Friday, April 12, 2013

Aubree at 10 months old

As I was looking back at Korbin's baby book I noticed that I labeled this month as the get into everything month..and it seems to be true for Aubree as well. This has been one busy month for her.. She went from not even being able to get herself up to a sitting position to sitting, crawling, pulling herself up to stand and walk along furniture all in a matter of a few weeks! She started the real crawl about a week after she turned 10 months old. A week after that she was pulling herself up on things and now she is just a crazy little girl that gets into everything! She is such an active baby.. she never wants to sit still! She loves when Korbin plays with her and she is quite the rough and tough little girl. We just barely started her on whole milk because I didn't want to buy any more formula. We also moved her carseat around so it is forward facing. She now eats big people food which consist of fruits, veggies, breads, and crackers. She has zero teeth..STILL! Ugh, I can not wait for the day her teeth finally come in! She loves to talk and is a happy kid almost all the time. She wants to be a big kid and always tries to do things she isn't quite ready for. She loves bath time. And my all time favorite thing she started doing this month was acting like she was on the phone. She started putting the play phone up to her ear and start talking. It is seriously the cutest thing in the world! She also learned how to play peekaboo and LOVES to play that game! She mostly covers her ears, and sometimes one eye, and every once in awhile she will cover both eyes. But she loves playing it and thinks it is so funny!
 It was quite the eventful month for her! We are excited for her future to see more of her personality come out. Here are a few pictures of her past month.
 We made a fort for the kiddos.. they loved it!
 One of the first few times I caught her trying to stand
 Might as well sleep in the corner right?
 The first time I went in to get her in the morning when she pulled herself up.
 She looks like a big girl here! She loves lunch time!
And this is what she looks like after she eats.
 First real piggie tails!
Crawling along!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter weekend

We had such a good Easter! It is always nice, but this year was the type of year I like. Not high stress and more of enjoying people's company. Saturday morning we went to South Ogden City's Easter Egg Hunt and boy did I underestimate how many eggs were going to be there as well as kids! Wow! But it was fun, Korb enjoyed picking up the Easter eggs and it was really cute because he offered his last egg to a little girl because she was going to grab it also. Times like that is what makes me a proud mom!
On Easter Sunday my parents decided to join us at church. Our kiddos got dressed in their cute Easter outfits, had some Easter bunny pancakes, and went to church. After church we got to see what the Easter bunny brought us which is always a hit. Then we had the pleasure of having my side of the family come to our house for the Easter egg hunt and lunch. It was such a nice day so we all spent the day outside under our patio, enjoying the sun. The kids scored big with a heaping basket of treats and toys and the adults got to relax while the kiddos played. This is one reason why I love my backyard. It is big and fenced in and the kids were able to play without bugging anyone. They all had fun and it was just an overall nice day. Of course because of our busy day, Korbin had zero nap! So that night around 6:30pm he fell asleep.
It was a nice day and it is nice to have a day to celebrate what Easter is really about!

 Walking to the Easter Egg Hunt. These two are such cute cousins!
 This picture doesn't do it is just the 0-2 yr old age bracket.
 These two munchkins were too anxious for it to start.
 After the hunt.
Excited for all his goodies!
Korb was too scared of the Easter Bunny.. so its just Aubree this year.
 They had a fun little area where they could draw on the cement.
 Aubree and Daddy
The cousins after the Easter Egg hunt
Bunny pancakes!
 Our Easter goodies!
 All dressed and ready for church..
My two little ones
Korb being the handsome boy that he is!
 Aubree and her pretty Easter dress!
 Aunt Meggie and Korbin
 Sportin his new sunglasses!
 Aubree checking out her basket.
Riding his bike
This was too cute not to share! Korb just closing his eyes for the prayer.
 Time for the Easter Egg hunt!!
 "Look Gramma!"
Three out of four boys following each other on their bikes.
My men soo exhausted from the busy day.. they fell asleep on the ground!

ReAl Salt Lake!

So just like most of you..we have the Pass of all Passes which gives us some free games to see ReAL SL play. This pass is a no brainer for us because not only do we try to go to a good amount of games each year, but then it gives us Seven Peaks Season passes. So its great. Anyway.. in the past month we were able to go to two free games. The first game was great, no surprise there.. but it was the season opener which made it even better. There was postings all over facebook about how everyone needs to throw streamers right after the national anthem. So it was fun to throw streamers and watch them all fly. It was a lot of fun because we get to go with family. The second game we took our kiddos because I felt like we exhausted our babysitters for the week. I was a little nervous about it and expected to leave halfway through.. but to our surprise, both our kids loved it! Aubree was in a carrier and she just bounced and clapped the WHOLE game and Korb enjoyed cheering and eating snacks. Of course, our spot wasn't ideal (we were in the fulgar, rowdy section..ya know, where the smoke bombs and confetti and drums are) There was a lot of swearing and flipping off and other signs I wont mention..but they really were great seats. And once again we were with family which is always a plus. Here are some pictures taken from my phone of the games..


Second game with the kiddos-

 They have a free bounce house for kiddos..Korb loved it in there!

 Aubree asleep on the way home. She was such a trooper!
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