Friday, September 23, 2011

Steven's broken hand

Last Friday night Steven was playing in his indoor soccer game and fell on his hand as he was trying to block a shot.  The game was around 9:30pm so I was at home with Korbin.  I got a call from Steven saying he was going to the emergency room becaus he broke his hand.  Luckily I have a fabulous Sis in law (Rachel) that was willing to come hang out at my house for a little while so I could go be with Steven.  Of course the ER is never in any huge hurry especially if you aren't in life or death danger.  So we had the pleasure of waiting and waiting.  It seemed like it took forever and I imagine it was even worse for Steven.  They took an Xray (Above) and confirmed the break and said he would probably need surgery and he recomended us to a specialist.  They gave him a splint type thing and he was on his way.
Here is his broken hand.  This is a few days after it happened so it isn't as swollen.

My sister Megan works in an Orthopedic office and has a wonderful doctor that is willing to do anything for her.  So he said he would take care of Steven's hand for us.  On Monday we headed to Draper where Megan works and had her doctor break it back into place.  Steven was very sad all the way there and I know he wasn't looking forward to the pain as well as having a hard cast and having it on for 6 plus weeks.  Well when we got there Dave (the doctor) numbed his hand and put the bone back and then my sister put him in another splint.  This splint was a thousand times better than from the ER. It covers his last two fingers and goes almost to his elbow.  They took another XRay and it looks good.  Dave thinks it should heal good and no surgery.  The even more exciting news is that Steven only needs the splint on for 4 weeks! That made his entire night and he said he can make it 4 weeks.  Now his basketball season, video games, and soccer aren't ruined.  We have a check up next week to make sure its healing correctly and then we will just wait for the 4 weeks.  Going to Megan and her doctor ended up saving us over a thousand dollars, so I am extremely grateful that I have a nice sister and she works with such a nice doctor.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our Front Runner experience

Well my Dad has been out of town for a week and my mom has been quite bored so she decided that she wanted to take the frontrunner to Farmington where the new Harmons is and check out the new store.  Yeah, it sounded lame to me but I thought..what else do I have to do? My answer was Nothing!  So last Thursday we met at the Ogden stop and went on our way.  This was Korbin's first experience with any type of train/tracks and he loved it.  It was so funny because his eyes were soo wide and I would watch his eyes go back and forth and back and forth.  We got to Farmington and there was a Ross, Marshalls, and Harmons so we ended up spending about 2 hrs there which turned out to be fun.  The Harmons was nice (as nice as a grocery store could be).  We got lunch there and went upstairs to eat it.  They had a fun little upstairs with couches, tables/chairs, a cooking room where they teach people how to cook, and of course wi-fi.  The day turned out to be a fun little outing and we were all exhausted when we finally got home. For some reason my camera was being retarted so my pictures are kind of blurry, but you get the idea.. enjoy!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Korbin's month 13!

My little tiny baby who used to LOVE to cuddle with me is growing up too fast! Now the only time I get cuddles is when he is sick. This little boy is a total boy! He loves to get dirty, eat dirt, play in puddles, head dive off the couch and play with any type of ball he can find.  He thinks he is hilarious all times of the day and always finds new ways to make us laugh. He is doing a lot better with standing and can push himself up to the standing position from the floor. He has also moved from walking with both hands to only one hand (yeah!).  He ALWAYS has to have something in his mouth whether it is food, fingernail clippers, a toy, or a necklace.  He loves to talk all the time but we never hear much besides jibberish.  He can say Mom, Dad, Cat, More, No.  He also loves to dance and sing, it is soo cute to see him try to sing!  He can find his belly, nose, and head. He loves playing with doors or anything that moves back and forth.  His new favorite thing is to climb up on the couch and go head first to the floor which doesnt usually end well.  He eats like a champ and loves anything (especially sugar!).  He has to always be moving and doing something.  He also really loves stairs! He still takes a good 3 hr nap everyday and sleeps in until 9am or later.  He does this funny vampire laugh and it is about the cutest thing.  Well that should do it for now! We just love this ball of energy and think he is the funniest, cutest kid in the world. Here are some pictures of the month.

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