Sunday, March 15, 2015

Casidy at 8 months old

My cute, adorable, happy little girl turned 8 months on Jan 10th. She had a rough 7 month because along with her siblings, she was sick quite a bit. This month she mastered her crawling and now gets anywhere she wants to and fast! She started saying "mama" this month and learned how to hold her bottle (finally!!). She continues to be the happiest baby I have ever met and is extremely easy going. Her big sister loves to try to help take care of her which usually results in Aubree carrying Casidy around the house. Casidy has started eating more table food and less baby food. She is an excellent sleeper and is still on 3-4 naps a day! She goes to bed around 6:30pm and wakes up around 8am. She is just an overall great girl!

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