Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Party- Trunk or Treat

Last Saturday was the annual Rounds Halloween party. Rachel (sis in law) does a halloween party at her house every year with games, food, and fun, this year was no different. I dont really enjoy dressing up (Dont tell Rachel).. but I always do something so I can come to the party. Steven has had in his mind for YEARS about how he wants to be Dr. Evil and how he was going to shave his head. I of course was hoping that one day the idea would fade, but it turns out he was serious. He shaved his head, put a scar on his face and got his costume ready. It turned out pretty well. Originally we were all going to be marvel-ish characters.. me Catwoman, Korb Batman, Steven Bane, and Aubree The Hulk.. and well you can see how well that turned out.. Korb and I were the only ones to kind of stick with the plan. But it all turned out well I think.
This is Steven's half shaved head. Bye hair!
Clark Kent/superman.. the glasses werent perfect but they got the point acrossed.

My niece Bailey the vampire.
Aubree and Daxton.. cousins (3 1/2 months apart)
Grandpa and his mini me.
Aubree my skeleton :)
Playing Bloody Brains.. he LOVED this game!

Tunk or Treat-
We went trunk or treating last night at Ryan and Rachels ward. Our ward doesnt do it and we usually crash Steven's parents one but it is on Halloween this year so we decided to hit Ryan and Rachels instead. It was fun and turned out well. Korb got a full size candy bar and some other yummy snacks. Steven was excited to pass out some candy to the kids also.


So a few weeks ago Steven's dad had a carnival at his school (he is a teacher). So he wanted to take the grandkids to the carnival. He was super excited about it, it was cute how excited he was. Anyway.. it was a thursday night (which is the only evening shift I work) and so I wasnt able to go. Leslee was kind enough to take pictures of the event. From what I hear it was AWESOME! Korbin absolutely loved it and was in heaven the whole time he was there. His dad not only bought each kid a pass to do every thing possible for the whole night, but he also got them any snacks they wanted.. so they got snow cones, nachos, hotdogs, and other stuff. All this is hear say since I wasnt there. I was pretty sad I missed that because I knew Korbin would be in heaven. When I got home that night I asked him about it and he was sooooo excited to tell me about it. I asked him about the bounce house and he started jumping and said "bounce bounce bounce!!!!!!!" So I think it was a hit. I wish I could have been there, but I am glad Steven was able to take the kiddos and that they all had fun.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Enchanted Treehouse

This past Monday was the Enchanted Treehouse. Korbin and Makayla both have a membership to the Treehouse so they were invited to a special event. The kids got to dress up in their halloween costumes and play at the Treehouse. They also had story book characters walking around the whole place.. of course Korb was scared of most of them so we didnt get any pictures. At the end they gave the kids a little goodie bag. Here was our day...
 Superman and Tinkerbell to the rescue!
 Burrr... its cold!
 Riding the horse.. last time he was there he was sooo scared of it, and now he will sit on it! Yay!
Their favorite place.. the music area.
 King Superman Korbin!
 Playing with the big chess set
And.. Aubree and I.. sure do love these kids!

Pumpkin Patch

Last Friday we had the pleasure of going to our usual pumpkin patch by Maddox and get our pumpkins. My parents always take myself and my kids each year and this year Steven was able to come which made it a thousand times better. My dad wanted to see an old friend first, so we headed to his house where his neighbor was selling pumpkins for $.25.. So we grabbed some there and while we were there Korbin had to play on their little playground set. Then we headed to Pauls Pumpkin Patch.. or at least that's what I call it. They didn't have too many pumpkins this year because we were so late in the season, but we still had fun and picked out a few more pumpkins and then got some yummy fruit as well.
 Then we ended the night with delicious Maddox and a beautiful sunset.
 Papa and Korb playing on the playground.
Korb being silly, trying to pick up all the pumpkins.
Lots of pumpkins!
Ha ha.. I absolutely LOVE this picture!! What a cute chunk!!!
And here is my hunk!
 Mom and Korb.. Korb eating his annual plum.. (go back to last years post if you forgot about the plum)
 Mom and Aubree
 Muscle Man also known as Steven 
 Running around like a wild man..doing what he does best.
 Dad and Aubree
Aunt Megan and Aubree  
 Maddox time.. eating in his carseat with his travel tray.
And the sunset.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Jazz Scrimmage

We were able to go to the Jazz scrimmage a few weeks ago. My brother Casey kind of got it all organized for us and even picked us up on the way. It ended up being a lot of fun seeing the new players as well as spend time with my brother which we don't do tons of. We got there about an hour early and got in line.. and me being related to my mother found a crazy sale of Jazz jersey's.. so I headed over there and saw that a bunch of jersey's were $1!! No joke! Of course it was Harris and Bell which are not really on the team.. So I got a few baby jerseys for some nephews, one for Aubree.. got a jersey for Steven and a few other people. I ended up spending like $11 for nice jersey that are authentic. It was exciting! As we were in line Steven and I had a disagreement on which way the seats sat as we walked in.. I think we debated about it for probably the full hour and surprise surprise.. I was right! :)  So since Steven and Casey didn't believe me as to where we wanted to sit, they ran one way and I ran the other way as soon as the doors opened. Lucky for me I had a bunch of jerseys and when I got to the 3rd row I threw them on all the chairs to save the spots for the boys that didn't believe me in the first place! ha! Anyway, we got to sit extremely close and it was really cool to be that close! Steven got his usual autographed ball which I didn't take a picture of because the camera died of course!
 Standing in line.. it was quite cold!
 My brother and Steven.. sometimes my brother likes to stand close to Steven.. ha ha
 Pretty excited about our seats!
 Boobs you say?! Well.. they aren't boobs, these are moobs!! Look at this player.. he has bigger boobs then me.
This shows you how close we were.
And one of my favorite reasons I come to the games.. the Bear.. he is so entertaining!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ducks, geese, and cousins

This morning we were able to spend the day with Steven's family and all of Korb's nieces and nephews. Lucky for me, Steven was home with a migrane and ended up coming as well so we had almost the whole gang there. We went to feed the ducks and geese and it was a lot of fun.  Korb was very brave to feed the ducks and geese that were as big as he was until one snapped at him and bit him! ha ha.. It was kind of funny but Korbin didn't appreciate it. After that he wouldn't let us put him down. We ended up at a park by the pond and the kids played on the playground and we also ate some lunch. It was a really nice time and fun to be able to see Casandra (Steven's sis) and her kids who live in Vernal. Korb loved seeing his boy cousins as well. It was a fight to get him home but after that adventure he slept for a good 4+ hours! Gotta love those naps!
After the bite.. ha ha poor kid

Braden, Korb and Makayla throwing apples at the ducks.
He was yelling at the ducks in this picture.

My cute little chunker at the pond.
Mom and Korb
They found a fun "slide" to go down.. Korb was just too little to get up the dirt hill to go down.
Steven pushing the cousins on the swings.. Korbin, Makayla, Braden, and Bailey.
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