Sunday, March 20, 2011

Going Private

After much deliberation I have decided to make our blog private for good.  I took it off private because I thought people weren't reading it, but it is now more for me and if people read it than that is a bonus.  My blog helps me keep track of when my little one does things like roll over, eat baby food, stuff like that.  Anyway, I am going to make it private soon so if anyone does want to read our blog and has not already given me an email address then please do.  The more the merrier!  Sorry for the inconvenience, but I would prefer my life not be public to everyone anymore!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Korbin is 8 months old!!

This little kiddo thinks he is about the funniest kid in the world, which I would definitely have to agree with also.  He is always doing the silliest things!  He is now 8 months old, well he will be tomorrow.  He has not learned how to crawl nor does he have much desire to crawl.  He is happy just laying there and playing with his toys.   He has improved with his crawling though, he is now putting his knees under his body but that is about as far as it gets.  He loves to stand and bounce and flap his arms as fast as he can.  He has a few favorite toys like a little yellow ball and a mirror, and of course his girraffe!  He still eats anything and everything! He can drink well with a straw.  The other day he wanted my drink and as I was drinking it he grabbed it out of my hands and immediately started sucking on the straw..luckily it was just powerade and it was almost gone, but I seriously couldn't get it away from him.  That kid has the strongest grip I have ever seen!  He loves his naps and seems to get excited when I put him down for one.  He enjoys his dog and tries to pet him.  He loves saying "da da" all the time and also "dad" interest in saying anything else besides his made up words.  He loves to talk and yell.  He started to click his tongue this month and it is pretty darn cute.  He also started making his mouth into a tiny circle, which of course he thinks is funny!  He started splashing in the bath this month also.  Boy oh boy that kid gets crazy!

Friday, March 4, 2011

I have everything!

On my way home from work on Wednesday a song came on my Ipod.. "I could not ask for more"  As I listened to the lyrics I realized that it was basically talking about my life.  Yes, I have heard this song soooo many times  but it hit me this time, I do have my dream life!  I used to get caught up in the "I wish it year, or next month!" And finally I have reached the point in my life where I don't wish my time would fly by, I love my life!  I may have taken a few bad turns but I am so grateful that I am who I am now.  I do have everything! I have an amazing and wonderful husband who is hardworking, loving, funny, and well just plain amazing! I have the cutest, funniest little boy in the world who continues to amaze me each and every day. That boy is one of the happiest little boys I have ever met and I am so grateful that I have him!  As much as I say I hate my job, I am grateful for having one, and for them working with me so I can get the shifts I need.  I am soo glad to be done with school, even though I don't have my dream job yet, I know one day I will get it and it will be awesome.  I love our house, the location and the backyard!  We are totally spoiled because we have everything we want like a huge tv, nice cars, plenty of clothes, we go on many cruises, take a lot of vacations, and get to spend a ton of time with our families.  Which brings me to another thing I am thankful for..I absolutely love my family, both families for that matter! We have so much fun with them.  We are lucky enough to have our bests friends be in the family and spend many weekends playing games and joking around with them.  I know that some families aren't as close or as lucky as my family and it makes me extra grateful to have the family that I do.  I am also grateful for the fact that we don't owe money for anything or to anyone but our house..that is a huge accomplishment and something we have worked hard for and are proud of.  So in my eyes, my life is perfect! 
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