Thursday, October 16, 2014

Casidy @ 5 months

Casidy is now 5 months old! My last little baby is almost half a year old! Casidy continues to be an amazing baby. She has such a sweet personality. She is a very chill, go with the flow little girl and loves people to talk and play with her. This month she got to try baby food. She is still getting used to all the different flavors of the fruits and veggies. She enjoys baby cereal and enjoys the little tastes of real food that I give her. She loves to roll around.. she rolls all over our living room. She loves to babble and smile. She started grabbing and playing with her feet.  She loves to hang upside down, and bounce on your legs.  She drinks 6 oz of formula about every 3-5 hrs. She loves to sleep.. she sleeps most of the morning/afternoon and then for bed she often falls asleep at 7:30pm and wakes up around 9am. She definitely spoils us. She still refuses binkies and has yet to suck on her thumb (hopefully it stays that way!!). She is a great little girl and we all just love her!
 Her hemangioma is finally getting smaller. She had another steroid shot a few weeks ago and it started scabbing up and getting smaller. We had a rough few weeks because it was really sore for her. It is still there and we will go again in a week for another treatment. Hopefully it will keep getting smaller.
 Here are some pictures of our cutie..

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