready to parasail.. it was HOT!

Steven Parasailing

You can't tell, but thats me parasailing.

Stevie and I

Steven and I in the golf cart in Mazatlan

Cathedral in Mazatlan

Steven and I outside the Cathedral

Beautiful Puerto Vallarta

Us in Puerto Vallerta

Steven and I in Puerto Vallarta.

Our boat's lido deck at night.

Steven and I by the pretty water.

Elevator fun!

Dinner time!

The game room.. Ryan, Rachel, and Steven

Dinner.. again


Rachel and I

The group, minus a few

Steven and I

The Casino

Steven, Ryan, and the Blackstreet Boys

Sylvia and Rachel playing shuffleboard, one of our favorite past times on the boat.. Steven and I were the Champs!! #1

One of my bestest friends and sis in law Rachel..and I of course.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

School, Life, and Football

I haven't had the chance to blog a lot lately so I will have to start back to when school started 4 weeks ago. Wow I cant believe it has gone this fast! This semester for me is student teaching. What this means is that I go to Weber State's Children's school and teach every day. I go from 7:30am until 12pm and then from 12 to 1 I have a class for student teaching. I also have a night class on Tuesday nights. Then I go to work every day from 1:15p to 7:30p. So there is my life!
So anyway, I was extremely nervous about student teaching to the point where I was extremely grumpy and sad. But the time came anyway, now we are 4 weeks in and I look forward to going to school everyday. I absolutely love these kids and think they are so cute and so smart. I am impressed by them everyday! I didn't think I would be to this point already where I am excited to teach and have that responsibility, but I am! I love it. So that is good news for me! Student teaching ends the first week of December. After this semester I will hopefully have one semsester left and I can finally graduate!
One thing that is getting me through these months is knowing that on Sept 26th Steven and I will be going on a cruise! We have had this planned since November of last year. We have saved our pennies and never thought we would ever get here, but it is less then two weeks away!! We are going with two of our best friends Rachel and Ryan (Steven's bro and sis in law), and most of Steven's family which includes 2 grandmas, 1 grandpa, parents, and sister. There is 12 people coming with us. We are all so excited, Steven's grandma even went to the extent to get us these cute shirts for the cruise. After the cruise we can look forward to being half way done with the semester!
And as you all know football started today!! Oh how we are soo excited!! This is the season that we absolutely love and look forward to! Here are some things that we look forward to during this season. Football, heat bags, cooler weather, shows starting again, hoodies, sweatpants, slippers, lots of cuddles, and bundling up in a blanket. As for football.. Steven and I are in a pick'em game and a fantasy football league, so we are watching as many games as possible! We hope to win in both of them cause then we could get some money! But either way it is fun to do!
Everything else is going great right now! I feel like I have been incredibly blessed and given so much, sometimes more then I think I deserve, but non the less, I am thankful for it! I am one happy girl and fall in love with Steven more and more every day!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


It's time for some more of Steven's random thoughts. Recently Alyssa sent me an e-mail by some guy that was called "Random Thoughts of the Day." I realized that my random thoughts are pretty lame in comparison.... but I still have them so I'll keep writing them down.

If there's a 50% chance for something to go right... it might as well be a 0% percent chance.

You gotta love when you go to put your key in a car or house, and the key fits but the door won't unlock. You turn, push, pull and start cussing under your breath! Then you look closer at the key and realized it was the wrong one.

I swear some stop lights are ALWAYS red. I mean all the time. There are some lights I've stopped at 100% of the time. If you want proof drive up 36th street from Wall Ave to Harrison. I'll bet my mortgage you won't make it.

I love singing in the car. I like to blast the music and get into it but I don't wanna look like a weirdo. So I'll sing all out until someone pulls up next to me and then I go into ventriloquist mode, or I'll scratch the side up my nose. As soon as they're clear I'll start belting it out again.

Going back to my school days. Whenever there was a drawing or prize, I swear there were five kids that won EVERY time. You'd sit there and listen to the intercom waiting for your name... but your name never came! It was always the same kids.

When I'm sitting in a class and the teacher is giving a lecture I'll take down fake notes. I write random stuff that has nothing to do with what they're saying. Draw a few pictures. I'll even go as far as acting like I'm writing when I'm really not.

Nothing is worse than people with foam in the corners of their mouths.

Are exit signs really necessary? I mean... you went IN didn't you. Can't you remember how to get out?

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and part way through you realized you haven't been listening to a word they've said. And then you wonder if listening at this point is even worth it. So you just nod and hope for the best.

Geico insurance is CRAP. But they have some funny commercials.

Monopoly is a fun game if everybody is on the same level. Otherwise it's just a race to see who can rip off the dumb player fastest.

I don't believe in locking my car. If some idiot wants to steal the latest burned copy of Usher be my guest. He might even score a few pens!!

A word of advice... NEVER insult a fast food employee!

Have you ever listened to a song for the 1,000th time and suddenly you realize that you've been singing the wrong words for about 10 years. You wonder how many times you've sang that song aloud with people around. Not a good feeling.

You're in a room with very loud music, so you've got to scream to the person next to you in order for them to hear you. What you don't plan for is the music to cut out while you're yelling 100 decibles in a crown of people.

Why do bike racks have to be shaped like a bike? Honestly it's not that clever.

Pumpkins are NOT to eat.


There's no worse feeling than letting out a fart only to realize that it was MORE than just a fart.

The worst kind of poo is what I refer to as "toothpaste." It's not hard, but it's not runny. It's like a chocolate candy bar that's been sitting in the back of your warm car all day long. After about the 25th wipe I usually just give up and get in the shower.

I won't go number two in a public restroom if I can help it, but sometimes it's unavoidable. There's something embarassing about blowing up the toilet while someone else is standing in the room. So my rule of thumb is to hold it in if anybody else is in the room. You just gotta hold it til they're gone and then you can relax and enjoy the business.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Growing up in the LDS religion I always looked up to missionaries. They always seemed so mature for their age. They were all nice. They all seemed so happy. And they were giving up two years of their lives to try and help other people however they could. When I was getting to that ripe old age of 19 it wasn't a hard decision for me to become a missionary.
If you're familiar with the LDS church you may have heard, on more than one occasion, "My mission was the BEST two years of my life!" This expression was thrown around quite a bit. Missionaries would return home and say that phrase like it was going out of style. I think many young men preparing for missions don't get the whole story, and as a result they're shocked when they get out there. Some don't even get through the training period before they get to their real mission destination.
My experience was probably similar to most. I went on my mission with good intentions. I wanted to share my beliefs with other people, because it had been such a great blessing to me. If they didn't want to hear about the church I was willing to help them out in other ways. Moving heavy furniture, weeding, painting, roofing, helping people move in. You name it!

The part about the mission I was ill prepared for was ALL the rejection. Constant rejection. Terrible insults, bottles and other garbage flying out of speeding cars aimed to hurt me, spit, threats from people to get guns and shoot us if we didn't leave right now. Every day we ran into people that hated us. Pure venom and loathing. As a missionary I couldn't grasp why people could react in such a way. Sure, most people already have a religion. I'd say 99.999% would never want to allow me into their home to discuss religious topics. That, I was okay with. I was not okay with the constant persecution. Some people would go out of their way to make us feel like dirt. It was depressing and demoralizing to walk around ALL day and have people react that way. THIS is the stuff I didn't hear much about before I signed up.

Yet despite all those troubles the positives far outweighed the negatives. I was a better person for those two years. There was little time to worry about myself or things that I wanted and I truly DID love what I was doing. I got to really study and understand scriptures that I never would have learned otherwise. I blessed people, I taught people, I learned from people. I was never more happy in my life. In that sense it was the best two years because of all the things I learned while I was there.
Was I happy to be done.... You bet!! But I'll always be glad I got the chance to serve as a missionary.

So when you see an LDS missionary walking around, riding their bike, or maybe even knocking on your door go easy on them. If you don't want to talk to them just so no thanks and close the door. They're still human beings. They hurt, they cry, the get down despite usually having a smile on their face. And for those thinking about a misison. It's totally worth it!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Back to school.... back to school.... to prove to my dad that I'm not a fool. I got my lunch packed up... by boots tied tight... I hope I don't get in a fight.

That's right. Many of you know that school has begun. It's quite unfortuneate. I have made a decision in my mind that I'm not going to complain about school this semester. As much. I'm lucky I have the means to go, and more school means less school later on. So I'm going to just go and do what I have to do
I have been to my classes and they seem alright. I have two classes from Dr. Carboni, which is great because I've had him for 3 other classes before and it's usually pretty fun. Not a TON of homework. There are always one or two pretty tough assignements that stress me out, but better than most teachers.
My other class that I have on Tuesdays and Thursdays is sweet! It's called "Lifetime Leisure Activities." The class consists of different sports that a person can do throughout their life. Not team sports because a majority of people don't participate in team sports after high school. So I will be learning: Juggling, Curling, Hiking, Ice Skating, Unicycling (yea that's right), rock climbing, cross-country skiing (probably just talk about it since there won't be snow in time), Frisbee, Snorkling/SCUBA, boomarang, and more! Now what's better than that? I think I might have just crapped my pants talking about it.
The great thing is that participation is worth 50% of your grade. "Dr. Fun" was explaining that if we missed days we were SOL because there was no way to make up the stuff we were doing. There's not really any assignments per se. I was stressing because I'm going on a cruise Sep 26th-Oct 3rd! As I was starting to sweat the situation "Dr. Fun" says: "You'll notice there's no class from Sep 24th-Oct 10th because I'm going on a cruise." So I won't have to miss any days in that class. Problem solved!
"Dr. Fun" gets to go on this cruise and write it off on his taxes as "research" for his P.E. profession. That's a pretty good deal. He's got a pretty awesome job. I'm excited because one day I'll have a sweet job where I get to play. So bring on the school! I gotta get done.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Today is Alyssa's birthday, which is kind of a downer because we both started school at Weber State again today. It's never fun to be stuck at work or school on a day like this, but that's life I guess.
I am just going to give a few reasons why I'm so happy to know Alyssa and have her in my life.
1- Alyssa is funny! I like to laugh, and she makes me laugh regularly. She says funny things all the time and it keeps me smiling. She does a robot dance that I find quite funny. She was doing this dance just yesterday and as I was laughing she robot danced her way over to me. During that process she pounded my thumb into the side of the counter top and smashed my finger pretty good. Yeah it hurt, but it was worth it because the robot dance is always funny. The finishing robot move usually has to be an arm swing.
2- Alyssa is very giving. Every year she gets a little bit of money for her birthday and we go to shop in Park City. I didn't get to go this year (sad) but she still went with her family. She came back with new soccer socks, sweaters, headbands, and more. Problem was.... half of it was for me!! This is a typical thing. When she has some extra money or time I have to convince her to spend it on herself instead of me or someone else.
3- Alyssa is very hard working. During the summer she worked two jobs and went to summer school full time! I had the option to do this as well... but I chose to sit around and have a few months off. Not Alyssa! She's motivated to get done with school and she works dang hard. I spent my summer playing golf and video games while she read about 100 books and did homework assignments between jobs. And I didn't hear her complain because I was having so much fun while she was busy working (even though she probably thought it) ;o)
4- Alyssa is fun. We're always having a good time. Alyssa always makes time to do things that I like to do. I am a sports lover and Alyssa has allowed me to continue doing things I love to do. I play in basketball leagues and a soccer league. This costs us money, but she tells me to play because she knows I LOVE it. She's also started playing soccer with me. We play in a co-ed league once a week. She's great at defense and people on the team often refer to her as "the wall" because nobody gets by her. She's started to play more offense lately and she's getting better at scoring goals.
5- We don't have kids yet, but I can tell Alyssa will be a great mom! She takes care of me whenever I'm upset or dont feel well. I had a bad Flu about two months ago and she stayed up and took care of me. She got me into the bath tub and sat there to make sure I was okay. She took care of me all night even though she had to work the next day. I was sick, but having her there made me feel better.
6- Alyssa takes action. I have a lot of goals in my head, but most of them stay there. Alyssa is a go-getter! If there's something that needs to get done, she works until it gets done.
7- This would probably be an insult to some women.... but Alyssa is low maintenance. She gets ready faster than I do. She doesn't put on 10 pounds of make-up every day. She doesn't spend a butt load of money on getting her hair and nails done. She's perfectly comfortable wearing her Aeropostale sweatpants to the movies. And she still looks great!! A girl that can look and feel good without all that stuff is a rare find.
8- Alyssa doesn't judge me. I have a lot of things I need to work on but Alyssa has never looked down on me for my shortcomings. She makes me feel good about myself and it drives me to improve.
9- Alyssa is a girl, but she isn't affraid to do the heavy lifting or yard work (usually assigned to males). She'll move furniture if it needs moving. If I get overloaded she mows the lawn to help me out. We definitely don't have a gender assignment marriage.
10- Alyssa is very adventurous! She's not scared to try new things. She did the sky coaster when we went to six flags. She's often said she would go sky diving or bungee jumping (something I could never do). When we go on our cruise next month we're going parasailing. She'll try anything once.

There are many other things I love about Alyssa. This is just the tip of the iceburg. I'm a lucky guy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alyssa!!!! Love you!!! Tomorrow!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Catch up #2

This is my catch up number 2 from our vacation. If you haven't looked at our first one then you better just go look at it first and then come back to this post!
This post is pictures of visiting Iowa (where Megan went to school), and Nauvoo. We had an awesome time everywhere we went but Nauvoo was awesome. We did a lot of things and it was pretty spiritual. Steven and I were lucky enough to be able to go in the Nauvoo temple to do a session and I am so glad I could experience that. It was beautiful! We were there during the Nauvoo pageant and we thought that was way cool as well. We went down the Trail of Tears, or Trail of Hope and it was interesting because it was real accounts of pioneers and what they experienced. Over all this trip was great, fun, crazy, happy, spiritual, new, and exhausting. Nothing better then that! Hope you enjoy these pictures and maybe it will make you want to go to Nauvoo as well!

The hockey rink where my sister was a trainer.

Casey, Steven, Alyssa at the Mulligan's restaurant. It was delicious!


Steven and I

My Dad, Casey, and Steven at the Nauvoo Visitor Center.

Steven and I resting after going down the Trail of Hope.

Steven being silly.

Me being silly. It was a fence at the hotel.

The Shaw family.. it only took us 3 times to get this shot! lol

Megan, Joseph Smith, and I

Steven and I at the Nauvoo Pagent.

Steven and I in front of the Nauvoo Temple.

We tried to take a picture of us by the temple.

Nauvoo Temple taken by my sister. I think it looks awesome.

The Nauvoo Temple taken by my sister. I think it looks awesome.

Mark Twain Boat

Us by the Mississippi River

Meg and I on the plane ride home.
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